Press Release


Preamble: “Unity is strength” or in Nuer language and culture “Mat e buom.”

By Ambassador/Professor David de Chand, BA, MA, MPA, PhD

Chairman, South Sudan Democratic Front Party (SSDFP-I-O) and

Founder of South Sudan United Front Movement/Army (SSUFMA),

Khartoum, Sudan.

July 17, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– “Behold they are [the Nuer] one people, and they [the Nuer] the same language. And this is what they [the Nuer] began to do, and now nothing which they [the Nuer] purpose to do will be impossible for them [the Nuer] (Genesis 11:6).

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity. (Psalms 133:1)

“Honest difference of views and honest debate are not disunity. They are the vital process of policy making among free men,” Herbert Clark Hoover

“Even the weak become strong when they are united,” Johann Friederick von Schiller

All of these aforesaid Unity quotes are purposely intended for the consolidation of the Nuer Unity because as J.K. Rowling writes, “We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided”. J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


Before I could proceed or jot down my idea on the urgent needs for the Nuer Unity, we should all know that there is time for everything. There is time to be sad and there is time to be happy. In other words, there well days and there bad days in life. Which ones to remember? I do usually remember my bad days the most because they invigorate me to do the right thing for myself to move forward with courage and strength. At the present time, the Nuer people have been targeted for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. I make this urgent appeal for consolidating the “Nuer Unity” to protect our community and its people. The current situation would be to search together for the best tenable reasonable alternative solution to the current circumstances in South Sudan. We should unite and the Nuer Community in the Diaspora should undertake serious Dialogue par cum pare (equal) on all preparations for the war efforts by making contributions on anything whether humanitarian, money or anything that could be used to fight the war. I hope also that the leaders of other communities affected by the same mess should unite with the Nuer Community leaders to do whatsoever it takes to make the necessary contributions towards the war efforts. What is now happening in South Sudan is not a Nuer thing that nobody understands. I think that the Nuer and the Shilluk [Chollo] traditional kingdom have almost liberated the entire Greater Upper Nile region. But the people of the Greater Bahr-el-Ghazel and the Greater Equatoria regions are still in great misery and facing constant genocide from the Twic Dinka Militias [Mawal Anyor] under the direct command and control of President Salva Kiir and his notorious Chief of the General Staff Command, Paul Malong Awan. Please, do not underestimate or to take lightly this appeal. Let’s all get serious about it as a United Community and a people with a common cause. God blesses you all.


My fellow countrymen, the Youths, the generals, the political leaders, academics, the artists and the students who are the future precious jewels of the Nuer Community and the Nuer nation, I say to you all, warmest and revolutionary greetings and I salute you all. We are all alive and well and keeping the revolution against Salva Kiir’s regime moving mighty pretty great and fine. I can rest assured you all that Salva Kiir’s days in power are numbered such that the prophecy of Nyundeng shall be fulfilled and it will, indeed, sooner rather than later because his current Witchcraft in his residence in Juba could help him of what is to come. It would be too heavy to handle and it is getting closer and closer day-by-day. It would be tougher for anyone to pray for him because he has mixed Satan or Lucifer with go through Christ Jesus and this is unacceptable in the sight of God Almighty.

In my capacity as a man of faith and intellectual, I would urge and appeal to the Salva Kiir that needs to repent for so many lives that he [Salva Kiir] had destroyed for years from the jungles in South Sudan under the late John Garang up to his years of public service as the illegitimate President of Africa’s youngest state that has failed and moved from stateless to statelessness or what some analysts termed as a “hijacked state” from who, by whom and for what remains myth that needs to be de-mythologized. Whatsoever the decision-makings made by the President he did so through his Witchcraft that often tells him to sleep here and there and not go here and there and to kill this person and that person here and there. What kind of a leadership that controls by Witchcraft? As Christians and Muslims alike in South Sudan, we do not need at all, these devilish worshipers in our midst because they could become the sources of our concurrent miseries, discords, discontents, divisions and madness to say the least.

The Nuer Community has been united for over centuries of its existence. However, in the past few years of Dr. Riek Machar’s leadership, it became weaker because of lack of aggressiveness, cohesion, vision and organization. In any organizations, the leader is always the one to choose a direction; a leader must first have developed a mental image of possible and desirable future state of the organization. This image, which we called a vision, may be as vague as a dream or as precise as a goal or a mission statement. The critical point is that a vision articulates a view of realistic, credible, attractive future for the organization that is better in some important ways than what now exists. The Nuer Community for a good number of years has lacked a vision that is a target that beckons. The Nuer leaders have missed golden opportunities and missed opportunities because they have failed to steer the community forward and this has been the greatest disadvantaged that has been exploited by our adversaries. For instance, Dr. Machar should have set a specific goal for the people to follow. It is now about time to change all this jazz.

We should set a goal if anyone cannot lead us he/she must and ought to step down or to resign for the good of the majority and the welfare of the Nuer Community or the organization to follow the leaders. We shall not repeat the past mistakes that we have passed through in the past few years. It would be appropriate to tell the leader at affront what he does wrong or what he does right. Specifically, the Nuer Community has failed to correct Dr. Machar to tell him what he did right and what he did wrong, unfortunately. He was looked upon as the only Messiah with all the tenable reasonable alternative solutions to the Nuer Community and its internal leadership problems. I say unto you all, no man has got all the solutions to all human problems. Dr. Riek Machar is a scientist and a very talented one as far as I know him well, but as an engineer by training, he does not have all the solution to the problems within the Nuer Community. Even myself as a political scientist or a social scientist, I cannot proclaim that I have solutions for the problems affecting the Nuer Community and the state of South Sudan as a whole. As a matter of fact, solutions to human created problems could only be achieved through consultations, Dialogue par cum pare (equal) and sharing of logical and scientific ideas that could lead to solutions.

When the US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy set a goal of putting a man on the moon by 1970 or Sanford Weill aimed at making American Express the world’s, investment banking company in five years, they were focusing attention on worthwhile and attainable achievements. I would like to remind the Nuer Community leaders that a ‘vision’ always refers to a future state, a condition that does not presently exist and never existed before. With a vision, the leader provides the all-important bridge from the present to the future of the organization. The current Nuer Community leaders have failed to provide a goal to bring about change and to steer forward the Nuer community. In other words, they have had short sightedness or selfish ambitions vs. selfless ambitions for the unity and cohesion of the Nuer Community as an organization to strife for the best of the Nuer nation and its resilient people. Believe me or not, the Nuer Community leaders and Dr. Machar in particular, paid no attention rather than paid attention to what was going on, he failed to determine what parts of the events at hand would be important for the future of the organization [The Nuer Community], he did not set a new direction, and he did not concentrate the attention of everyone in the organization on it.

