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A Reply to Demonstration Initiated by Individuals in Melbourne

By Jeffah THABACH,
South Sudan demonstrating against Unity by force(Photo: file)
South Sudan demonstrating against Unity by force(Photo: file)

July 25, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– This demonstration has no credibility simply because this group do not represent the faces of all South Sudanese tribes rather than a group of individuals whose fathers and relatives were among those who committed crimes in South Sudan.

This group is fuelling the situation in South Sudan as they do not want international community intervention in South Sudan. Australian government support arm embargo therefore who will listen to you? it’s like barking of dogs. The United Nation will not listen to you who will listen to you?

They want international community to provide funding for foods for the problem they have created and on the other hand they do not want international community to intervene to restore peace. What hypocrites? The what so called their godfathers Kiir Mayardit and JCE cries few days ago in Juba because the international community stop donating money to South Sudan. It’s shameful.

Let me ask all of you for your consciousness, what is wrong for international community to come to South Sudan when you want them to supply food and money? For Christ’s sake. Stop your nonsenses. Stop fabricating lies. South Sudan is for all tribes not for JCE, Savatore Kiir and Gen. Taban Deng.

This group today demonstrating is representing their godfathers Salvatore Kiir and JCE like the same way as they did in Juba few days ago even men in uniforms took off their pants and matched on streets of Juba shouting to stop international intervention. Shame on you guys.

In the same manner you were shouting to fuel the current problem in South Sudan. One thing for sure is that the international community intervention in South Sudan mean peace and without international intervention that means war and there will be no peace negotiation between IO and Juba government in absent of international intervention. Dr. Riek Machar Teny will not go back to Juba to negotiate with your godfathers who were murderers and liars. They lies about peace and turned killing 15,000 IO who went to Juba for peace.

Gen. Taban is not an option. Salva Kiir is not longer an option. JCE is not an option. What is your option? To destroy South Sudan with lies?

Please do not disturb the peaceful city like Melbourne. You don’t have shame to shouts in city flinders. You need to create a culture of shame. Aussies will not listen to you or others South Sudanese will not listen to you. Aboriginals and Torres Strait islanders will not listen to you. Asian will not listen to you. Australian as whole will not listen to you and the world will not listen to you. It’s shame. You can not sell lies for truth. No one will allows that. In this country, Australian do not tolerate lies. You all think that Australian do not know what is happening in South Sudan and who are the causes. They know more than you know. Sorry! You cannot deceive the whole world with your lies.

Sorry! It’s insane and shame on you all

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Chuolpur July 26, 2016 at 12:32 am

let them though they are egoistic in South Sudan those JCE and his son Salva kiir plus Taban Deng

Chuolpur July 26, 2016 at 12:39 am

i don’t think so they are egoistic to everyone in South Sudan as they are though .South Sudan is belong to every tribes not Dinka and not NUER those considered themselves as the leaders of the country that is violation of peace agreement

Deng July 26, 2016 at 3:20 am

you need to shut up if you want peace in South Sudan,and also you are the one fuelling the current problem,instead of publishing positives things to unite our people you publishing rubbish.we live in the time of democracy everyone have a say ,and the fuck are you to condemn the demonstrates in Melbourne,just shut your damn Nyamilepedia down.


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