The Countdown To The Expiry Of The Transitional Constitutional President Of South Sudan: 9th July, 2011 – 9th July, 2015.

By Gatluak Khot Keat,

Salva Kiir, displays the transitional constitution after forcefully signing it into law in 2011(Photo: Reuters)
Salva Kiir, displays the transitional constitution after forcefully signing it into law in 2011(Photo: Reuters)

July 20, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Regardless of the ostensible extension of the office term of the South Sudan President, recently announced by none other than a rubber stamp assembly on the 24th March, 2015, I stand in an obsequious manner to bring into every South Sudanese and world attention the fact that the countdown to the outdating of the office term of the South Sudan President commences from this moment I keep my eyes and fingers on the keyboard articulating a reminder.

The sitting President whose legitimacy instantly faded away from the onset he placed his filthy hands on our citizens in December 15th, 2013 on the basis of ethnic cleansing is left with only 19 days, 456 hours, 27,360 minutes and 1,461,600 seconds to relinquish the possession of the country post.

In memory of the untimely death of the Sudan icon; Dr. John Garang De Mabior, Kiir was offered the opportunity to assume the leadership of the South Sudanese as a successor till the end of Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) implementation. The process was conducted on the account of hierarchy in the party. He got appointed together with Osman Taha and took the oath of being the 1st Vice President of the Sudan before President Bashir on the 11th August, 2005 while sitting as the President of the autonomous Government of South Sudan (GoSS). As if that was not enough, the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) entrusted him the flag bearer for the 2010 Sudan General election. He won the South Sudan election and took the office oath of the President on 21st May, 2010. He then became automatically the 1st Sudan Vice President and took the oath on the 29th May, 2010.

Subsequent to the secession of South Sudan from Sudan ensuing from brilliantly orchestrated referendum campaign by the South Sudanese in January, 2011, Kiir continued sitting in both positions till half a year later. On the 9th July, 2011, there declared an independency of the sovereign Republic of South Sudan with all the citizens hoisting the flag with the guiding star. From that onset, the transitional constitution of the Republic of South Sudan commenced and pronounced Kiir the 1st President for a period of 4 years which is outdating, comes 9th July, 2015.

In view of this coherent account of what took and is taking place, it is paramount to remind ourselves and introduce the exit procedures of the President. It will be unwise as citizens to sit back and assume Juba Government accepts their term prescribed by the transitional constitution. We should begin to abandon our MPs who have nothing to offer in order to end the 18 months conflict and think our own way for the betterment of our communities. It is time to tell the world that South Sudanese have suffered more than most. Consequently, hope is restored for humanity.

Hitherto, Juba Government keeps refusing to sign any agreement on the false pretense that their term was extended for another 3 years. A move initiated to extend the untold suffering of the South Sudanese.

IGAD, AU, UN and TROIKA needs to speed up their continued back up for the peace talks to resume so that pact that sees peace returns to the country is realized by the people of South Sudan. There is no need to stand hands akimbo and see the spread of vicious cycle of destruction of properties and precious lives.

Let the wanaichi choose their next leader through a democratic process which the reformists are currently fighting for so that freedom and justice reigns across the country. We will not consider any claimed legitimacy beyond 9th July, 2015. Such a claim will not hold water anymore.

The author is a concern South Sudanese, who can be reached at gluakkhot@gmail.com

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