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The July August 2013 Parliamentary Vetting out of Hon. Telar Ring Deng was Politically Motivated: You do not need an extra brain cell to know this.

By John Jong’o Upur,

Telar Ring Deng being sworn in as Salva Kiir's Legal Advisor(Photo: file)
Telar Ring Deng being sworn in as Salva Kiir’s Legal Advisor(Photo: file)

April 10, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— The lean government of 31st July 2013 is one of the commonly mentioned factors that triggered the current civil war. This would be an assumption, and/or factually substantial as the Addis Ababa peace talks trickled down to positions negotiations albeit the sung reforms that were cited by the former VP and his fellow affected politicians with eloquence and audacity.

The Vetting Committee, led by Hon. Abuk Papiti, the wife of Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba did not reject Mr. Deng because their resolutions were very clear in the words of ‘Telar Ring Deng being recommended by the Parliamentary Vetting Committee as highly qualified and experienced appointee’ among the President’s appointed ministers. (quote from the Vetting Committee report.) what exactly happened was a political move by the then Speaker to call for voting of the individual Minister for Justice as the then Speaker was also implicated by the same politicians with a propaganda of not being appointed by the President to be a Vice President; it was alleged to be an advisory role Hon. Telar Ring played in advising the President to select the current Minister for Health instead of the current VP. Our politics being crude and raw, the propaganda triumphed but later short lived when the truth emerged after the baby was thrown with the bathwater.

To substantiate on these unfounded allegations and particularly dwelling on the educational qualification of Telar Ring Deng, it is worth mentioning that the university replied to the legally inadequate lawyer of Nilain University Mr. Dong Samuel Luak that Mr. Deng graduated with his LLB (Second class honors) and LLM from Buckingham University, UK. For more information you can reach the school by writing to this email anne.matsuoka@buckingham.ac.uk Anne Matsuoka is working in the University Alumni Office. This is how academic discords are resolved worldwide: contact the educational institutions. It would not suffice to mention that any rumour about the academic backgrounds of an individual are just used for political and personal vilification and reputation tainting, but they also taint the reputation of the education institutions that train the person in question. Both are protected by law and that is why records are kept for references should any need arise.

Before his law degree Telar Ring Deng obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Political Science, University of New York at Stony Brook, USA, (Pre-Law Student). A bachelor degree in arts is the prerequisite to study law in Europe and the USA.

The political setup of our country is that all political positions are held by politicians not technocrats. If positions were held by the technocrats, all the politicians including those who vetted Hon. Telar Ring Deng out by then would not sit in the ministerial offices and other political offices in the country for some hold no documents except guns, tribal and regional representations. Half of the parliament was and is still illiterate or semi-literate as this article is being written.

Mr. Deng has a bar certificate from the Old Sudan and also a bar certificate of the New Sudan signed by Justice Ambrose Riiny Thiik, the Chief Justice of the New Sudan by then.

Mr. Deng work experience is of no doubt as well, just like his SPLA colleagues, he worked in the SPLA controlled areas as a distinguished military Officer with records.

With above elaborate and illustrative explanation, the intellectual community of the Republic of South Sudan, which is politically conscious, should be aware that Telar Ring Deng is academically qualified and experienced. Whatever was and is still labelled against him by the likes of impersonated Clement Mabor Andrew is a political witch hunt.

By interpretation, our Ministry of Justice headed by the former Minister of Justice before 2013 reshuffle had horribly failed to fight corruption. And the evidence is that the World Bank presented a report to the Ministry of Justice almost a year before the reshuffle of July 2013, and the former Minister deliberately shelved the report and declined to prosecute those who had been alleged to have done a massive corruption in that report. Mr. Deng was a right choice as the former Minister himself was and is a part of the curtailed up to date.

Anybody with blurry information about Mr. Deng’s qualification and experience should be satisfied with this information provided supra or else seek much more aid from the man himself or the educational institutions he passed through. The institutions still exist; instead the institutions have much more improved on records for their alumni with the latest technologies. (The Resume’ of Hon. Telar will be sent to you on demand soon)

The conduit used by the later known plotters (the SPLM/A-IO/FDs) of the current civil war was a one single man by name Dong Samuel Luak. Dong had wanted to be nominated as Justice Minister in the place his cousin John Luk. He thought that the ministerial positions where to be divided according to the ethnic grouping of the Republic of South Sudan, where he had to replace his cousin. He was at the forefront to falsely divulge and disseminate far and wide on social media and at the gossips mills of Juba. These propaganda machineries Dong extensively used are inclusive of the Journalist turned politician newsman: the then Citizen Newspaper Editor Nhial Bol Aken.