In a nutshell, Dr. Machar’s failed the universal principle of leadership, as true for orchestra conductors, army generals, football or soccer coaches, and school superintendents for corporate managers and leaders. In summation, a vision is the fundamental principle to effective leadership that Dr. Riek Machar’s and his cahoots failed to follow. This is not the time to throw blames on anyone, but it’s time to heal and to unite the Nuer Community ranks and files to undergo brain storming strategies on how to deal with or how to overthrow or to topple Salva Kiir’s illegitimate regime in Juba like we experienced with the Arab Spring or the Arab Streets and how quickly it brought down the oldest, ruthless, brutal, and the worst dictatorships in the North African nation-states of Tunisia, Libya and Egypt and above and beyond.

The South Sudan Democratic Party (SSDFP) In-Opposition, under my Chairmanship is wholly standing up with the Nuer Community in this zero-hour of needs and unity amongst the Nuer people. Our goal has been all along to consolidate the Nuer Unity that has been intact, but has lacked good quality leadership with a vision under the good auspices of Dr. Riek Machar and his brother-in-law Taban Deng Gai (alas Mohamed Hassan al-Hajj).

I would like to say it earnestly and succinctly, that let’s put our house in order and to clean our dirty laundry from within before we could tell others to do the same. This would be fair and require hard work, determination, motivation, guts and gusto, tolerance, forgiveness, but not to forget the past. We should not under no circumstances permit outsiders and spoilers to penetrate our community to destroy our hard won unity and self-pride as Nuer nation and its resilient people. In other words, we need to have “secrets” for our survival. We can achieve this logical, scientific and political reality. Specifically, our failure has been lack or the absence thereof of keeping “secrets” for the wholly good of the Nuer Community. Yea shall know that too much open democracy or lose democracy can spoil the soup and it has already spoiled the soup or like they say, too many hands in the pot can spoil the broth.

In the past, I have authored about all of the events that we are confronting or experiencing and I was labeled as such being “Crazy Professor,” including Dr. Riek Machar as the FVP on the YouTube prior to the events which led to the internal split within the ruling party in mid-December 2013 in South Sudan Capital of Juba. As I can see it, I am no “Crazy Professor,” but a man of vision and an intellectual enlightenment, inspiration and aspiration and dedicated to the process of democratic change in South Sudan by any means necessary. I will leave this judgment to my critics.

My opposition to the SPLM/A leadership and its social injustice, genocide, lynching, massacres and disappearances of prominent persons made me to abscond and to remain in dare opposition like the late Gordon Mortat that made me to become strong, visionary, vigilante and determined to bring about change in South Sudan by any means necessary. The entire opposition is determined to topple Salva Kiir by any means necessary for the sake of peace and justice. Like I said, together we can make it because one hand cannot clap to make a sound if you clap it many times, but two or more hands can do it loud and clear. I could not agree more with Ms. Alexandre Dumas in The Musketeers” writes she that “All for one and one for all”.

I urge and appeal to you all Nuer folks within the Nuer Community in the Diaspora to consolidate the Nuer Community’s Unity and Dialogue par cum pare (equal) with peace and justice, to wake up early because as Thomas Franklin, the scientist said it that “early to bed and early to rise makes man wealthy, healthy and wise.” Traditionally, the early bird catches the best worm; to stop sleeping deeply in beds; to stand up tall to fight for our inalienable birthrights; the right to lead the state; and the right to fight for our inherent inalienable legitimate rights and traditions that our forefathers have left us from the time of immemorial up to the time that we have liberated with our sweats and blood and that without the great sacrifices undertook by Nuer cadres gallant and resilient forces, our youths and our persistent war efforts, there could not have been no state called South Sudan on the African and the global political map, to become as the 54th member state of the African Union [AU] and the 123rd of the United Nations systems and its specialized agencies. Furthermore, we should for rights of lands and resources base to be disposed or to be encroached to establish states for the Dinka migrants who have no historical rights to the lands anywhere in the Greater Upper Nile. We became humanitarian enough to accommodating them as our cousins and no they wanted to turn to become our masters’ in our historic lands. I rest assured you all, this would not happen, but over our dead bodies.

This is a true historical fact that does not need hanky-panky explanation that our children and children’s children should know and to be taught or leaned in schools, colleges and universities in the land and in the world at large. We shall not surrender these rights to any idiots in South Sudan. The Nuer nation should follow the history of Poland in Central Europe that disappeared on the European political map many times, but with determination, motivation, guts and gusto of the Polish people, Poland has reappeared on the European political map as a de jure sovereign nation-state. We would be ready to make big sacrifices compared to the Polish people in preserving the Nuer nation in South Sudan and on political map of Africa and the world at large.

We shall not only fight to preserve the Nuerland and its people’s strategic vital national interests, but we shall expand our wings with open arms to assist our neighbors that without their freedom, peace and social justice, our quest for social justice and peace would not be enough and attainable. This is the democratic vision that the Nuer Community envisions and envisages for the people of South Sudan, but against domination, oppression and exploitation of anyone against his/her consent.

As we have been taught traditionally that the Nuer people’s freedom is the freedom of their neighbors. We should be ready to urge and appeal to our neighbors to come to join us in the revolution to fight against Salva Kiir’s regime in Juba until it will be defeated. The Nuer Community has been already united, determined and motivated to seek justice and peace. If Salva Kiir would be ready for war instead of peace and justice, we shall be more than ever ready to reciprocate that offer. This would be the time to know who our neighbors are really and those that would not stand up with us in this zero-hour are terrorists and are against us for that.

Like, I said, to you all, brethrens, it would be much better for us to become solidly united like a bundle of sticks tied together that nobody could break them. The Nuer nation should make the necessary sacrifices for the sake of the Nuer nation to remain alive and its survival on the political map of South Sudan and to eventually lead it through democratic process.

Most importantly, I urge and appeal to all the people of the Greater Upper Nile region that they should be prepared and to be ready for the Greater Upper Nile region exit from South Sudan like the British exit [Brexit] from the European Union [EU] to shape, a new frontier for ourselves and that of our children children’s children to determine and to construct our new destiny in Africa and the world at large. I do not foresee my future to be determined in Juba, but to be determined in Malakal, Gadiang, Akobo, Nasir, Fashoda or in the oil rich Liech State (Unity State) Bentiu. When I speak of the Greater Upper Nile exit, I do mean exit because we do not need South Sudan at this time, but its needs us because of our enormous resources base. The decision to seek early political divorce from South Sudan has been the real desire to have our rights, peace and justice and because we wanted our inalienable right to self-determination and political independence guaranteed to “all peoples” under the UN resolution 1514 of 10 December 1960.

