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By Gai Stephen Mayen.

Makerere University , kampala

Members of Salva Kiir's SPLA army patrolling streets in South Sudan(Photo: file)
Members of Salva Kiir’s SPLA army patrolling streets in South Sudan war zone (Photo: file)

Oct 1st, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— The world youngest nation`s security has been deteriorating since the time life became pumped into it. This is the biggest blow to one of the government`s organ designed to protect it`s people and it is instead digging a grave for them by forcing them into such an  underground holes innocently.

It is  a wasted organ at a brim of collapse and every minute that passes by  changes it`s status quo . It is seriously in a critical condition and deserves an interventional care in the intensive care unit if at all it is needed   to be more vibrant than it`s  current  filthy state. It is totally rotting , it is dead and it is drastically turning into it`s other part of the coin.

       It is so astonishing  that the insecurity boys have crossed the boundaries of the nation to set their feet onto the East African`s soil so as to shut the minds of  the  young patriotic figures whom them  they had perceived  to have lengthen their tongues against them by pointing out their  lameness  in running the government`s  affairs.It is a major setback if people do not get to know what a positive criticism is .It is healthy and it is done to expose the weaknesses so that they are strengthened and life moves on normally. This is an abomination and deserves an immediate rectification . I thought that the alleged people had scented enough of it since it`s toxic state has diffused over the continent and bringing the whole denatured organ to them would do no good.

     Regarding the current  stand of the Nation ,  it is the least I had expected of them to do by investing in the hunt for the lives of such innocent souls. The majority of the south Sudanese are being eaten up by starvation and I thought of it as the only  polite way the government had contributed to their killings than wanting to make a physical attack on them.Much as  it is being indirectly done, it is the negative contribution being used to wipe away people.I just wondered how they made it into East Africa amidst the bankruptcy that has stricken the country.Did they foot from Juba to there ?,Were they airlifted ?,were they attracted to see the lightened flat buildings?, How are they connecting with the locals since it is only Arabic sunk into them? , hehehe………….., I am so much puzzled and  still questioning myself the more in order  to ascertain what gave them the courage to move into the pearl of Africa.

        It is so heart breaking seeing a hard-earned nation rising up against it`s people through the so-called  sub-tribal identity`s assasination.It does no good hunting people  for the sake of the region of south Sudan where one  hails from. One`s tribe , sub-tribe , clan and lineage are choosen by God and it is not a person`s fault to belong into such a category.In my family , a person is judged according to his or her action but not on the account of his or her`s look-alike actions. My actions are purely mine and they do not deserve to be used against my people.When I am stricken by stupidity ,it does not mean that everyone is so dull where I do comes from and the reverse is true. Having been born from a given community is not a vulnerability. These are accidental things and they are God`s plan and no man should have a say over them.The real me begins to set in when I do try to pour out my heart unto the public.It is when I can be treated according to my doings without projecting other people`s actions unto me.

       East Africa is not a war zone area.It is a place of a pen and a paper.It is a  pure  education that is racing it.It is an academic arena that is grooming the citizens of South Sudan for a bright future. It is so devastating  seeing the seeds of the nation being sprouted off and deterred from growing .They are the the minds to put feet onto it so that it  propels forward. Enough blood has been gushed but this time round is purely a healing season.This is the time to make it recover  than bleeding it again.The nation has cried, we have cried and nothing seems to be saving.This is the high time to have dwelled  on the progress but it is so unfortunate that Juba is thinking in the other way round.

         Intimidation is the new vocabulary roaring on the tongues  of the Juba`s regime little did they know that in life, every problem has got a solution. A lucrative resistance has been developed over it.This is the least that can be done to a liberal mind because the nation can not be collapsing amidst our watch and a sleeping mind turned to it.This is the right time to denounce oppression because this is  what made us to seek for a secession from the Khartoum`s government. Catching a glimse of such a dreadful event really cracks our hearts because it is weird for  a black man to colonize his co-color like man because gone are the days when oppression used to be the order of the day.This is just beyond imagination and  it is the high time to have changed our gloomy faces for the smiling ones.

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