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Equatoria Corps Civil Rights Movement

Submitted by Muslim Gore,

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Oct 30, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — After Months, weeks and days of deliberating amongst local and Global Equatorian communities and leadership, We the Sons and Daughters of Greater Equatoria have decided to take a stand against the government of South Sudan. The people of Greater Equatoria are suffering in the hands of the South Sudanese Government, our children are starving in the hands of the South Sudanese Government, and our citizens are perishing in the hands of the Soldiers under the leadership of H.E President Salva Kiir Mayardit.

Therefore, we are calling upon the citizens of Greater Equatoria, specifically the YOUTH of Greater Equatoria to join hands with (Equatoria Corps Civil Rights Movement) in these devastating times of War, Hunger and displacement’s, Together we can and we will overcome and dismantle this parasitic disease that is killing our loved once in our own home land. The regions of Equatoria do not belong to Dinka, Nuer or Shulluk , but instead it belongs to the Sons and Daughters of Greater Equatoria. Our ancestors in Equatoria have fought for years and years in order for her Sons and Daughters to live in freedom, harmony and peace. But if one takes a closer look at what is now taking place in the regions of Greater Equatoria you will soon find yourself a slave in your own regions.

The people of Greater Equatoria are now angry beyond limits; they are being used as puppets and Children of war. We are told to remain silent; if we open our mouth they will kill us. The government of south Sudan are taking our young boys and sending them to the frontline to fight the people of Nuer in upper Nile, while they reserve their own kinds. Our people in Equatoria are facing heavy discrimination and intimidation, how can one be discriminated against in his own land? How can one be intimidated in his own land? Most importantly how can one be unemployed and displaced in his own land? While, one group of people occupy everything, including looting your own personal properties. How can we the people of Equatoria be pushed aside from participating in improving our own country? How can they push us to the side, while they negotiate on our behalf? Our governors are always being removed unconstitutionally or when they are elected constitutionally, the government will always unacknowledge them and appoint someone else in that particular position who will best serve in the interest of the president.

These issues must come to an end; we the Sons and Daughters of Greater Equatoria have decided to take a stand and defend ourselves against anyone who is an enemy to Equatoria. We have made a Vow to defend our own constitutions of our own human basic civil rights. We will no longer stand with the constitution under the leadership of H.E president Salva Kiir Mayardit because under this constitution we are suffering and dying. We will demand our own rights, we will demand our own Army and most importantly we will demand our own leader. As of 10/30/2015 any individual or a group of people who will not acknowledge the demands of the people of Equatoria will be seen as an Enemy of peace and will be dealt with accordingly.

It is my honor to announce to you, Equatoria Corps Civil Rights Movement is Active as in 10/30/2015. We are accepting new recruits; in fact we are calling upon all the sons and Daughters of Greater Equatoria to join us. Together, we can help the people of Equatoria….. we are calling you to bring your ideas to the table, every member will be allowed to contribute and give back to the regions of Greater Equatoria…… let us stand together strong children of Greater Equatoria. #YESWECAN

Please contact us via Email to receive your form to become a member, Note this is a Movement for the people of Equatoria Only. All members will be from Equatoria. Others are welcome to join us, only as Advisors.


Sincerely Yours

Chairman of the Equatoria Corps Civil Rights Movement

E-Mail: EquatoriaCorpsArmy@Gmail.com

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lome laju October 30, 2015 at 8:38 pm

this is what we need.

Tol October 31, 2015 at 12:20 am

Any movement against the Government of the Republic of South Sudan on tribal basis and the need for fending off any tribe from entering Equatoria or other states is unpopular cause. It is not what this nation is created for.

People have already seen the devastation of little infrastructure,people killed,injured,displaced,hunger coming along and maladies lingering with population – all brought by war.

Now,you have Shilluk people and Equotorian people forming war houses and mongering to fight the government over nothing other than to have their tribes in their own states – something strange that doesn’t exist in modern civilized worlds of China, Europe,Americas,Oceania and Middle East with exception of war between Israel and Palestine that is fought over the need for recognitions of two states that can exist peacefully together but which one of them rejects,leaving both of them in a deadlock or stalemate for many years of instability.

If forming war associations and fighting the government are recipes that can stop the current human toils in South Sudan, why urge the warring parties to sign peace agreement in the first place?

