Thoughts of the Month, Unity of Evil Must End in South Sudan.

By David Lony Majak


In this image taken from video, dead bodies lie on the road near Bentiu, South Sudan, on Sunday, April 20, 2014. The United Nations’ top humanitarian official in South Sudan, Toby Lanzer, told The Associated Press in a phone interview on Tuesday, April 22, 2014, that the ethnically targeted killings are “quite possibly a game-changer” for a conflict that has been raging since mid-December and that has exposed longstanding ethnic hostilities. There was also a disturbing echo of Rwanda, which is marking the 20th anniversary this month of its genocide that killed 1 million people. (AP Photo/Toby Lanzer, United Nations)

5th November, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The unity of evil makers in South Sudan is about to end, unbelievable crimes have been committed against humanity in south Sudan since the war broke out in mid December 2013.The evil makers who have united themselves against the democraticee and freedom seekers in these third world countries. Whereas Political manipulations amongst African leaders is the order of the day from Genesis one and including the dead African leaders. Why should we believe in human destructions rather than human constructions as mechanism of resolving our internal challenges amicably?

The problem of evil is one that affects all of us in South Sudan. We see honest people enter politics only to be completely corrupted by a system which calls bribes campaign contributions and the balance of power filibustering, case study of 2010 general elections. It is rare to find a politician honest enough to pay a compliment to the other side, and an unwillingness to admit truths that the other side may have means that lies are being told by both sides. Reflects this to South Sudan media hawkers instead media spokespersons which have created defaults information.

Nothing sweeter than whom they were yesterday and we today; we must stop looking at the outside, at colors and other such things. If you peel off the skin of a dog, its flesh will look the same as that of a deer. If you peel off the skin of a pig, its flesh might look like that of a goat. And again if you kill innocent living human beings in a cold blood, can you eat their fleshes as part of human burial in any society?.Those who died in recent centuries and of yesterday can never be the same in term of remembering their vacuums. The victims are the living one, but can the dead be considered as well and who to revenge in case they raise to live unknowingly in future, (human disaster).

You may not even be able to tell the difference between the flesh of an animal and the flesh of a child. All flesh is the same color, only the skin looks differently in one way or another, whether buried, burned, threw in water, and/or cooked. No matter what color a lampshade is, the light will still shine through. Light are always light, human beings can never be compared to animals in a real sense?.Truth and good qualities are the light in our hearts, and that light must shine within us although all black South Sudanese were born to opposed truth and reality in their lifetime.

Politic is being designed as a dirty game by incompetent politicians in Africa whereas in South Sudan by one way politicians who lacks flexibilities in politic, and this is the totally enormous political disagreements amongst the regimes. The problem we then have is the creation of overly intrusive governments and a slippery slope to dictatorship which none of us want. Where it will lead is anyone’s guess, but one question on all of our minds is, who will stop the potential for evil in government as government tries to stop the potential for evil in the rest of us?. The unity of evil created by unpleasing evil makers is about to come to an end but when, the question is who shall in future restore the trust amongst they. This is a bone throwed to those who do not think near their noises to analysis it but in distance regardless of your origin and tribe.

The author can be reached at delonymajak@gmail.com

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