Why Madman President Kiir resist to the establishment of Federal form of government

By Gatkek Kuajien Chuol,


Salva Kiir wearing traditional attires in Budi county(photo: via SSCCIA)
Salva Kiir wearing traditional attires in Budi county(photo: via SSCCIA)

August 22, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — It has been experience of many countries that have undergone the same turmoil as the one that rocked our young nation Republic of South Sudan that federal form of government could really be an antidote to health the poise that affected them. We can cites many countries as we wished in which the prominent is Federal State of Somalia which its feature is taken from the nearer state of Ethiopia and it turned out now as bless than curse as many critic who oppose to it establishment claimed to be. When the ideas of introducing federal form of government was proposed and revealed to peoples of the republic of South Sudan, it has met a lot of acceptance from almost the majority of the country’s populous with the exception to only the home states of the then president who resisted to its introduction due to fear of losing its omnipotence power that led to the cause of this crisis. It been a passion for the pro government since the December massacre to legitimize their acts by citing the name of the Constitution which is something I seen as the Constitution itself is one cause or among many causes for the current crises. Many people who object for the establishment of federal system argues by raising the ideas in which federal system is bad example to South Sudan because it will drag as a part and loose our coexistent in unity. But I see it in the opposite by the fact that if the status-quo is not changed or something is not done to it, our grip that is holding us together will keep growing apart.

When we have a glimpse on the history book, how the Constitution which is the major law of the land, the voice of the peoples or sovereignty of the people as always been dubbed, this saying could sound legal than moral. If we see how Constitution turned out as the main cause to the country’s destruction, you can take Germany as an example in which its the constitution that led to the killing of millions Jews and others minorities in Germany, the 1955 constitution of the Empire of Ethiopia that led to revolution that led to the down fall of the Emperor Haile Selasie from power who monopolise the country’s power and wealthy to his relatives and others elites in his government, the Egyptian Constitution framed by the Muslim brotherhood under the guidance of the president Muhammad Mursi after the revolt that led to the down fall of the then president Hosni Mubrak and many more. These are all bad example of the Constitutions that only served the interest of only some but not all. St. Aquistine said, an unjust law is no law at all. Which mean everyone have a right to resist to a laws that does not goes in line with the essence or ideas of equality and human dignity by whatever mean. The idea of majority rule cannot be used as a mean to swipe and eradicate the minority because it’s not the majority that led to legitimization of laws and ideas but our consciences which identified what is morally wrong and right. This is the trick that is existing in the realm of many legal system in which it’s essential to use the law to give legitimacy to the state action and erode the power of groups reverse to it.

South Sudan is multi-ethnic Country which deserves to be treated in fair and equal manner through the inclusive federal system of administration. This ideology of Monyjangism propagated by our president should not serve any purpose. There is nowhere in the world where there exist 64 ethnics in the country in which the country’s president can try to swallow all the rest of 63rd of the ethnics and only acknowledge one which is the ethnic he belong. “One nation one people” which is the main theme of Mr. President can do no good to our Country. Its said that multi-ethnic societies can survive only if all respective groups within the polity feel themselves as winners.

One may not cite properly what was the cause of the current crisis. Some may contend that the cause is political which in fact is not. They can try to hide the main cause but no matter what they do, it can still re-emerge. Some may say the cause is national oppression, others contend that the conflict is merely political, not ethnic, as the bone of contention is state power. But all have a bit contribution to it in which the major cause as I see it is the notional oppression. We can denied it no matter how disgusting it is, still the reality can be seen because it is pragmatic not ideals.

No matter what Mr. President and its tribe’s men are doing or planning or whatever logic they are trying to play, they have a big hand in what will result to the failure of this nation.

In a nutshell, however, it could be stated that the state failure could be analyzed in terms of failing to build a multicultural state (which touches all spheres of the state, political power, resources, identity and language issues) from all the diversities that the modern state has brought together and the relevance of federalism as an idea for forging unity out of diversity springs from this.

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