The desire to seek political divorce from South Sudan would be the surest way to achieve peace and social justice and greater economic prosperity for the development of our people. This proposal is non-negotiable and a red line. There should be no new euphemism, euphorically and emphatically arbitrary establishment or construction of the so-called twenty-eight (28) new states in South Sudan, including the Greater Upper Nile region by no means without the consensus and collective action on the people as a whole. I would like every Nuer person to become conscious of this archaic impeccable and dangerous arising colonialism and imperialism from Juba.

We shall resist any form of neo-colonialism, neo-imperialism, domination, oppression and exploitation from Juba or saint elsewhere like our forefathers (Guandongni kon) resisted the British colonial rule through the Anglo-Nuer War (1900-1930) that gave us the right to be ruled through the indirect rule and the Native Administration under the Nuer customary law. Because of the said fierce résistance the Nuer people were the only people on the African continent and the world that were not colonized by the British colonialists and imperialists. We did remain as a free people until the end of the imperial and colonial rule during the scramble for Black Africa, the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan and in the then Southern Sudan in particular.

An anecdotal, to the Shilluk [Chollo] traditional Kingdom and its subjects, it can be rest assured that this small traditional Kingdom that we have learned so much from shall and will be preserved for posterity. The current unilateral division of the Chollo Kingdom or any other divisions to encroach other people’s lands, property and resources base to create the so-called new states for the Dinka migrants who have no lands in the Greater Upper Nile region, should be considered as illegal and unconstitutional, unethical and contrary to the norms and good governance. We shall restore the Chollo Kingdom to its original status quo ante. For those who have been aspiring to undertake this illegal and unconstitutional process, they should be aware and to be prepared to make more sacrifices and the Nuer and the Chollo subjects of the Reth [King of the Chollo] have already forged a new and stronger united front to resist the whole affair and to be ever ready to meet any challenges. Therefore, the Chollo subjects of the Reth and the Reth himself have got nothing to fear except fear itself. This is a promise from the Nuer Community to the traditional kingdom of the Chollo folks. We are all in this together and we shall always be united and stick together as good neighbors sharing the same common interests and the future.

Our dream would not only be to restore the Chollo Kingdom, but to make sure that South Sudan as a whole to become a federal state based on the existing ten (10) states, but never ever on the so-called twenty-eight states (28) or it should become a “tri-nation-states” or autonomous self-governing territories, a confederal system like in Switzerland’s Cantonism that function like a federal system to produce a polymorphous state or country. The establishment of a shared federal system would be the best tenable reasonable alternative solution to glue and to amalgamate the cultural diversities as per national disintegration or the emergence of a confederal system that often become weaker in the center because all of the powers and resources are controlled by the peripheral states. If all else failed, we could establish an “Asymmetrical federalism” or a state with one or two doors and one bank with one door and many windows even though such a system does not exist anywhere on the planet-Earth, it could be put on trial in South Sudan.

To the Nuer people and all the patriots, our history has been stolen by the American lobbyists led by Roger P. Winter, John Prendergast, Ted Daigne, Eric Reeves and John de Silver through lies and wits that they misinformed the US Congress and awarded our glorious achievements that have ended up into the drain by the late Dinka dictator John Garang that the Nuer people uplifted him from abject poverty or the de classize to become world’s famous and died a multimillionaire that turned out to become the real killer of the Nuer children, women and the elderly similar to the concurrent aggravating situation being practiced by the Dinka dictator Salva Kiir, the “minister of death” or the” President of death” in South Sudan.

What the late Garang had done to the Nuer people was a historical blunder that shall never again to be repeated in the Nuerland. We shall overcome it and the world has known now that through our might we shall overcome it. We should often remain conscious, subconscious and suspicious of anyone that leaves his/her community to seek power through the Nuer Community. We have now highly educated qualified Nuer intelligentsia intellectuals who could be vying for the Nuer leadership within the Nuer Community jurisdiction. We shall never again repeat what we did for the late John Garang to be developed as the real enemy from within.

For those who said that killings of the Nuer people like Pagan Amoum, the former dismissed and disgraced SPLM/A Secretary-General now living in solitude in the USA that the world should not superimposed arms embargo and sanctions on the state of South Sudan because the Nuers have been killed was utterly an irresponsible utterance and equally so to those like Dr. Lam Akol’s proclamation in the 2010 general elections that the Nuer folks are not ready to lead in South Sudan was also equally an irresponsible and unfortunate political statement. Dr. Lam Akol’s should not forget that the Nuer and Dr. Machar’s that he hated most have been his real protectors from the killer bees Dinka. Furthermore Dr. Lam is not cleaned because he had also committed crimes against the 37 Nuer Officers that allied with him in Wadikona. Nevertheless, this is not the time to talk or to reveal about the nature of the crimes committed by Dr. Akol’s DC militias commanded by Colonel Johannes Okiuch and General Ogot. The Nuer nation and its resilient people would humbly like to say to them in a pretty simple language that if the Nuer people could have fought so hard like the German Panthers, the US Marines Corps and the Guorka Battalion from Nepal in the British Army, then, the Nuer people have the ability and the capability to lead in South Sudan through the democratic process or by any means necessary. We hold those who uttered such unfortunate political statements fully responsible for their deeds and whatsoever that came out from their own mouths and guts and gusto.

Everyone in Sudan knows that the Nuer people could superimpose change in South Sudan compared to Chaka Zulu’s in Southern Africa in the 19th century if we were to become politically blind and with the hell of egoistic bad and selfish intentions compared to our Dinka counterparts who love power for the sake of power and they do not realize that more power corrupts more. Nevertheless, the Nuer people are patience, sober, gentile, traditionally democratic, fair and just, but they would not accept to be pushed to the wall like Salva Kiir has been attempting to do so even though we have not declared a war and because Dr. Machar’s lacks vision and failed quality leadership. This war has been started by the Salva Kiir and his cahoots and it would be fought and it would not stop soon until it reaches their doorsteps in Juba and elsewhere. I can declare to Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan on behalf of the Nuer nation and its people that a state of war now exists. What happened in Juba this past week was just only piece of the iceberg and there could be more fighting on the way throughout South Sudan. This is no political gimmick or satire, but a politico-military reality and nothing on the planet-Earth could prevent it. Without the shadow of a doubt, that Musevni’s regime in Kampala Uganda has brought in troops to fight for Juba under the pretext of evacuating 3,000 Ugandan citizens. The rebel regulars and the Nuer White Army and the Gojam on the west of the White Nile, Unity State, including the “Arrow Boys” from Yambio, Western Equatoria would be ready for them. Have the Ugandan forgotten so fast their ordeals in Jonglei State 51- Day War?

