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Appreciation to Minister of petroleum for paying fees for Upper Nile Juba-University students

“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another” G.K.hesterton,

Press Release,

By Kim Jock Bol,

Hon. Puot Kang Chuol, Minister of Petroleum posting for a picture with university students he just help paid their school fees(Photo credit: courtesy image/Nyamilepedia)
Hon. Puot Kang Chuol, Minister of Petroleum posting for a picture with university students he just help paid their school fees(Photo credit: courtesy image/Nyamilepedia)

Nov 11, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — It is with absolute pleasure and honor to appreciate the minister of petroleum Hon Molouna Puot Kang Chol together with the Undersecretary of the ministry of Petroleum Eng. Awou Daniel Chuang for an unarguable role they have played to Upper Nile State students in the university of Juba upon having been expelled due to unpaid tuition fees as decreed over the month by the university’s administration.

Hon Puot Kang and Awou Daniel are among the few energetic young leaders that academically want to see our beautiful Nation Progressive by financially contributing whatever that they have at their disposals to Upper Nile Students which will positively pave their way back to their studies.

Things wouldn’t have been easy this year for the students had it not been their overall efforts and there is no doubt that majority of the students if not all would have been expelled as administratively ordered by the senates that require all students to pay before 21st of Nov and whoever that don’t do so will be confirmed to have operated contrary to the orders and will be taken as enemy before the law.

Honorables, you have regionally and nationally proven beyond the reasonable doubt that you are men of integrities whose unquestionable loves for this great Nation won’t go unnoticed and of course deserve to be acknowledged so that you will be able to demonstrate and positively redouble your effort as much as you can and our assurance is that we won’t and will never ever let you down in whatsoever way. The journey is long and we have got a long way to go but we are more than determined to carry on with the same responsibilities that we are tasked to do now and forever.

It take time for a genuine men of your stages to understand an academic steps that a person has to invest in order to excel and secure a successful future which is always far and sometimes full of constraints that require ample time to get to its finishing line but your being there as sons and our able cadres have opened so many opportunities to a million students countrywide that want to further their career in various academic disciplines and would always ask our supreme Lord to keep you safe as you continue to undoubtedly service our people wherever necessary.

South Sudan remain one of the country in Africa that is academically left behind due to the fact that 2-3 of young people aren’t accessible to schools or further their careers in the Universities and Higher Institution of Learning across the country because of the conflicts,financial instabilities and other problems that make it difficult to do so.

Your contributions made the difference!

May God bless you!

Sincerely yours,

  1. Kim Jock Bol
  2. 2 .John Makuach
  3. Dhan Wiw Reat
  4. Daniel Simon Adieng
  5. Reat Kuajien Banguan
  6. Yuot Kur Awet

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