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ October 31, 2015 at 12:46 am

NAN NGO GWOSO KUNE………………My name is DINGIT NA TUGGÖ which means only time will tell. I am a member before the formation of this organisation and will continue to be a member until the jenge ass is completely and totally kicked from GREATER EQUATORIA. I support to mobilise any peaceful resource to enable this work be done
It is our time my brothers and sisters please come on……………let us kick them in a very peaceful way…………….we need changes via peaceful means but we equatorians want to peace in a peaceful way because we are true christians who are not like the jenge leader who goes to church every Sunday but yet orders his jenge soldiers to kill us in UNDURUBA, MERIDI, YEI, NIMULE, JUBA, LAINYA.
Please enough is enough. TIME TELLS US THIS

Tol October 31, 2015 at 8:07 am

The national army comprises all tribes from South Sudan.

Some of them are Equations like you,while the rest comes from other 63 tribes of South Sudan.

Your sub tribe in Equatoria has been a source of SPLM soldiers.

Commanders such as Wani Iggi and Mbutu Mamur are examples of your contributions. They are still in the national army and part of the government that run the country today.

If Wanni and Mamur were foot soldiers deployed in places like Warawar,a town that belongs to Dinka, for their much needed national service and got attacked on by the locals because they are not Dinka’s sons of the land and also in favour of an enemy they are fighting for, do you think they deserved to be attacked or even killed on those tribal basis by the locals? The answer is no.

During the South-North civil war,Dinkas have contributed soldiers to attacks on Juba and defeating of NIF soldiers in many towns such as Yei and Maridi,to mentioned a few. Liberation of those places never came with out lost of lives,something that families of the deceased and friends cried for but remained strong at the same time because the cause of the war between South Sudanese and the North Sudanese was worth it.

Civilians from Dinka see all SPLM soldiers as their sons and daughters regardless of their tribal backgrounds. Therefore,no Dinka civilians attacked them or hover the enemy against them.

This might not be the case in some parts of Equatoria where roads attacks are common on soldiers and business communities in Equatoria.

This is a crime that leaves families of both soldiers and traders devastated when as a matter of fact none of those killed had not instigated a fatal catastrophe against those who attack them in the first place.

When the government asked communities in some places of Equatoria where those incidents take place,the government don’t get the answer they wanted to hear. This leads to the deduction that the communities themselves are enemies to the government and unarmed traders that are killed..

Claims that the government kills innocent civilians is a clichés. Soldiers never hurm any civilians, if they have no opposition to government and loyal to their entire nation out of hatred focused on other tribes.

If all South Sudanese keep out of tribal hatred,South Sudan would have been a lot peaceful like the Western countries where barriers such as tribal hatred doesn’t exist.

GatNor October 31, 2015 at 8:02 am

Congratulations to the members of Equatorian Corp. Wish you nothing but success against your oppressors

My advice to you is, your message will not sink in to those on the grounds without acknowledging the extent in which many Equatorians much like the Nuers have contributed to their own destruction. How that negative contribution happened and how it is affectingyour region is upto you Equatorians to analyze and conjure up a remedy for that. The Nuers of Unity State and the Chuluks are learning the hard way in the hands of the same oppressors.

Now you must not contradict a faithful declaraction like this by addressing your oppressors with titles worthy of praises. You there also confuses the audience and supporters alike not to mention the men and women on the grounds

Salva Kiir is not a recognized legitimate president

He is not to be addressed as his excellency.

You cannot address your killers implying you recognize them in any shape or form because you are only confusing your sympathies, supporters and or readers by re-enforcing their rights of claim which is false.

Get it right, Kiir is not your leader but a tool and an agent of oppression of JCE with order. Leave hailing this embracing coward to Jaang since it only benefits them regardless of which side of the fence they might be at today or tomorrow.

You stated that your youths are being recruited to go and fight Nuers which is correct… Again these also contributed to your own destruction as many of them don’t usually come back alive but are fortunate if they make it back in one piece. Fighting Nuers is not a joke, ask the Jaang and their Ugandan mercenaries.

To come back to the issue of your recruited youths, you must send out a clear message that the Nuers are not the ACTUAL ENEMY and this should be a part of your circulation of your info. This mean the Nuers will understand the same message and receive any youths from your region that should put up a peace flag for surrender by abandoning Kiir’s forces. You should also reach out to the leadership of other oppressed tribe with intentions of cooperating to counter the main oppressors you do have in common.

In another word encourage your recruited youths groups to defect when opportunity arises.

This can’t be possible without educating your public and citizens and encourage more consultations and cooperation on the ground through media.