I should say with full confident and trust that if a Nuer was the President of South Sudan, assuredly, we could not have had this mess with dynamo revival effect that we are passing through and our people should not be experiencing this acute tragic human suffering, pain, suffering and mental anguish and the horrendous genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Twic Dinka Militias under the direct command and control of Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan. Certainly, there would have not been anybody genocide, any women, children and elderly to be burned alive, any girls to be rapped and then burned to death after their horrendous sexual ordeals and harassments, any pregnant women should not have died and their fetus should not have been silted out from their dead mothers wombs’ and that any lactating-mothers and kids could not be burned alive like the pictures that have been already circulated around the world to tell the international community why Salva Kiir should step down or resign to return the power to the people where it emanates from throughout history of democracy and governance. Any people, children and adults alike could not go without schooling, healthcare, to go to bed hungry nor to die unnecessary deaths because of hunger and treatable and curable diseases in South Sudan. Finally, Africa’s youngest state could neither have been destroyed by rampant corruption, embezzlements, ethnocentrism (tribalism) nor arms embargo and sanctions could have not been superimposed, including this ongoing treacherous tribal warfare or as if a civil war and many other humiliating acts could not have occurred. Assuredly, the Dinka leadership has failed the people, the glorious revolution and the hard won political independence from the Arabized Muslin North Sudan. Nevertheless, we have ability to restore the failed state and to recover it from stateless to statelessness to reappear as a viable and vibrant state again in south Sudan. We should not that where the Dinka failed; we should utilize it as a boon to correct the past mistakes that they have committed.

Most importantly, there could have been no introduction of cannibalism and there could have been no state supported terrorism. Frankly speaking, the Dinka leadership in Juba has failed not only the Dinka as a people and a nation, but the state of South Sudan that moved from stateless to statelessness to become second Somalia in lawlessness and disorderly conducts and second Rwanda in the crime of genocide… defined by the UN Prevention and Punishment on the Crime of Genocide [UNPPCG] as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity and its hard won political independence. Because of the wicked, remorseful less Dinka dictator in power all of the above-mentioned, including other heinous crimes committed against humanity and humiliations to degrade other human beings have occurred and our glorious revolution has fallen apart and so help us God. Do the Twic Dinka Special Dinka Militias under the direct command and control of Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan really think they could get away with these serious crimes against humanity? No, Sir, they would not.

We shall haunt down these criminals no matter where they go and reside on the planet-Earth; we will get them and to bring them to justice qua justice in the same mannerism that the Israeli Mosad and Shin Pin (Police) haunted down all the Nazis that exterminated the Jews in Nazi Germany during the Second World War (WWII) (1939-1945). Therefore, if the Twic Militias wanted to live, they must and ought to surrender to the state freely to confess their sins and to face justice before the would-be established Commission for Reconciliation, forgiveness, but not to forget the past similar to what happened in South Africa after the demise of Apartheid in 1994. This would be the way out for every one of the militias and the commanders to have their say of the things they have done, which they ought not to have done. This is now the time for the Nuer leaders to be on the saddle, the horseback or at the front seat of power to use it wisely for the good of all South Sudanese people as a whole. We shall not and will not tolerate any future dictatorship whether by a Nuer, Shilluk, Baria, Dinka, Azande or anyone that has this political ideology in his/her mind in South Sudan. We could not afford to move forward from one dictator to next, but we should move from a dictatorship to democracy with peace, justice, liberty, equality, equalitarianism and social justice for all.

To the Nuer people, I would be obliged to say to you all loud and clear that Dr. Riek Machar might not become necessarily the next leader because there are other highly qualified Nuer leaders with visions and highly qualified leaders to lead in order to preserve unity in diversity, cultural diversities, democracy and its universal true values to take out the country of its concurrent misery in South Sudan. Nevertheless, my statements shall fall short of asking him to resign. We should rally behind Dr. Machar in times like these as long as Salva Kiir remains in power and has not been asked by the Dinka to step down or to resign. We should not always be the first to be deceived by our archenemies to abandon our leaders. This time around, I would like for every Nuer person to remain calm and to give Dr. Machar’s the necessary protection as a statesman and our leader until he completes his mission with Salva Kiir. Even though we may not like him and we do know that Dr. Machar’s failed us, let’s rally behind him, all our political leaders, including all our commanders to reunite in order to wage war against Salva Kiir. We can do this sooner rather than later. So we should remain calm, patience, sober and persevere and no matter how tougher things might be, we should not abandon our wised and experienced leaders. We should all rally behind Dr. Machar and our greatest 1Lt.-General Peter Gatdet to lead us to victory against Salva Kiir. As one of your elders, I asked you all to give Dr. Riek Machar and General Gatdet a chance to complete his zero-sum game with Salva Kiir.

We should all know by now that Taban Deng Gai is no longer our guy because he has already crossed the line to rejoin Salva Kiir and the G-10, unfortunately. Without the shadow of a doubt, that Taban has sold Dr. Riek Machar to Salva Kiir with a few millions of dollars compared to the thirty pieces of silver that Judius Escargot one of the disciples of Jesus Christ, the King of the Jews, sold his Master’s to the Chief Priest of the Jews to kill him because he proclaimed to be the Messiah of the Jews. We all should know that Taban Deng has been too ambitious vying for the Nuer leadership, but he does not have competence and charisma to lead the Nuer because he created so many enemies and only interested in accumulating money for himself and his family.

Personally, I am determined to tell Dr. Machar face-to-face to step down or to resign from the Nuer leadership at the end of his ordeal with Salva Kiir because he has failed and neither Dr. Machar nor Salva Kiir could provide a new and positive leadership in South Sudan. It’s about time for them to go out from the political scene. Both Dr. Machar and Salva Kiir should retire because there are greater opportunities in life after long political life. People come and go in politics in order to give the rising young stars a chance to lead to inject new blood into the system.

