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By Cde. Puot Kang Chol, Chairman

SPLM/SPLA Youth League

UNMISS in attempt to reduce genocides grouped the South Sudanese according to ethnic background(Photo: UNMISS)
UNMISS in attempt to reduce genocides grouped the South Sudanese according to ethnic background(Photo: UNMISS)

December 16, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — On 16 Dec 2013, more than 15,000 privately trained guards from President Salva Kiir Mayardit clan commonly known as dotkubeny went to the streets of Juba, houses to house, in schools, hospitals,hotels deliberately killing innocents children, women, young, adult and old peopl and within a period of 5 days more than 20,000 South Sudanese civilians from the Nuer ethnic group were massacred forcing thousands to escape into UNMISS compounds for protection across the country.

The world was shocked by the newest nation on earth whose people suffered for more than decades going back to war. This war has been imposed on South Sudanese by Salva Kiir and his group. Today being Dec 16 we begin a long week of commemoration for the lost of our loved ones purposely killed in Juba. They are the reason why we continues to struggles until the dictator is gone.

We today stills stand strong with the victims in our society and continue to watch with hope those still under UNMISS protection across the Country and those who manage to runn to neighboring countries. We continues giving thanks to those countries providing asylum to our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers who have no option but run for their dare lives.
Remembering this day is very important in the history of our country. South Sudan will never go through this again since we already identify the enemies of peace in our nation. South Sudan is bigger than an individual. There shall come a time when those who thought they are bigger than this nation will be in fact smaller.
It is also important to remember that, the people of South Sudan has been suffering in the hand of this regime for the last eight years or so. The killing of Shulluk in 2010 is uncouth behavior. The massacre committed against the Morele  in Dec, 2011,  The shooting of protested students in Wau in Dec,2012 is unbelievable acts carried out by the same man. The killing of Luach   Dinka in 2010 because one of their son rebelled against the same man is undeniable fact about the bad intention of this very man.

Salva an his group have been killing South Sudanese for a very long time but  in 2013 the people of South Sudan say no to the killer. Their memories shall unite us as one people and shall cement our national foundation.  This day will never be forgotten in the history of our country because it symbolized a dark historical moment for the civilians of this country who has been going through a lot for the last 40 years or so.
Regardless, of all these the SPLM/SPLA still believe that we shall emerge stronger and dignity of our people shall be restored and the  Youth of this beloved Country shall build a  Federal democratic developmental State where every body on earth would wish to live in. As we are commemorating this day we should as well be thinking of ways and means of how this genocidal regime  should end and  begin to reconcile our communities  with the aim of restoring every lasting peace in our Country.

May their souls rest in eternal peace.

Cde. Puot Kang Chol


Email: kangpuot@gmail.com

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