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By Tugul Nyak Diew,

The SPLM leaders signing the Intra-Party Agreement to reunite the SPLM in Arusha, Tanzania(Photo: SPLM/Nyamilepedia)
The SPLM leaders signing the Intra-Party Agreement to reunite the SPLM in Arusha, Tanzania(Photo: SPLM/Nyamilepedia)

Oct 25, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– As much as I dislike President Salva Kiir misguided policies and the hatred he displayed toward those whom he is not belong, I respect the guy for standing up for what he believe in. Salva Kiir sincerely believes Dinka are born to rule and whoever dare to threat this inherited right must be eliminated once and for all. The self-appointed JCE did not just come out of a blue. It meant to guard the interest of the Jieng community and it leadership. It is up to us, we the citizens, to reject this destructive policy and illusion thinking that one tribe is better than the rest of the 63 tribes, and we did just that by rising up against his regime in 2013 when he unleashed his militiamen to go door to door to kill any non Dinka they could find.

Now, the only thing stand our way and the democratic ideals we all yawning for are those self-serving individuals namely: the so called SPLM/IO in Juba, former detainees (G10),National Democratic Movement (NDM) of Dr. Lam Akol, and National Salvation front (NSF) of General Thomas Cirlo who have nothing to stand for, but to undermining our efforts to unseat the failed regime in Juba for one own interests.

SPLM/IO in Juba

This group is the most destructive force in the country, and it is the one responsible for the ongoing violence, which driven thousands of citizens out of their homes to neighboring countries. It notorious leader, Taban Deng Gai and his followers are determined to ascend to power at all costs, even if it mean erasing the people of South Sudan on the face of the earth. The resumption of war in Juba on July 08, 2016, which led to the collapse of August 2015 peace agreement and assassination attempt of Dr. Machar at J1 was engineered by Taban group and his co-conspirant, JCE. In fact, Taban Deng and his partner in crime (JCE) already prepared the burial of Dr, Machar before he even set foot in Juba because they thought he would never have escaped death again for the second time. The current regime offensive in Equatoria, Greater Akobo, and greater Maiwut is a JCE project and Taban group was put in charge to oversee the overall operation. JCE successfully betrayed this current offensive operation by Taban group, which caused a lot of destruction in term of human life and properties as an internal dispute between the SPLM/IO, while it’s their mission being carried out and in return the Taban group would receive power recognition.

G10 group

G10 group, also known as SPLM-leaders, are the most incompetent, irresponsible, and self-serving politicians I ever witnessed. Prior to the war, these people were the government of South Sudan, but failed to use their political skills and let themselves being out smart by Salva Kiir Mayardit. If you may recall, SPLM leaders as they called themselves now were the ones who were beating the drum of war and the political destabilization in the country. When Salva Kiir acted they were just collected in streets like toys and put all of them behind bar. Later on, Dr. Machar secured their release by insisted that the SPLM leaders arrested by government of Salva Kiir must be released before any dialogue between his team and the government of South Sudan take place. Instead of rally behind the person who rescue them to fight their common enemy, the IGAD fooled them again. They were convinced that they would be better of to stay neutral, so when the Transitional Government of National Unity is formed they would be able to take the leadership role, since both Machar and Kiir are not needed by the international community and regional bloc. Due to their selfishness, they failed to realize that IGAD and Juba regime are more of the same and the goal for the IGAD was to protect Juba regime. Next thing we know, the group raised a white flag and surrendered to the very government they disowned in the first place. The regime happily awarded at least $17 million to them for reconsidering their position on the political discourse. In this case, the group lost moral authority and by accepting the bribe, it shown that they have no national agenda to start with in the beginning.


The leader of this movement, Dr. Lam Akol, does not have anything to offer in this current crisis. The reason he resigned from his position as minister of agriculture was to hijack the SplM/IO under the leadership of Dr. Machar. He thought Dr. Machar was not going to survive the relentless assault by the Juba regime, and Dr. Akol felt he would be the alternative to hold the movement together.


This group deeply concern about the on going violence in the country, especially in Equatoria region. The problem with this group is that it agenda is not a national agenda. It leader, General Thomas Cirlo, objective is to free Equatoria from what he perceived as mistreatment of Equatorians by Nuer and Dinka, but this is not a right strategy to pursue and it would never bring the conflict to an end. He would have to align himself first with the SPLM/IO under the leadership of Dr. Machar to fight the Juba regime who is committing most of the atrocities in the country.

In conclusion

We, the people of this great nation know that our government is killing us and constantly rapping our women daily, but we put our tribal identities first, which keep us hostage to these days. We must reject this kind of ideology for us to be free. We must not let these self-serving individuals divide us base on tribal lines. We must stand together in order to remove this very determined regime in Juba.

The author of this article is a concerned citizen and can he can be reached at tugulnydiew@gmail.com

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Stephen Dak October 28, 2017 at 6:03 am

Hi dear, Yes, it is very important that someone who is a people person is worth leading regardless of his tribe from the largest to smallest, they should all be in lead. But the saying that I sometimes read in the media that there are some who are born right to be in lead and that is a delusional thought. It is correct no denial some were born right to lead but not those. The false character can never carry one the real issue. Yes, the one who is the right one to rule still in silence until the right time come when he begins to demonstrate his wisdom and understanding and knowledge that his Lord gives him. Until then let the kids make the mess while adult try to clean it up.


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