I urge and appeal to every Nuer persons wherever they are working and residing to raise their families in North America (Mexico, the US and Canada), across the Atlantic and Australia (Aussie) (the World Under) and throughout the world that we should congratulate our gallant forces in Juba on fait accompali or on the job well done in inflicting so much heaving casualties on Salva Kiir’s forces inside Juba. Salva Kiir’s probably assumed that Juba was an unbreakable fortress or a house with anti-nuke walls to be penetrated so that no one could enter. We are now inside Juba and we will never again get out. However, there are many doors to infiltrate Juba such that we could all die inside Juba. We shall and will also infiltrate it with more rebel forces to create a real military inferno for Salva Kiir or make “Tet” similar to the Vietcong against the American forces in Saigon (Ho Chi Ming City), South Vietnam or in the 1956 defeat of the French Legionnaire by the Vietnamese General Nygun Gap in Den Ben Phoo for Salva Kiir’s regime in Juba.

What the boys have done was a tremendous extraordinaire great human courage, determination, motivation, guts and gusto, unflinching unity, resiliency and gallantry that a small number of soldiers could have done so much damage to so great numbers of soldiers in three (3) days on Salva Kiir’s ill-trained forces. The numbers of our soldiers have increased more than tenfold compared to when they were brought under duress and pressure points of the UNSC, the IGAD mediators, the AU to Juba. Succinctly, any lost of so many lives in Juba shall be squarely be blamed on the international community, the UNSC, the IGAD mediators and the AU that forced conflict resolution on South Sudan’s warring camps. In as far as the Nuer nation and its people are concerned; the UNSC, the IGAD mediators, the IGAD countries and the AU have failed their duties, obligations social responsibilities in providing protection to the rebel forces, including the First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar in Juba, the Capital of South Sudan. This action has created a big skepticism on the UNSC similar to its predecessor the League of Nations in the 1930s in Africa’s youngest country and amongst the rebel forces, unfortunately. Who can trust the UNSC again in what it has done in South Sudan?

Without the shadow of a doubt, that was a big conspiracy on the part of the international community, the IGAD and the AU to kill the Nuer folks and their leaders for the illegitimate preservation of the Dinka dynasty and chastistyanism and the historical blunder committed by the IGAD mediators’ that brokered fragile peace agreement in 2015. We would not forget this international conspiracy against the Nuer people to rob them from power, from their wealth and to be genocide to award their resources base to the poor, wicked and remorseful less and Cannibals-like Dinka.

We can rest assured the world, Africa and South Sudan in particular, that we shall not surrender to any thugs, hooligans, cannibals’ and a child and a woman killer and to transfer any of the Nuers wealth to Salva Kiir because that would happen only over dead bodies. We would be ready to fight the Chinese arms supplier to the Dinka and the People’s Republic of China (PRC) will be defeated. For the Chinese that we neither know much anything about them and likewise they nor know anything about us as well, we do not want them to remain in South Sudan because of the Nuer petroleum interests; they should start to evacuate and to get the hell out of South Sudan. The Chinese oil companies have signed dubious agreements and others contracts with Taban Deng Gai, Costello Garang and Dr. Riek Machar would be considered as invalidated and to be declared as null and void. Any Chinese contracts with the GOSS also would fall into the same category as well. We shall and will sale toward the Western world in search of new friends and allies.

We have got nothing to lose; we have everything to gain and also we have nothing to fear except fear itself. The three (3) days fighting was comparable to the 51-Day War against the Ugandan People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) in Jonglei State in which they lost so many soldiers in that war. We could not be more than happy that we are ready than ever to break down Salva Kiir’s military power machine or the military industrial complex and I am sure we shall and will do that sooner rather than later. We should remain patience and sober because help is forthcoming.

On behalf, of the people of South Sudan, I congratulate those that have defected to join us in this glorious and historic social revolution or social renaissance for peace, justice and equality in South Sudan that belonging to all of us without any exceptionalism. We shall not relent until Salva Kiir’s regime has been broken to pieces in Juba and kicks out of power. This is the bottom line.

As a people and a nation, we should unite all our ranks and files, human resources, forces and energies to fight against Salva Kiir’s regime until it will be defeated. Through people’s power it will be defeated. This war will keep on rolling and would not stop again until Salva Kiir is out of power. There would be no turning back or surrender or stopping the war and/or any ceasefire with Juba no more. We shall and will fight to foreclose this zero-sum game with Salva Kiir and the so-called Dinka Elders Council [EDC] in Juba.

To the field commanders, please, be mindful that our war should be directed only against Salva Kiir’s military power machine or the military industrial complex that it has established to dominate, exploit and oppress the people without any exceptionalism as a whole in South Sudan. We have got nothing to do against the civilians’ population. We should be mindful of the Four Geneva Conventions, the laws and rules of war engagements, international humanitarian law, international human rights law and human rights protection as well as the civilian-military relations, including all international treaties and protocols to be respected, honored and abided by all parties to the conflict. In other words, we should have command and control on any civilians’ population that have been caught on cross fire and to make sure that civilians’ population are advised to keep off from the fighting zones. This would be for their safety and protection. They should move behind the fighting lines or to the UNMISS Camps for protection. We urge and appeal to UNMISS to be ready opening more camps throughout South Sudan for Civilians’ population protection.

We should not stop the war until it is over. We urge and appeal to all the youths to take the challenge to have the right to bear arms in defense of our motherland. This is no time for dictatorship, but democracy, federalism, the right to self-determination, peace, justice because without peace, there is no justice and that no justice, there is no peace because the two have been synonymous in social revolutions retrospect to the American Revolution on 4 July 1776, the French Revolution (the Bastille Day) on 14 July 1789 and the Russian Bolshevik Revolution in October 1917 and the Afro-Asian anti-colonial liberation movements, including the anti-Apartheid in the Republic of South Africa. Our main goal has been to overthrow or to topple Salva Kiir’s regime that must and ought to go and the rest shall be added. This is the bottom line.


Al-Jazeera news disseminated to all the international media by its Reporters in Juba and Wau outlets were all based on lies, lacking the truth and substance. Most importantly, Al-Jazeera Reporters, and the so-called South Sudan analysts Edward Thomas were all liars and pro-Juba. They reported that only 300 people killed. This was disinformation and a wrong report. In fact, many people have died mostly from the Twic Special Dinka militias who could not fight the fighters inside Juba. The conduct of the war was one-sided in Juba and did proof to the world that Salva Kiir was not in full control of his forces and the entire Juba town.

