There are good, the bad and the ugly!

By Kuoth Deng Bayak,


South Sudanese youth celebration the independent of South Sudan (Photo: Equatoriansun)
South Sudanese youth celebration the independent of South Sudan (Photo: Equatoriansun)

July 1, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — 1-I am relaying the way the South Sudanese act on their journey since the revolutionary starting point the strangers, or migrants to the land of Sudan most of the people of Sudan such as Nubian, Funi and Fur were not suspicious the most, but South Sudanese are one want to deal with outsiders as well as insiders of those who come across their land and there are fighters for defending and those who give up for slavery even in their own land are taken captives to the near or farther land. that is why they became suspicious which led them to rebelled against, Turkey, British and lastly Arab invasion in the north toward South of Sudan and I am not going to the detail on how we were good, bad and ugly on those systems, I mentioned above particularly the Turkey and British due to the fact that I am going to make more a research and come back at you, but I will say some about Sudan in whole and apart.

2-This triggered the formation of Anyanya 1 in the Equartorians region of South Sudan and that was because we had no trust with those of Arab of North Sudan due to the fact that we differ in religion, light skin and aggressively want to convert or take the land by force and for South Sudanese it was good and also when South Sudanese fought for those issues and it was good even though there are errors in the journey we went through it and that was the right thing to do to claim your rights. And fighting has many ways to do so, and there was saying “there are many ways to go to Indian, and these are by air, sea, and land” When the Europeans prolonging trades with India for so long and eager to make it more sufficient in everything out of that land and indeed they did it.

3-As we move forward fighting to claim our rights as South Sudanese the Anyanya 1 happened to signed a peace agreement in Addis Ababa ,Ethiopia in 1972 paved the way to get autonomy government of three regions of South Sudan namely Bhar el Gazal ,Equartoria,and Upper Nile to rule themselves, but in the unity government of Sudan there were biases or procrastration of the government of Sudan and that lead the Southerners back to the bushes in 1974 one year after the agreement since there were nothing agreed were implemented and they the southerners still thirsty and they were right, there is no share of wealth,power,social issues, and religions issues to mention few of those which were regretful for Southerners to sign 1972 Addis Ababa peace agreement to quick and collapse soon.

4-So South Sudanese who went to the bushes since 1974 formed Anyanya 2 which had been roaming for 9 years fighting the Sudan government for equal right distributions in the country, before the SPLA/M was born and it was good that keeping their dream of having a massive movement of all Southerners by forming SPLM/A.

5-Ok here come the bad parts actually Southerners are not organized and there are pros and cons in their midst when the SPLA/M had been formed there were disagreements on chain of command and that brought many unwanted issues of fighting each other in the bushes while the common enemy is waiting or invading till and one the high command Samuel Gai Tut was assassinated and should had been done by the common enemy than ourselves since we fought equally for our rights in Sudan generally speaking ,I was thinking ok now we were fighting for our rights and fight ourselves and it is illusions because when we finish ourselves the enemy will enter to do more mess than we think.

6-That was the starting point of my view and to rule ourselves must not be the way we want to finish ourselves and perish or gone by the wind and also doing it to those who are brave, heros and the like while we claiming our rights from untrusted brothers and sisters from North Sudan in which finally given us that or those rights. Which was/is also bad &ugly in our governing system now and we should refrain from those bad and ugly habits as long as we are ruling ourselves.

7-And I am pointing my finger to government of South Sudan elements and including the president who’s claimed that he was elected democratically and then why he acts like totalitarian,authoritarian,and dictatorial ruler and so how do I say this? In democratic countries you should rule yourself in your state, county, payam, banning decrees, and stopping stiff finger of president pointing to anyone for abusive act. I know Dr.John Garang was smart enough by saying “we will take towns to the villages and not villages to the towns and but now it is misquoted by many in the government and the statement was clear, but unfortunately so far the elites who lead the country just made people to plunged to Juba than requesting Juba to bring us towns to our villagers and that was bad too president and the elements of the government.

