This is not a “bad” peace agreement Mr. President because it silents the gun

By Changkuoth Gem Panyuan


South Sudanese members of prisoners of war and political detainees holding hands after their release in Juba, South Sudan(Photo: file)
South Sudan President Salva Kiir attends a South Sudan peace meeting as part of talks to negotiate an end to a civil war that broke out in 2013, in Khartoum, Sudan June 25, 2018. REUTERS/Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah

February 14th 2019 (Nyamilepedia) –  South Sudan is looking for a purely South Sudanese strategy as the only mean for uniting the people of South Sudan.  The South Sudanese people’s agenda for peaceful South Sudan and sustainable development is largely influenced by the common South Sudanese position on the vote for independence of South Sudan state which came as a negotiated settlement by Sudanese parties in ending the 21-year old civil war.

The government of Sudan based in Khartoum government was the first to accept the outcome of the Southern Sudan Referendum conducted on January 9th 2011.

Just only two years after independence, the ruling SPLM party plunged the country back to war and two years later,  a peace agreement was signed in August 2015. President Kiir who later dishonored the agreement referred to the deal as a “bad” deal that he only signed under duress.

The agreement collapsed a year later only for the dead peace agreement to be revitalized in 2018. The revitalized peace agreement led to decline in hostile actions between the parties  by 75%. Join peace celebrations were conducted in Juba and else where in the country and peace dissemination is ongoing involving all the signatories of the agreement and the UN mission in South Sudan have said political violent has declined as result of this peace agreement.

Yet – as we speak of successes in the peace agreement – President Kiir insists that this peace agreement is a bad peace.

What peace does Salva Kiir want to be called a good peace if it should not be peace that stops warring not to fight? South Sudanese Leaders’ bad peace is good for its suffering people and restoration of this already fragile state.

Through this opinion, the writer analyze that Mr. President is not informed on how South Sudanese need their country to be. To be clear on the agenda of how we want South Sudan to be, below is the short note to have clue on it.

The South Sudan We Want

  1. Balancing system of governance (Giving state to nations and leaders stand as servant)

When we say governance balance, is when citizens own their government and their leaders stand us the servants to the people. The governance balance is shown when there is a quality leadership.

To be familiar with quality leadership, it mean public figure stand as a servants to people and the publics goods are managed reasonably where the nations exercise in free and fair right as well as stable economic environment.

This governance balance carry with it State peace and Security where the safety of civilians is granted from any threat. It also carry with it public employment opportunity, youth and women empowerment, development and respect of human right.

To balance this system, leaders should first focus on balancing State culture with world interaction challenge (globalization). By this equation, the fruit of African democracy is met and we say governance is balanced

  1. Balancing South Sudan culture with globalization

Direct democracy was first discovered in Africa in which South Sudan is the home to traditional pure democracy [more study—–] before the birth of Christ. African democracy is something that needs understanding and study first before African could adopt both the direct and indirect democracy abroad.

In my village, I have seen these two types of democracy (direct and indirect) practiced traditionally. Leading, first request norm and customs, these two are the element of culture.

To be frank, unstudied globalization practice is the only challenges that lost African democratic culture specifically South Sudan where one can buy V.8 automobile car with public money without securing insurance for it and parking lot.

This eye closed practice develops selfish civilizations which keep cultural incorporation away from the current situation. Interaction needs study, this mean the practitioners could stay well informed toward globalization while respecting the goodness of their home culture.

  1. Youth and Women Empowerment

Youth and women are the vulnerable parties who have been ignored in development and leadership in South Sudan. Youth are being used only to fight on behave of their politicians without employment opportunities and leadership involvement while women are being considered only at home affair.

The South Sudan we want needs to be South Sudan for all including women and youth. By involving women in decision making both at home and leadership affair as also as youth in nation building, the South Sudan we want strategy should be attended.

  1. Economics Balance and Resources Mobilization

South Sudan’s attending for the final peace should be masterminded when the economics status of country as the whole is stabilized; when the South Sudan resources are mobilized at 90% to help fund the way to main goal (peace).

The South Sudan problem is because South Sudanese by them-selves only believes in change and fund grant by European Union, Troika, China and so on. They do not believe in South Sudanese change and solution.

To conclude my opinion, I am confident that ‘’The South Sudan We Want’’ could never be achieved without paying due attention to the above four point.

The author, Changkuoth Gem Panyuan, is a concerned South Sudanese who can be reached via: cheagem@gmail.com.

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