We condemned in the strongest language possible biased or prejudiced reporting by Al-Jazeera [English] media reporters in Juba. They have gone pro-Salva Kiir’s illegitimate regime and anti-Riek Machar’s forces that have been on the defensive. The SPLA-I-O forces in Juba have not been responsible for the fighting in Juba and the cancellation of the Fifth Independence Day Celebrations. Rather, there was nothing to celebrate in a failed state that has moved from stateless to statelessness. Anecdotally, the Egyptian regime could be right when it charged Al-Jazzera Reporters for biases and prejudices in reporting the Egyptian Revolution a few years ago. They have now repeated the same mess similar in Cairo in South Sudan.


Listen here folks, realistically, what happened or occurred in Juba was a failed coup d’état attempt to assassinate both the illegitimate President Salva Kiir and the FVP Dr. Riek Machar by Paul Malong Awan, Chief of the General Staff Command in Bilpham Military Barracks, the Dinka Elder Council [EDC] and the traitor or the Judius Escargot of the SPLA-I-O Taban Deng who has got an egoistic blind political ambition to become the FVP to Salva Kiir instead of Dr. Riek Machar. The Nuer cannot and will not make a traitor, corrupt and qualified person to become the FVP. We should warn Salva Kiir not to make such a historical blunder that haunt for life. In fact, South Sudan would not become the same at the end of this treacherous tribal warfare or as if a civil war that could take years to quench and generations to heal. It has already fragmented, disintegrated, disunited South Sudanese on ethnocentric (tribal) lines and the future remains bleak for the years ahead. Most importantly, there is no legitimate government because Salva Kiir has been an illegitimate head of state and the GOSS and the Parliament in Juba have been also illegitimate as well.

We would like the people of South Sudan and the world to know that the events in Juba was a foiled or aborted military coup d’état perpetuated by the notorious Paul Malong Awan, Chief of the General Staff, and Taban Deng Gai a traitor and a defected from Dr. Machar’s SPLA-I-O in protest because he was not appointed as the minister of petroleum because he had signed dubious agreements behind the curtain without Dr. Machar’s knowledge with the Chinese oil companies, Malaysian PERTONAS and many other parties for his own personal interests. We should all be glad that Dr. Machar did not appoint or seconded Taban Deng Gai to the portfolio of the oil minister because he has been determined to destroy all the Nuer people for his own personal interests and greed. The Nuer community will get him one way or the other.

Rather, both Paul Malong Awan and Taban Deng Gai should have been solely responsible for the events that have occurred and still simmering on in and around Juba. The regime decided to black it out as if nothing happened. They wanted to blamed the aborted coup d’état attempt to assassinate the illegitimate President and the FVP Dr Riek Machar and General Peter Gatdet Yaka who is not part and parcel of the SPLA-I-O ever since the same Taban created a row between General Peter Gatdet and Dr. Riek Machar in Pagak, South Sudan last March through July 2016. They planned a coup d’état attempt to assassinate the President and the FVP on Friday, 8 July 2016, which was aborted by Dr. Riek Machar’s troopers in and around the Palace Grounds in J-1 in which more than 1480-1500 of Salva Kiir’s bodyguards killed on the spot on the Palace Grounds.

Therefore, Salva Kiir should be thankful to Dr. Machar’s forces for having foiled the plot and saved his neck on the Palace Grounds instead of waging ruthless, brutal, useless campaigned and media propaganda against Dr. Machar and the Nuer nation and its resilient people targeted by the Salva Kiir’s regime for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. This would not happen, but it could become the reverse.

The world community should know that the state of war now exists between the entire rebel forces throughout South Sudan against Juba. It will not stop until Salva Kiir steps down or resigns and his entire illegitimate government to abdicate the political scene in South Sudan. South Sudan Spring or South Sudan Streets has just begun. We put the blames on the IGAD mediators, the AU and the UNSC that forced parallel and irreconcilable co-relations of forces without any substantiated détente to be in Juba, respectively. The whole affair was an international conspiracy against the Nuer nation and its resilient leaders and people and Dr. Riek Machar in particular. We shall overcome this hate crime and the deliberate and willful genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed on us by the international community retrospect to the mid-December 2013.

The ongoing political events in Juba marked the end of the fragile peace process brokered by the IGAD mediators. We blamed Ambassador Seyoum Mesfin of Ethiopia on misjudgment as the Chairman of South Sudan Peace and conflict resolution to push for the two diametrically opposed forces to be cohabited without appropriate means of détente (reduction of tensions) or realistic and meaningful demilitarized Zones [DMZ] in Juba town, respectively. The IGAD also refused Dr. Machar’s to take along with him sufficient military forces to Juba; he was allowed to go to Juba with only 1,450 as opposed to 5,000 or more rebel forces he had requested and rejected by the IGAD mediators and the AU. In despite of the smallest number of forces, Dr. Machar’s forces have inflicted heavy causalities on Salva Kiir’s forces with more 80,000 ill-trained militias in and around Juba. Juba is no longer a fortress because we shall infiltrate it and would virtually destroy that fortress.

Let’s hypothetically assume that Juba that has become a heavenly mansion with so many rooms for Salva Kiir and his blood thirst cronies, we, the people, through the people’s power and the military might, we have the ability and the capability to infiltrate to destroy that mansion with many rooms until we capture Salva Kiir alive to face justice qua justice. You all know folks that it will happen before you know it. Juba is not comparable to Jesus Christ father’s mansion that he says in message to his disciples and followers that in my [his] father’s mansion there are many rooms that he [Jesus Christ, the King of the Jews] [likes Nyundeng the Messiah of the Nuer nation] says he that goes there to prepare a place for everyone of them. The Nuer people also received this message through the Great Prophets Nyundeng of the Lou Nuer (Gaat de Nienai), the Great Prophet Dwal Dieu of the Garwaar Nuer (Gaat de waar), and the Great Prophetess Nyaruach Kulang (Nyamti) of the Jagai Nuer in Liech State [State Unity].

We have known all along that President Salva Kiir leads and makes decisions per advice and order from his Witchcraft(Tiet) in his residence in Juba that often tells him to sleep here and there and that’s what he does as a leader and a professed Christian that attend the Church every Sunday. A believer cannot mix God with Satan and Lucifer because that is unacceptable in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. No believer can serve two masters’ because he both serves one and leaves the other. Hence, Salva Kiir should not be kidding himself as a devote Christian, but he would have to make a choice between God through Christ Jesus or the Satan and Lucifer through the Witchcraft (Tiet or Bith]. The Nuer Prophet Nyundeng and others are far greater compared to Salva Kiir’s Witchcraft. In accordance with the Nuer religious ethos, Prophet Nyundeng ascended to heaven and he will return like Jesus Christ to render judgment. To the Nuer people, both Christians, Muslims and the traditional Nuer religious believers, Nyundeng is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, Omnipresence, Omniscience and presents everywhere on the planet-Earth.

