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The Arusha Agreement Should Be Nullified.

By Dr. Justin Deng Deng, BPHARM.

The SPLM leaders signing the Intra-Party Agreement to reunite the SPLM in Arusha, Tanzania(Photo: SPLM/Nyamilepedia)
The SPLM leaders signing the Intra-Party Agreement to reunite the SPLM in Arusha, Tanzania(Photo: SPLM/Nyamilepedia)

Nov 3, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Things change with the time in nature and it is a non resistive fact. There comes a time for anything to be deemed outdated or impractical.

Now is a time to acknowledge the dare efforts of the ruling party in the Republic of Tanzania to unite the troubled Sudan people liberation movement (SPLM).
It is really a right time to say THANK YOU good brothers.

The people of Tanzania understand the true causes of this deadly conflict in the Republic of South Sudan. They know and strongly believe that the real problems emanated from SPLM/A, the belief I share with them, though some Circles in the west argued and believe things that happened after months of the real causes.

The Tanzanians’ peace initiative was a fair one which would have brought the true peace to our people. This is because the initiative was ‘HOME-MADE’ based on good will and brotherhood. No any kind of pressures, intimidations or threat of sanctions and military intervention. The warring parties and the betraying party (SPLM-G10) could have negotiated in a good faith and accepted the outcomes without RESERVATIONS; hence, the owned peace could have been achieved!

But our brothers in Tanzania need to be informed about two unavoidable things:

  1.  that SPLM has never been a one united party since its inception. It is a coalition of different parties,with different ideologies & interests, which unite and dissociate at any time they like.
  2. South Sudan is the last resources’ station in Africa and perhaps the world. With the China likely to have an upper hand in this new zone resources, USA & other western countries are truly uncomfortable. They are trying by any means possible to have a political & economical domination in the area by installing the government system favoring them or maintain the crisis-a situation non beneficial to the China ( like in Iraq, Libya, Syria etc.).

This puts the natives into endless proxy civil war. Thus South Sudan has become a new Cold War zone. That was why the document was written somewhere, with the knowledge of some puppets,and the people were forced to sign and they called it a Compromised peace agreement. Who compromised if it was not a BIG JOKE of 2015?!

The problem should be solved not managed or contained!! To save the blood of South Sudanese, SPLM shouldn’t be united again. We don’t need a unity only to disintegrate tomorrow!! I suggest that all the factions of SPLM should maintain their suffixes ( IO, G10, IG, DC…….), or give themselves different names and carry on their politics as separate political parties.

The presence of many political parties in any country is not a curse but The best way to compete in an effective services delivery to the people.

What I’am observing in the SPLM is worse than the case of the Sudan’s national congress party (NCP); the then national Islamic front (NIF)-that resulted into several bloody conflicts in Sudan. The NIF, under the directives of the prominent Islamist Molana Hassen el Turabi, carried out a bloodless coup in Sudan in 1989 and eliminated every political opponent and formed a monopoly state under the leadership of a military commander al Bashir.

The elites at last turned against each other due to internal power quest leading to elimination of the master-Hassen el Turabi and thus his eventual split. Now the NIF is divided into more than five parties that I need not to mention. Therefore, the SPLM must peacefully divide to save lives & the country.

For the people who perceive that the unity of South Sudanese is directly proportional to the SPLM unity; this is a lie!! It is a mere assumption & misleading. Our people must unite as one South Sudanese with different religious backgrounds, ethnicities & different political parties.

I also suggest to put all the internal & external efforts on the unification and professionalization of South Sudan armed forces (SSAF)…..and discourage the popularization of the name ‘SPLA’ which has a direct link & form with SPLM. This is a way forward for the nation-building process.

In South Sudanese traditions;when a husband and his wife divide the home properties between themselves, this is the end of marriage. The divorce comes into effect. So what can our people say to a party dividing the country’s wealth & power to its sub parties?!

Therefore, my call for nullification of Arusha agreement,though it was a good initiative,is purely based on the fact that SPLM is no longer a united party-not even a coalition this time.

It has become a fragmented party with several factions headed by different personalities calling themselves chairmen!! AND here rests my case.

The author can be reached at dengdengdit@ymail.com

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Peter Makuach Manyuat November 4, 2015 at 12:47 pm

Well articulated Dr Justin. I have always maintained that if all South Sudanese point out truths like the way you have done it, our country will be a better. Dismally though, this is not the case with most of us South Sudanese. You find some body writes something that suits the story version of his ethnic faction, something that annoys me a lot.


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