The surprised question directing to the so call, genocide president of South Sudan Salva kiir.

By Peter Chot Deng,


Source: Monkee-B Blog
Source: Monkee-B Blog

August 27, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Mayidit about the reason that, why the Dr Salva Kiir were declared the war to 
fight with late chairman of SPLM/A Dr John Garang and while he know that peace 
has been negotiated with the government of Khartoum?

This article pointed out that to Salva Kiir to be a open mind if you are 
stilling memorising what brought the word of war between you and late Dr John 
and not just blame the others people on for their argument to you, like the 
George Athor Deng Dut, David Yau Yau, Bapiny Monytuel, late general Gatluak Gai, Johnson Oliny, Dr Dau Atorjang, Peter Adhuraman Sule, Dr Lam Akol,

Right now SPLM/ A in Opposition Army Resistance, Freedom Fighters 2013 – 2014 leader by Dr Riek Machar.

Please think for good strategy that could bring the peace between you and 
SPLM/A in Opposition and leave the war out that all SPLM/A in O want you to address the route causes the genocide that known as ethnics cleansings in Juba on 15 – 29 Dec 2013 up to 2014.

According to my understanding on that impunity created by tribalism influences of Salva Kirr “South Sudan will not be the same again Dr Majack A Got” said that no one on this world to choices the brothers or sisters, Mums, Dads, Uncles and Aunts South Sudanese president Ugandan people to be closes relatives to invited to come into tribal internals war to cleansings the Nuer civilians out from their home, should be questions to Kirr and all Dinka intellectuals and theirs elders because they keep silences for long times to advocated for peace?
Q. Do they want the country to be divided based on Greater Upper Nile Region, Greater Baher El Ghazal Region and Greater Equatoria Region?
Q. If not, what they want? Let them come up for the reasons to address the rout causes the ethnics’ cleansings in Juba.
Please make sure that people of south Sudan they observing the Dinka leaders, if they are just 
pretending that you are peace lover and while you don’t know how to maintain 
the problem between Dinka with other tribes in South Sudan.

Dinka intellectuals must think about these & through the perspective of a human being rights at the moments and also must know the basic rights that all HUMAN BEINGS should have, regardless of their gender, race, disability, ethnic background, creed, religion, or sexuality.


No human being should ever be made to feel disparaged or be treated in a harsh 
manner just because of the persons skin colour, race, religion, ethnic 
identity, gender, sexuality, disability, or for their political beliefs.

Nobody should have the right to treat others in a tacky manner for the reasons 
mentioned above and all human beings deserve dignity no matter what.

According to my understanding to Dinka cultural who every bodies on the childhoods instruct as born to rules the others tribal in South Sudan and that mentality it route causes of this war look like between Nuer and Salva Kirr groups based study of this genocide on 15 – 29 Dec 2013 at Juba  and Kirr created the tribal war to win back all Dinka based on olds concepts born to rules.

These above are the basic rights that every human being should have. All human beings 
deserve these basic rights and they don’t have their rights, they need to 
fight for it. Salva Kirr and Dinka intellectuals must understand that Nuer people have rights to resistances the UPDF, Kirr forces, JEM, M23 rebels, SPLM/A N Sudan rebels because there no others choices do, based on massacred who take place in Juba.

True theory we will not allow Uganda to rule this country behalf of oil money and no matter of the costs, Nuer will risks theirs lives for resistances because; 
Nobody can take your dignity or your rights away from you– if anyone does, 
give them the boot in the face.

Peter Chot Deng sends this article to let the South Sudanese politicians to 
understand what the human being needs to fight for.

For rurther information and comments reaches the author at peterchot2008@gmail.com

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