I would like the whole world to know that South Sudan has now returned to war and it would be pretty difficult to stop it or to make peace return sooner than expected. As long as Salva Kiir has not resigned or stepped down, the roadmap to peace and justice remains bleak and suffering would become greater than ever. As of Saturday, 9 July 2016, South Sudan has desisted to be a state. It’s clearly become a failed State that has moved from stateless to statelessness or to become second Somalia and second Rwanda in Genocide.

We urge and appeal to the entire people of the Greater Upper Nile region that this is now the time to clear out all of Salva Kiir’s forces pockets in the region and to proclaim the establishment of a Commonwealth of the Greater Upper Nile region as an autonomous region similar to Kurdistan-Iraq with a government, army and police, President or Prime Minister, Judiciary, Supreme Court, Parliament and an organized effective and efficient civil service system, free health care and education for all kids compared to Somaliland (Punt Land) that has been existing as a de facto state for the past 20 years or so and doing pretty well economically compared to the Federal Republic of Somali (FRS) in Mogadishu to provide basic services to our people.

As I see it, we can no longer wait for Juba because we do not need Juba because we have all capabilities of doing it ourselves independently without Juba. As soon as we flashed out SPLA-pockets in Nasir, Ayod, and northern Upper Nile, and Bentiu, we shall declare without any delays our political or exit or early political divorce with Juba of the Greater Upper Nile region as a free Commonwealth or an Autonomous self-governing polity until we hold a referendum for the right to self-determination within 18-24 months of a Transitional Government of National Unity [TGONU].


We urge and appeal to all the SPLA pockets within the entire Greater Upper Nile region to surrender without any further bloodshed. However, failure to heed to or by not doing so, would subject them to constant barrages of firepower until they would be disseminated, annihilated or surrendered.

We urge and appeal to all people of South Sudan, the Nuer Community, and the Chollo Kingdom subjects to “Unite” against Salva Kiir and to bury all the hatches behind. This is now the time to concentrate on strategic ways and means of defeating Salva Kiir’s regime in a broad daylight time in Juba.

All South Sudanese people should “Unite” all their ranks and files in a united front or patriotic alliance to overthrow Salva Kiir’s regime in Juba and to establish a democratic federal system based on the ten (10) states or we make a paradigm shifts to the establishment of a Asymmetrical federal system, Tri-nation-states system and a Confederal system. This would be the best tenable reasonable alternative solution to preserve unity in diversity and the cultural diversities in South Sudan.

Anyone who is against Kiir’s regime should join the social revolution or they are terrorists and against us. The art of the revolution would be to infiltrate the enemy’s den and then to start a “Tet” similar to the Vietcong tactics against the American in Saigon [Hoo Chi Minh City], South Vietnam.

Again, I would like the people and the Nuer people in particular, to know and to remain vigilante that we should not be discouraged, but to remain calm, patience, sober, courageous, strong, determined and motivated people and to believe in our God to overcome these adversities that have been superimposed on us by the international community and the IGAD mediators led by Ambassador Syoum Mesfin of Ethiopia in particular. Why Ethiopian leaders should be against the Nuer people when, in fact, the Nuer people is an integral part of Ethiopia?

The Nuer people comprises of more than 2 million plus of more than 96 million Ethiopians and have made great significant contributions in socioeconomic development, military and police services, international affairs in Ethiopia and potentially possesses one of the richest lands with oilfields, gas fields, fertile agricultural lands and abandon animal resources in southwestern Ethiopia. Every Nuer no matter where he/she resides and works in the world often take pride to intermingle or to be in the midst of Ethiopians brothers and sisters and could easily identify with themselves as Nuer-Ethiopians and speak the Ahamra language proficiently from Gambela Region No.12 of the flexible Ethnic Ethiopian Federation. The Nuer-Ethiopian relations could be traced to many generations from Emperor Negus through Johannes, Menelik to the late Hale Salassie above and beyond.

Surely, the Nuer leaders would make their case on the plight of the Nuer people to the Prime Minister and the leaders of Ethiopia. We have got to Dialogue with them par cum pare (equal). We should not give more hopes on the UNSC, but we should find ways and means of protecting ourselves and preserving our culture and heritage and for our very survival in South Sudan. We are not weak to resist anyone in South Sudan, but we were not ready to declare war against anyone in South Sudan. We stand up for peace and justice and socio-economic development for our people. Nevertheless, we are now ready to declare war on Salva Kiir’s regime that has declared war of aggression on us so many times and the so-called Dinka Elder Council (EDC) in Juba. We shall fight back for our honor and dignity. We have to forge relations with all countries and with anyone that would be willing to stand up with us in this hour of needs. This is the time to know who is with us or who is against us is a terrorist.

We shall overcome this “collective punishment” and we shall stand up tall at the end of the day. We shall and will stick together like the Israelis in the Middle East, the South African against Apartheid, the African liberation movements against colonialism and imperialism throughout Africa.

I should say to you all that “United, we stand,” and “divided, we fall.” This is the time that we the Nuer people should know that we have been targeted by our archenemies compared to the Jew in Nazi Germany determination to kill every Jew no matter where found- to be killed during the Second World War (WWII) (1939-1945) and targeted the Jews for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. It is exactly our present circumstance and we shall fight back by any means necessary in South Sudan. We shall prevail in this ordeal because God and our might will protect us to fight any adversaries.

We have done nothing wrong to anyone on the planet-Earth, but our potential natural resources base and physical strength as well as our forefathers resistance against the British colonial rule has created for us enemies because the world does not like the strong and truthful persons, but often preferred the weak like the Dinka to become arms twisted and exploited at their own expense.

Because we know the root causes of the problem we should look for all possible tenable reasonable alternative solutions. We have solutions from within, but not from without. We should “Unite” our ranks and files like a bundle of sticks tied together that no one can break them. Even the traitors within the Nuer Community, they should not be left alone. We must and ought to Dialogue pare cum pare (equal) with them before we could give up on them because they did not know what they were doing and they should be forgiven, but we should not forget things they have done, which they ought not to have done. We should put them on the watchful eyes for the cause of our unity as a nation and a people. We should brush aside or to bury the hatches whatsoever differences and to forgive each other, but not to forget the past. We should take the pride to become Nuer or the people of the people and we should walk tall with grace and dignity and never to become divided no more.