To be terse and to the point, Mr. Deng headed South Sudan Law Society for five years, where Mr. Samuel Dong was serving under him after he arrived as an earlier returnee from Khartoum to South Sudan in 2002. He was tutored in Arabic, a limited one as well due to his lack as an individual. Even the little English Samuel Dong speaks today, is a language assistance the Law Society led by Telar Ring rendered to Mr. Dong by sending him for short English courses to cope with the legal requirements in the legal fraternity of the Republic of South Sudan.

Paradoxically, it is the same Dong who was ringing the bell of ”Telar Ring Deng is not academically tutored in law.” The fact is; it is Mr. Dong who is not tutored in law because he does not know the legal implication of spreading false, baseless, and evidence lacking accusations and vilifying others at will.

The following were the reasons the National Assembly, Vetting Committee of 2013 vetted out Hon. Telar Ring Deng from the Cabinet;

Firstly, Hon. Telar Ring was a victim of those MPs and nominated MPs who wanted to shoot down the 2013 Cabinet reshuffle by also charging to anger the President to shame the close ally who was and still is Hon. Telar Ring. A political faithful like Telar Ring is a rare breed, you can’t trust politicians in the whole world for having shaky and fluid positions in every political situation, however, Hon. Telar Ring is a single-minded, predictable supporter of the system who does not stab his political team mate at the back in their presence or even in their absence.

There is wealth of evidence that cash money was paid for voting against Telar by most of the MPS who were also part of the Executive by then. This is one of the disadvantages of the system that made it possible to have two spheres of government powers vested in an individual; i.e. being in parliament and executive at the same time. Some MPs are the witnesses to this averment as they later on testified to Hon. Telar Ring in the subsequent political conversations.

Secondly, Hon. Telar was a victim of the bitter relieved Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, Ministers and Governors these groups falsely accuse Hon. Telar to be the single power behind the mega-reshuffle by then. A blatant lie because the decision maker was visible and any influence on him was not only advised by a single advisor. These groups of politicians from different levels of government had pecuniary influences in our Parliament because most of the relieved cabinet members were MPs, political rejects by their constituents; the President nominated them to the National Legislative Assembly: the nominated MPs spearheaded the vetting out of Telar Ring by then, just to “pinch the cub to anger the tiger” doctrine.

Thirdly, Telar is a victim of the 75 suspects of the corrupt persons and Dura Saga potential embezzlers of public funds identified in the government. Most of the 75 members are MPs and members of the former cabinet and they were hell frightened that Telar would not have mercy on them to pardon them, or drop the looming prosecutions of the 75. They spent dearly to buy votes to vote Telar out of the lean cabinet that was tasked with service delivery.

Fourthly, the former VP of the July 2013 Mega-Reshuffle was so much bitter that he had been unseated by Telar; this was said verbatim by the former VP in most of his political conversations with other politicians. The former VP involved himself so much by even accusing Telar of sentencing an individual to capital punishment during the war without a legal qualification. The former VP was a party list to the Parliament too and financially financed and influenced the vetting out of Telar from the lean cabinet to ‘avenge’ his perceived political enmity with the President; a brewing enmity that later manifested in December 2013 crisis.

The regime change group cumulative political hatred against Hon. Telar for keeping the status quo faithfully without betraying the President and the second Leader of the SPLM Party after the demise of Dr. John Garang played a significant role too. The old men, who still call themselves the Garang Boys, creating a rift between the two great leaders in the name of Dr. John Garang and Salva Kiir while the former was still alive had even much more hand in the false accusation of Telar Ring Deng on false educational qualification. It is a simple thing to just listen to all of those Garang boys (old men) speaking blurrily and with dishonesty in all their utterances in any political functions in comparison with vocal and eloquent Telar Ring Deng. The threat that the power was not going to come back as easy as it was thought in the SPLM/A New Site Decision Making was the sole reason Telar Ring Deng was vetted out not his qualifications, nothing more nothing less. This group, after the demise of Dr. John Garang thought they were temporarily handing over power to Gen. Salva Kiir to keep it for them temporarily as the South Sudanese sailed through the referendum vote, an assumption that was not timely given a second thought.

In conclusion, the readership of this air clearing article on the educational background of Hon. Telar Ring is categorically informed as per the above vital information that the vetting was politically motivated by the wide range and different political interests groups of politicians.

The public of the Republic of South Sudan are always politically conscious and there is nothing much to hide from them using the cheap propaganda of the impersonated individuals like Clement Mabor Andrew. The writer is on the process to respond to the baseless and unfounded corruption allegations that the impersonator Mr. Clement Mabor Andrew wrote with hatred-filled feelings.

John Jong’o Upur is a concerned citizen reachable at Jonyjo84@hotmail.com

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