8-The process of peace agreement in 20005 was being followed by many of us in Diasporas closely hoping that we actually can get our own statehood rule ourselves and even though many of us had a memories horror back home, our hope is that one day we will go back and build our dreamed nation of South Sudan but we the diasporas are being despised exclusively while our joy was to have that statehood and use it for all of us no single a community has a right, just pluralism is the expectations from many of us and that is the one of the bad part in the system of our governing body and sometimes that is ugly too. And I want to ask Mr.Kiir these questions. during 2005 peace agreement we the South Sudanese did not forced the Sudan government to signed peace agreement with us but it was international community pressure both on the Sudan government and Movement/Army in the bushes, and as well the referendum time was the same and so far as well as independent of South Sudan, why do some of us and among us claimed that they were the one fighting for independent and many died from their community and in my view who do I think is excluded and if any tribe, but may be Nuer tribe have never fought the war and that is why they were being targeted in Juba for the purpose of not being participating at war with Sudan government. That is bad and ugly in the face of everyone of our nation and around the world.

9- We the South Sudanese have rights to say no to anyone who is not making the rules and regulations right and we showed during 2005 peace agreement, refendum time, and independent period there were a massive support anywhere we live in the world, but expectations and implementations are absentees’ ballets. Are we a government by accident?, and this is due to the fact that there were an introduction of humiliations, intimidations, exclusions, and butchering by government of you Mr.Kiir and that too was/is ugliest of all.

To me I am saying that we have a few good in our midst and some bad and mostly being ugly with each other before our common offenders and while we doing so we have to do these like kidneys in the body that it balances the body and take out the wastes so far. So to say this and cut it short is that during referendum, independent we were good a little, but after independent even though it was good as we have a government the bad things happens and was too soon to do so.

  • 10-It was bad when you in the power thought that it is ok to have nepotism, corruption, unconstitutional, undemocratic, tribalism, regionalism, and the like to show that to the world, we are not capable to govern ourselves. Look here Mr. killer Kiir we don’t have time to praise nepotism, corruption, unconstitutional, undemocratic, tribalism, and regionalism and I thought we are taking our rest time for now, and when you are the head you have to make a strategic plan and you became blind on that Mr., Killer Kiir, and so, let me acquainted you with system, that an example of the body is one but has many functions and body organization has many systems and there are cells, systems, tissues, and organs. And of those body organizations are need to function together as state even though each one of them is different. Now you decrees some red lights in which if anyone come across them it’s an issue for you too and red light is set with stable rules and regulations that needed to be reinforced by the government. such as regulations of political arenas where as you already disagreed or may disagree with people continuously and when it come to military action you voluntarily bring the foreign forces to fight for you. In this case don’t set any more red lights because I see this continue like this, one day will be self setting red light for you Kiir without caution and time will tell.
  • 11. Look another coup attempt or red light you set for three greater Equatorial state governors to assassinate them all one by one, that means that you fence yourself off from being a president of the country, by having the greater Equatorial states, greater Upper Nile states and some two greater Bhar El gahazal states in trouble. And I know that one of the South Sudan high command from North Bhar El gahazal state Dau Aturjong is not going to leave you alone due the fact that he was trying to approached you democratically, on how he can have some input in the system of the government and your gesture was hey, hey, hey trouble maker just leave me alone and he was alone but now he is not alone and he will go after you. The only ugly thing is just set up a redline for everyone of South Sudanese for something you can resolved easily and politically that redline made anyone run everywhere in South Sudan state and so now the ball is in your palace and you better run for your life and the fact of the matter is you have no extinguisher to put off that burning fire toward your palace and if you let everyone run including yourself, this is the ugliest of all for you and also you painted your true color on the wall for everyone in the South Sudan, Africa and indeed the world at large.

The author, Kuoth Deng Bayak, can be reached at bkuothdeng@yahoo.com

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