Our main goal and objective should now be how to fight Salva Kiir’s regime and to break down his military power machine. We can do this because the past three (3) days of fighting in Juba had shown something anew or the obvious vulnerability of the regime that we did not know about. In essence, war is easy to talk about, once it starts it difficult fight it. Any trained soldiers or veterans could debate and talk about it. Nevertheless, when fighting a war its always the quality and well-disciplined soldiers that a commander can have under is command and control to get the job done rather than the quantity or numbers a commander has under his command and control.

The quantities of arms available do not determine the outcome of the war, but the quality of men and women behind such weapons successfully determined the outcome of the war. A small army that is well-trained and well-disciplined could inflict pretty heavy causalities on a huge ill-trained and undisciplined army without proper command and control. This was what Dr. Machar’s rebel forces experienced in which often Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan stationed more than 80.000 ill-trained Twic Dinka Special Militias under the direct command and control of Salva Kiir and Malong Awan, respectively, that often boasted about the art of war in Juba, but they were taught an unforgettable lesson with a devastating outcome by a small well-disciplined, well-trained and precise command and control rebel forces comprises of 1,500 or more in Juba. For instance, more than 1,500 or more Salva Kiir’s bodyguards died on the spot on the J-1 Palace Grounds and in Gudele more than 1,980 died with so many of them wounded and large numbers of them died in the Hospital wards, including the lost of arms and equipment, quarter tons trucks, tanks, machine guns of all types, RPG-7, anti-tank weapons, Ammos of all types –etc. captured or destroyed. In Jebel Kujur, the corpses or the cadavers of dead Salva Kiir’s forces are still littering around and remained to be collected yet for burial. The international community could attest to such numbers of the dead soldiers on the GOSS side I Juba.

Succinctly, in the logic of military history and the art of war, good and strategic commander should not underestimate the firepower of opposing forces and no matter how small in size of forces on the defensive because if it were to be disciplined, well-trained and put under good command and control, it could inflict great damage to the huge forces on the offensive. So it’s about time for Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan and their deficient and incapable commanders to stop boasting about nothing and nothingism. As I can see it, from the vantage viewpoint of military strategy, Juba is pretty vulnerable to be captured in despite of the heavy Ugandan People’s Defense Forces [UPDF] fortifications and presence fighting for Juba retrospect to the mid-December 2013. In the eyes of the regular rebel forces and the ferocious fighting Nuer White Army [NWA], the UPDF is nothing, but a bunch of cowards of the cowards and mercenaries defending Salva Kiir’s regime in Juba for the sake of South Sudan’s petrodollar.

In conclusion, “The Nuer Unity” has been intact for generations, but it has lacked capable leadership with a vision to instill self-pride on the Nuer people as “The Nuer” [Niey tin Naadth or Nath ke Ram mi raan] – meaning- “people of the people.” I urgently urge and appeal for consolidation of “The Nuer Unity” as a prerequisite to destroy or to topple Salva Kiir’s regime. We urge and appeal to all South Sudanese to join the ranks and files of the revolution against Salva Kiir colonialism, imperialism, domination, oppression and exploitation. Abraham Lincoln says he that “A house divided against itself cannot stand—I believe government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free.”

We should all be united to topple Salva Kiir’s regime like we experienced in the Arab Spring or the Arab Streets social revolution or social renaissance that shattered and brought down the longest pro-Western dictators in the North African nation-states of Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. This is what will happen in South Sudan as long as we a house divided against itself cannot stand—I believe this government in Juba cannot endure permanently half slave and half free. We either we all become equal before the law of the land or else when shall have no peace and no justice because peace is justice and justice is peace and they have been synonymous with all revolutions retrospect to the American Revolution on 4 July 1776, the French Revolution on 14 July 1789, the Russian Bolshevik Revolution in October 1917, the rise of Afro-Asian anti-colonialism and sentimentalism and the rise of African liberation movements for the de-colonization of Mother Africa from the yoke and bastion of European colonialism and imperialism and anti-Apartheid in the Republic of South Africa. Salva Kiir cannot dominate, oppress and exploit us the people against our free will and consent. We shall all rebel to topple this dictatorship and one-party state or a Stalinist’s state or a Soviet by any means necessary so we and our children and our children’s children shall become free men and not slaves in South Sudan. We should all unite to overthrow Salva Kiir by any means necessary. Those who are against the revolution against Salva Kiir and his cronies are terrorists and would have no place on the table at the end of the day. Just remember this folks, it will happen and it will surely happen no matter and how long it takes, I do feel it in my guts and gusto that it will surely happen. This is the bottom line. We cannot leave this domination, oppression, exploitation and slavery to our children and this generation, but we shall finish the job before it’s too late or never such that history will absolve us as men and women with determination, motivation, guts and gusto. Finally, Salva Kiir should go out of the people’s Palace in Juba because his days are numbered and pretty short to live. He should peacefully return power to the governed where it emanates from. To all the Nuer and all South Sudanese people, we should unite to overthrow Salva Kiir’s regime in Juba.

A male Kuoth bi te yiendial [May God bless you all]. Male mi goa [Thank you].


Ambassador/Professor David de Chand, BA, MA, MPA, PhD

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Mawien Magol July 17, 2016 at 4:36 pm

Prof, David de Chand.
Those Ideas would not work my friend just go ahead and try and we will do same thing too

Professor/Ambassador David de Chand July 17, 2016 at 9:39 pm

Mr. Magol,
You will not defeat the Nuer,but they will. If a thousand man could have devastated the Twic Militias in Juba, what have you got left? We will defeat you , pal. Be good and cool and think of the future. DC

Human Rights, Achivists, Ter Manyang Gatwech July 19, 2016 at 12:47 am

Dear Professor David de Chand Rauch,

Thank for educating article about the unity of ”Naath”(Nuer) Community all over the world. The problem of you, you writes no action why? You are a Professor why don’t help the Nuer society. Bring some organizations, health care,scholarships to Nuer Community. Please joint Dr. Riek Machar. Dr. Riek is fighting for the freedom of people of South Sudan.

By Ter Manynag, former Chairman of Gawaar-Nuer Community in Kampala-Uganda

Manasseh Riek August 10, 2016 at 3:06 pm

Come and work with Dr Riek Machar , this is the best offer for you ,Professor. Thanks ,
Rev / Manasseh Riek ,/ the former Press Secretary to / Three President of the Coordinating Council for Southern States,


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