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By Rigoberto Modi.


The president of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni and Salva Kiir of South Sudan celebrating the 4th independent anniversary of South Sudan(Photo: supplied)
The president of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni and Salva Kiir of South Sudan celebrating the 4th independent anniversary of South Sudan(Photo: supplied)

July 13, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —  Back in 1855, used the infamous Unholy alliance to describe the destabilizing alliance between Western European and the Turkish Empire against the interest of Russia, Greece, and the Balkan States. Later it referred to Ribbentrop-Molotov pact against Poland, which sparked off the Second World War.

At the moment, as far as South Sudan is concerned, there is this unholy alliance between Salva Kiir and Museveni. I am not sure Ugandans see it as such. The area of concern is how the brothers and sisters in Northern Uganda view this alliance. It goes without saying that the people in Equatoria and those in Northern Uganda share a common history, but also are tied by blood. And in fact if there is any relationship between Uganda and South Sudan, the people in Northern Uganda and Equatoria are the bridge that made it possible for a substantial relationship to exist.

It is substantial in the sense that there is sharing of common culture and ethnic lineages as opposed to finding ourselves merely living side by side. This is not meant to delink the people of Northern Uganda from their compatriots in the South, West and East of the country. In fact quite to the contrary.

Those who know history a bit will agree that the Bayoro Kingdom provided the link between north, south and West of the country.   So it is a natural relationship that eases out in a seamless fashion. The people in Equatoria are the same people as in Northern Uganda and the people in Northern Uganda have a natural tie with Banyoro and they in turn have a natural link with the rest of the continent-wide Bantu Communities. In this way, we are all connected and beautifully African all the way to South Africa, however each ethnic individualities needs to and must be conserved not destroyed through imperialisms. Our nationhood is not at the expenses of annihilation of other ethic groups for the benefit of solidifying foothold of a single tribe. The point of linkage is always natural and substantial, interdepended and mutual, a symbiotic relations.

So you our friends in Uganda should begin to know this unholy alliance has a purpose. It could be the fate of Northern Ugandans and Equatoria people. This set is substantial enough to claim recognition in the politics of the Great Lakes area. Some people who work on zero sum theory will see this as a threat because the people in the area have a strong identity. Characteristically they are strong, patient and technologically abled.

The iron technology was use here for centuries and how to extract red iron oxide was also used here for a long time. That created a link with the Bantu because people here sell the red ‘oka’. They possessed the knowhow of how to extract it. But God has given all of us wisdom so that we can live together and create a wed of interdependence.

The problem we are now facing is the drive to dominate others, the predatory insatiable desire to robe others worse of their nationhood to include even ancestral lands, which are the very soul of African persons. This colonial and malicious drives are wrong, has caused the current destructions and will lead to total failed state if those who invent it insist on this ideology.

History has shown us again and again attempts to build on the ideology of imperialism are totally wrong and counterproductive and have yet to succeed anywhere. The Nazi tried and it failed miserably. The Fascist tried it and it equally failed. The Brits did it in a mild way, but soon realize it is not going to work. Why not examine our very own history with the Jalabas who have tried, killed, starved our people to death, numbering in millions, but ultimately miserably failed. The graveyards of history are full of imperialists and their victims but importantly their ideologies also!

Mahatma Gandhi, the man Churchill called the half-naked Fakhi proved undoubtedly no amount of weapon can change the resolve of a people. Examples of such are endless.

But appeal to our sisters and brothers in Northern Uganda are that this unholy alliance is against us all including you. Especially for my friends in the army, do not act on the basis of orders. You are a moral being. Don’t do what goes against your conscience. You cannot hurt your own people. This is now a clear principle based on Nuremberg and Rwanda. A lot has been written about it that it is not enough to say I acted on orders. Your moral compass is respected and to not hurt your own people because of two leaders whose moral probity is highly questionable.

This same appeal applies to our man in the uniform from both sides of the warring parties, do not kill Civilians just because the leaders above you say so, this are your people no matter from which 64 tribes they are from. Without them there is no South Sudan for you to be an army of.

At one point Uganda was applauded when it stop genocide in Rwanda. That was good. But now, Uganda is supporting a government who carried out genocide, a fact only denied by Kiir and those who actually participated in the genocide directly of indirectly. It is like 180-degree turn by the very same Ugandan government. Why such a seeming metamorphosis? If Uganda followed her track record in Rwanda, it could have reacted on the right side and would have held its moral authority; perhaps it could have brought the two brothers together instead of driving them too far apart, as is the case now. It is either you are one time on the right side of history and later on the wrong side. But it cannot be both.

For a politically astute person like Museveni, the only reason this turn around happened is the intent for Northern Uganda to be captured and kept under foot. Whatever form it will be captured in, we do not know. But in South Sudan we shall hold our own and stand up.

You our brothers and sisters know what is happening in Yei, Morobu, Kaya, Nimule, and Juba. Some of you are badly treated while visiting our country in cities and towns like Juba, Yei, and Bor etc. This has to stop. When it will not stop, it is going to affect the whole region of Equatoria. Your own future is at risk just like ours. We are all connected.

Do you remember the story of Banyanya? Those are people north of Karuma. We are open for discussions and working together for peace. You are also treated in the same way because people fear you. They should not because we have proved again and again we are not hostile or expansionist or imperialists.

In fact as Nilots we prefer purity of blood. If anybody comes from another community we don’t hide their identity neither do we forcefully assimilate nor denies them the privilege to become one of us but it is all at free will of the individuals, this is what is lost in the current paradigm in Equatoria.

Let us work with you to see the Great Lakes change. Should we sit down and allow this to continue? Must we forget, a government comes and goes but the people stay and are here forever to endure? If the people endure is not the questions, if the ruler dies is a matter of time, but critically is how badly damaged and torn apart its people are left by such villainous and unscrupulous leaders is the question and the answer to such is in the hands of “we the people”.

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Editorial Team.


Elijah Samuel July 13, 2015 at 8:15 pm

Mr. Modi,
Your thoughts are clear an scicint! This unholy alliance indeed shall come to an end for these two old faarts are close to death even from old age alone!

For those who doubt Museeveni is the evil behind Kiir, Look at how he is treating his own parties members even from his tribe who desires to run for next years elections. He has his followers arrested and killed, He has ameba ahrrassed! What is happening in Uganda is exactly a replay of South Sudan of 2013.

If the Nuer did not have the ability to fight back, the rest of south sudan could be just suffering humiliations without response as is now happening in Uganda. All south Sudanese must thank Dr. Riek Machar! If the Kiir and crooks do not like Machar who cares. Do not make mistake to think all Dinka do not like Machar, is Madam Garang etc not Dinka?

This unholy alliance will end, ” Bunia wa Salud”

ALONEWOLF July 14, 2015 at 4:45 am

Mr Elijah
don’t tell us to thanks Riek for what? for rebelling against the government and the people of south Sudan to bring death on the street of south sudanes cities ,towns and villages, I’m sorry for those people like you who tells south sudanes to thanks Riek Machar for their suffering and death . who like Riek Machar? do you think Nyadeng Atem like Riek Machar? if she do, maybe she was confused by the Grang boys thinking that when we support Riek and we may get some opositions back when they got layed off from government.


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