The subordinance attitude of giving mix messages has to stop.

peter October 31, 2015 at 2:04 pm

What a confusion my dearest citizens of be loving nation,are these Sinkers worse than jallab,who put a mark on your daughter butt.South Sudan belong to all sixty_four tribes as the case during liberation time.There for,we must leave our selves interest and embrace our nation as one body.

United Naath October 31, 2015 at 8:06 pm

Gatnor, I agree. Salvage Kirr should never be tittled as a president,but serial killer period.

titikeci October 31, 2015 at 11:39 am

what is going n bse our people could not understand how can you leave your ancestral land and move let every body be in his place unless you for business. let jienga know that minds of pple are not for occupying but for socialization every one know that democracy is the choicer have to step and form the transitional government which will pave way for good governance but if not fire will be ablaze every where

GatNor October 31, 2015 at 3:50 pm


Read your own comment again and you will understand how irrelevant and confused some of it is.

Sickness on a serious note for real.

You could get help but not from me ofcourse.

I am guessing it’s partially madress or MPD(multiple personality disorder) get help buddy.

wedjuba November 1, 2015 at 3:13 pm

Mr.Kiir and his cohorts are incompetent thugs!.

Now, the idea of forming an Equatoria corps movement is enticing and legitimate. We have to trim, advice and raise awareness about our future and territorial integrity. We Equatorians must take the duty.

The present government in Juba has crippled the country and shocked every normal thinking person beyond any doubt.

Come next elections every South Sudanese and especially Equatorians and Nuer must think twice before casting any ballot. If there’s at all any normal elections.

Weew,…welcome to the sty and the Jiengs jungle of politics….oops!!!

Lualdit November 1, 2015 at 6:38 pm

I applauded your desire to stand up against Jaang president and his demon elders of death, but I am equally sick and tired of you equatorian for being internet warriors. You talk the talk, but never back it up with action. What do you think? The dinka president will be urinating in his pant for an empty threat? And by the way, is Equatoria Corp Civil Right Movement a nonviolent movement or military fighting movement? There is no clearity on that on your statement. We, Southern need to rise up, but the dinka government is still kicking because equatoria youth fail to heed the call when the current crisis broke out. Before the crisis, you equatoria were constantly on the web displaying your displeasure with the Jaang treatment of your people, but when the war broke out, you refuse to join in. You people need to take advantage of the situation now, before Naath get their demand and stop fighting. And please, don’t push Naath away instead include them for your success. Word of advice.

mawa November 2, 2015 at 12:33 am

Brothers and Sister we who are at school we also keep on crying toward what had happened in mundiri,maridi,lainya,yambio and even in eastern equatoria state.I prase this people who come-up with this idea,so please my dear youth it is good for us to remove this heart of fear out in order for us to fight for our rights.therefore,we have the right to take a revenges towords our suffering in our own land and even our ancestor can support us.

Nationalist November 2, 2015 at 10:44 pm

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I a agree with you in many things that you are saying, however our goals and objectives should address the question on how to create a new and effective system, federal, decentralized or whatever the people of South Sudan will call it that will ensure rule of law, not hating, excluding and discriminating against others, this will not work at all. You know, if you carefully analyze the issues you will find that almost all the problems we are facing in South Sudan can be solved by establishing rule of law problem like land grabbing, looting, killing, raping, discrimination in employment, corruption, mismanagement, miss use of public finance …name them. Therefore, the efforts of all the people who love this country (regardless of the tribe) should be: to create a system where the constitution and rule of law is respected by all; and whoever breaks the constitution and the law should face the consequences, no one is immune. Finally, I want to congratulate you for forming this body and I will be communicating with you through the email you provided to share more thoughts.

Dengg November 8, 2015 at 6:33 am

Finally we have a comment from a reasonable person.There will never be a powerful opposition to topple the current government since all the opposition are tribal based. Equatorians feel comfortable playing the role of victims and dwelling in fantasies. Just because I wish to have a million doesn’t mean I’ll get it. I must plan and work for it. Unfortunately the issue of equatorians goes beyond peaceful reforms i think. Its just pure hatred. Their regions are better serviced than the rest of the country. I’m from Lakes state and there is no other state neglected(tolertated lawlessness) like us but I understand that the problem is the SPLM. The equatorians must decide if their main problem is Dinka then they should come out and ask for independence from South Sudan, its their RIGHT after all.


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