By Simon Tongyik Dahel,


Simon Tongyik Dahel(photo: Dahel)
Simon Tongyik Dahel(photo: Dahel)

June 06, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The so call G11 groups had clearly revealed their intention finally. The groups composed of Pagan Amum former SPLM Secretary General, Deng Alor Kuol former secretary or rather Minister of cabinet affairs, John Luk Joack Ruach former Minister of justice, Kosti Manibe Nguay from Minister of Finance and Majak Deng Agot former deputy of Defense they have conducted a secret deal with President Kiir according to highly reliable sources in Ethiopia that had confirm it that they have reached unanimous deal.

The nature of deal involved the reinstallation of Pagan into his previous position has a secretary general of SPLM and the rest of the members should be given or reappoint in ministerial position in order to deny Riek Machar a support to ongoing peace initiatives.

For sure, we all aware that, the mess up currently in Juba during SPLM let government, G 11, were a part of it. Their secret meeting held in Addis with Kiir was not a new thing and should not surprise people who are running to find solution to the ongoing crisis instigated by dictator regime of Salva Kiir. We do know for certain from day one that, the so call G 11 may come up with such a plan, beside what was stated by Pagan Amum during his long statement that Killing of Nuer should not be the issue that should let to war and destroyed South Sudan. Also, Majak Deng Agot stated very clear thus that, he is a member of Tuch and Killing of Nuer should not be an issue to arm youth to fight the government let by Kiir which is a member of Tuch Dinka.

However, those two individuals are among those who instigate the war base of on their corruption, nepotism and tribalism that been officially institutionalized in the system on Kiir regime.

Among those (75) officials who were accused for malpractice of Four Billions dollars in Juba, Pagan Amum were one accused for corruption and mismanagement. He also were accused for mismanaging thirty five million dollars that were allocated to SPLM national secretariat by President Kiir and the money were transferred to his own personal accounts by former Minister of finance Mr. Alzar Akuen and the money disappeared and he was taken to court for mismanagement were later on Kiir forgive him on unknown reason and the court were council.

During the general auditing chamber let by Mr. Undo chief auditing that were task to audit every institution in Juba, Mr. Pagan Amum Okec were allegedly accuse for having One Hundred Millions U.S dollars in his foreign personal account but nothing has been done by the government due to the fact that all are in the same boat and if the government let by Salva Kiir the most corrupted President around the globe decided to prosecuted Amum, the President is well aware that his secret would be expose by his secretary general who may have known his all secrets. As matter of fact, Mr. Amum proof his corruption after he bought a home of three millions dollar in Danvers State in United States of America to his wife for cash and now his own wife from Barh El gazal living there now in United States of America how could you imagine what kind of corruption is this? And not yet satisfy with what he did to the people of South Sudan and still looking for more money to embezzle.

Mr. Deng Alor kuol, was another most corrupt official given letter by Salva Kiir has indications of his being among those who misused taxes payer money. He was also being accused for transferring more than thirteen million dollars to his own accounts in Nairobi Kenya that he later on try to covered it up by saying that, the money were transferred base on the government request for the installation of fire system to the government building in case of fire. During the auditing chamber engagement, his account was spark up with multimillion dollar that uncounted for. As matter of fact, the man call Deng Alor Kuol, was the right hand man person of Salva Kiir during these years. In factual way, Deng Alor should not be a part of current government of South Sudan because base on the so called Comprehensive Peace Agreement,(CPA). Deng supposed to be excluded base on the three protocols sign during the peace talk in Naivash Kenya. The composition of protocols was South Sudan protocol, Abyia protocol and the Northerner protocol comprise of Nuba and Ingassa . Deng Alor should have no point to be appointing on the government of South Sudan because he is not a member or citizen of the South until they exercise their right through referendum that should determine their fat either became part of the South or remain in old Sudan. But because Salva Kiir assumes the presidency of the South Sudan and he is Dinka, he decided to appoint those of Abyia, without consent of South Sudanese citizens. To me that is a real violation to the (CPA) and to the right and liberty of people of South Sudan and appointment of Deng Alor is in question base on my best judgment.

Regarding John Luk Joack Ruach, he is the man who brought all this unimaginable catastrophic and suffering to people of South Sudan. During the review of so called interim constitution, we were members of constitutional review and John Luk Joack were the one who dictated everything. Every member on that constitutional review was deny input by John Luk and until all members walk out from the meeting room and he went ahead giving all powers to Salva Kiir including the dismissal of the Vice President hopping that, he should be appoint by Kiir if he dismiss Dr. Riek Machar. However, goes around comes around. During the crisis, John Luk Joack was the one dismissed by President Kiir which is an indication that you cannot make a deal with an evil and survive. The interim constitution was a one man show, all authority was handover to President Kiir that was why nowadays Kiir is using fails quotation verses’ from that interim constitution that was intentionally make to developed his dictator tendency against people of South Sudan. Therefore, john Luk Joach had to blame and accountable for it and face a Judgment regardless what.

On the issue of Majak Deng Agot, is similar to Nhial Deng Nhial who was member of political bureau with Dr. Riek Machar who was opposing President Kiir styles on the reviews of SPLM constitution from guerrilla to democratic system. Nhial Deng Nhiel was convent by President Kiir simple because he was a Dinka and pursued on aground that, the issue is tribal issues that feet Dinka and Nuer and he was promise to be given a post of peace initiatives between Kiir Dinka vs Riek Machar. Nhiel Deng Nhial devoices his support and decided to rejoin Kiir administration and he was sign to head the peace initiative in Ethiopia has a head of the team. During the long fight of Dr. Riek Machar on the release of the former detainee, Majak D. Agot decided to throw his support to President Kiir base on Dinka dimension. This behavior should not be taken as a surprise because it would never deter the achievement of fact and the real justice to prevail in nation of South Sudan.

The deal actually were reported in media by many sources including Salva Kiir himself, during his arrival in Juba International Airport, he indicated that he agreed with the former detainee and he invited them to come to Juba. Unfortunately, what surprising many is who really in charge within Presidency? Is it Kiir or Ateny Awek Ateny the greater liar in the whole world? Mr. Ateny Awek Ateny always whenever, there is a real report from the presidency is used to contradict the President report, I don’t know for sure if those who work in that office are all liars accept Ateny Awek Ateny the honest man?

As matter of fact, the leadership of President Kiir and his Gokrial Kitchens cabinets are not in a position to recognize or being representing the Republic of South Sudan. Dinka government completely has failed and this is the last kick of dying horse. They almost exiting and it is our responsibility kick them out from that respected over all office of that young nation.

President Kiir has already damaged the future of Dinka instead assuming hanging to power would make him like hero. What he did during his reign will never be forgotten by population of South Sudanese and nobody would ever attempt to vote in for any Dinka to become a president of that nation. President has absolutely Condon and institutionalized the corruption in to South Sudan governmental system in Juba. Insincere sense, all Dinak are acquainted or accustoms to corruption because in their culture, if you are not thief they assume that you are not a man at less if you are a professional that steel and committee crimes this where they praise you and calling you and hero.

Finally, the rogue government of Dinka is over and South Sudanese pure government that base on equality and justice shall be establish and the rule of law shall be apply to all men and women of all walk of lives and they shall be treated with an equal respect and descent equality and the liberty, peace and prosperity shall prevail in the young nation and the South Sudan shall be made for the betterment of all.


Simon Tongyik Dahel

A concern South Sudanese Citizen live in United States of America and

Could be reach with dahelnguth@gmail.com

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