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The Five Achievements of the Caretaker Governor of Jonglei State, His EXCELLENCE, John K. Nyuon.

By Majak Nhial,

John Kong Nyuon, the governor of Jonglei state and former Minister of defense attending African Union-led negotiations between the North and South Sudan in Jan 2013, Addis Ababa. (Photo: AFP)
John Kong Nyuon, the governor of Jonglei state and former Minister of defense attending African Union-led negotiations between the North and South Sudan in Jan 2013, Addis Ababa. (Photo: AFP)

Dec 3, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Let take a look at some of the five achievements of the former veteran of Anyanya one and senior member of SPLM/SPLA who has unfortunately served mostly during time of crisis. To some nuer, he is a betrayer and to some Dinkas, he is an informant; and to the majority of common Deng, Gatluak, and Omiot , he is the definition of the true “patriot and a leader”

Below are some of his accomplishments despite the 2013 crisis interruption.

1) Creation of 50% house allowances to the entire workforces of Jonglei State starting with the fiscal year budget of 2014/2015. This is one of his top achievement,every Jonglei’s civil servants was received extra fund on the top of their salaries immediately after the crisis when the population returned from the hiding places of central Equatorial,lake State and Uganda refugees camps. Only Jonglei State is able to provides house rent allowance despite low revenues collection.

2) Maintain of coexistence among the communities within the State capitol.(Bor). After the crisis of 2013,there was was high level of distrust among the communities of Jonglei State, starting within the communities of greater Bor communities,in which one side attempted to established alinkage of being branded as rebels/ supporters of rebels to seek alliance with the governor and other community calling itself victims seeking to reap what had happened to them. During early days of the crisis it was hot heated fight on both side of the two communities’s MPS to established their legitimacy with. Leaders of His. Excellence John. K. Nyoun but recognized it and harmonized the situation very well by not lining up with neither community. He also gradually encourage civil servants from nuers, Angak and murle tribes to come out of UNMISS to resume their work. He also talked to the residents of Bor to accept the reality of the situation. We have to applause him, as one of the individuals who was presented just right after the crisis I thought it was not possible to coexisted between two communities of Bor and Twic leave alone Nuer and Dinka.

3) Improvement of Bor_Juba Road. With the helps of korean Engineering Unit and Bor Town Mayor Hon. Nhial M. Nhial. John K. Nyoun’s government was able to improved the road conditions from what used to be the worse road during the rainy seasons to the condition whereby it’s feasible anytime of the the year. Thanks to to his team which is comprised of Bor Town’s Mayor Nhial M. Nhial and Minister of Physical Infrastructure Hon. Amour K. Ageer in collaboration with Korean Engineer Unit of UNMISS.

4) Purchasing of Vehicles for Jonglei State Executives and Assembly Members. During the fiscal year 2014/2015 budget. The leadership of John K. Nyoun proposed the purchasing of the vehicles for the MPS and Cabinet members to facilitate their mobility. Most of the state vehicles were damage or stolen during the 2013 crisis, making it very difficult for the government officials to carry out their tasks. So the governor embarked with this idea by instructing the ministry of finance to prioritise it’s budget so to enable the procurement of the vehicles. He achieved this by purchasing nineteen vehicles and short lived due to other necessary prioritise.

5) General Promotion of Senior Staff and Other public Servants. Under the leader of John K. Nyoun, directed the ministry of Labor,public services and human resources development to proceed with the promotion of those who has being yearning for promotion for many years. Despite scarcity of financial resources he encourage the promotion and instructed the Ministry of Finance and Economic to do its best on allocating the necessary funds for the promoted staff.

In conclusion, one would wonder how many achievement would His: Excellence, John K. Nyoun accomplished if his term wasn’t interrupted by the crisis,perhaps he would have being on the top of the list of high performers such as the National Ministers of Education and Health.

The author is a concern South Sudanese who can be reached at majakn204@gmail.com

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