Why blaming foreigners, when South Sudan is an open trading center for them:

By David Lony Majak:


These are foreigners collecting water from the river Nile since 2000- 2014 in juba city.(Photo credits: supplied)

September 17, 2014(Nyamilepedia) —  South Sudanese; there is no reasons why we could blamed foreigners today since south Sudan is an open market foreigners especially the East African community. The decision taken to burned foreigners to leave the country is a great ideal decision if at all they will make a thoroughly follow-up. When you look at the picture above, there is no sign of development to be play by foreigners in south Sudan while collecting unpurified water from the river which mean no contribution completely. Taking matook to south Sudan also contributions baseless means of international trading internationally but by the reason of undermining south Sudanese, they do transport an taxable and smuggling goods to south Sudan markets.

I hope our problems in south Sudan are not a lack of some people to get unhealthy waters from the Nile; we were indeed in need of diplomatic supports which may help south Sudanese to catch up with the world standard of doing things, policies and the system as well to govern the country. If I may ask those stupid East African people, what do South Sudan as a country benefit from them in term of diplomatic support?.South Sudan’s government officials are the one which brought these messes where foreigners were given too much freedom while working in government institutions.

Therefore; in Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda and among others, where could one find south Sudanese citizens working in government institutions of the stated countries, accept our Embassies. Some do pretended to be consultants in South Sudan when they were brokers, houses maids, cleaners in their countries of origin, why do we hated ourselves and give chances to foreigners which has no connection with south Sudanese resources. They are even more brokers than just a brokers in the streets including their leaders, there is nothing they can do without being paid for by the south Sudanese government. The idea of joining them and to be part of East African community is just a waste of time and resources, what are they doing currently concerning south Sudan’s ongoing war. All of us have witnessed who they are. As I put it across before that; we need not to blame foreigners because our internal selfishness has caused so many destructions from the beginning. South Sudan’s government is giving much trust to East African leaders when in fact they are just mocking our leaders, this means our government and its top officials knows nothing at all about the game being played by foreigners in south Sudan. Should we be a salves under different community without rights and privileges in South Sudan, if so what shall the coming generations do in south Sudan. Today when I watched news in Uganda’s TVs showing how Ugandan parliamentarians reacted over a separate state’s presidential decree issued by the head of state and passed by its parliamentarians, I really felled shocked of their abusive words using against south Sudanese and their government.

Also there is one thing which have been misunderstood by our top politicians and their close friends from East African regions that south Sudan have got a good number of highly educated people with divine qualifications from different fields of studies but being betrayed by their government from the starting point of CPA- comprehensive peace agreement in 2005.I personally believed in the previous history of struggles between the two countries, Southerner Sudan the then and Sudan. During the longest war in Africa (South Sudan and Sudan’s civil war), Uganda, Kenya and the rest never sent their battalions to help south Sudanese fight Arabs. We need to learn, to open our eyes now and after south Sudan’s ongoing conflict because other countries like Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia do not consider our national Identity.

The author can be reached at delonymajak@gmail.com

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