Ter Manyang Gatwech is better than Mps of Ayod County who represents Ayod country in the national parliament in Juba, South Sudan.

By Ter Manyang Gatwech, Kamapala-Uganda,


Ter Manyang Gatwech...
Ter Manyang Gatwech…

29th Sept, 2014 (Nyamilependia) — The politics as resource allocation: two prominent scholars here include Lasswell who defines politics as who gets what, when and how. The other is David Easton who defines politics as the authoritative allocation of resources and values. According to President Yoweri Museveni who defines politics the science or art of managing society. Politics is deals with issues of the state government, people, resources and the interrelationship. It is concerned with the relationship between the rulers and ruled.

Some politicians in my county are just go to parliament to represents their children and their stomach in parliament and therefore, the Kiir’s government is just bring those who don’t know what is going in the parliament, therefore, those people should be thrown into river , so that they cannot make the people to be grubby .

The question is; can a juvenile people deceived again by old people to vote for them? The answer is no, no ways for them because they don’t do anything to their person who elects them last time and therefore, I recommend the young ones in order to unite themselves as one body. Gawaar politicians have a bad policy when somebody is a university student and therefore, people will not give him or her assistance for the tuition fees yet they are our representatives in the parliament .The person who deny your education mark that person as your’’ bug ‘’ in your life.

Politicians who represents Gawaar in the legislative body does not have vision at all, they have no hearts to carry for people and the intend goals in them.  Who is an mp? The Mp is the people who represent the voice of people in the national parliament; the quest is: does our Mps represent us well?  Is so concern when I saw my Mps waste the Constituency Development Funds (CDF) money without proper accountability, transparency, and the rule of law? The former president of United State of America say that if you want to  know  a man, give him a power in order to know the strengthen weakness . Yes, it happened to my Mps of Ayod County, have no vision, mission and goals.

The money should be used to build the hospitals, schools, and agriculture in the county and therefore, some politicians change the public money into their private money which is not the case.  What I know in South Sudan, majority of people are liars, if you want to be hate in this world, tell the truth to the people and therefore, that is way Dr.Machar is in the busy because he is the a man of truth in South Sudan. If my people test me to be an mp in state or central government.

What an Mp can do for you?

The main roles of a member of parliament are to review legislation and to represent local interest in parliament in Juab. House of Commons, Mps scrutinize legislation, attend debates and committees, and generally protect, advocate and promote the interest of their constituency at a national level and state level.

In the constituency, Mps support local community groups, publicize local issues and endeavor to help constituents resolve any issues that they have by making representations on their behalf and ensuring that their cases are clearly presented. In general, they can help with any issue   over which parliament, a Central Government Department or an Agency has responsibility;
Including the Home Office and South Sudan Border Agency, the Ministry of Defense, the Foreign Office, the Department of Health, the Department of Work and Pensions and Human Resource Revenue and Customs.

What does an MP do?

The South Sudan public elects Members of parliament (Mps) to represent their interests and concerns in the House of Commons. There are 344 Mps, each representing one area of the country called a constituency. Mps work in parliament on behalf of all the people in their constituency even those who did not vote for them but, our Mps in Ayod County,  ask you are you from which clan in Gawaar, how can you answer  a such person who is the ,member of parliament. The best thing is to them scrub out all in the system and bring new one.

What else can your MP do for you?
Mps can raise matters in the House of Commons on behalf of their constituents. They can do this by asking parliamentary questions, participating in debates or introducing legislation.

What is the difference between an MP and a Councilor?

A local councilor whether town, district or county, represents a ward on their respective council. An MP represents the whole constituency at Parliament.  Councils have responsibility for areas such as education, social service delivery, rubbish collection, and planning all at local level. An MP debates and votes at the Parliament concerning national and international issues-such as climate change, defense, law and order, economic policy, and health


Our MPs who do not know what is going on in parliament should be kick out in order to bring the new one into the system. In my observation as a concern citizen Mps are not presents their people very well. The Kiir’s government of old people and left the young one out of system. That is why there are so many challenges in the government. Members of parliament do not know their right in the parliament and therefore, President Kiir order them on what to do. According to my observation as concern citizen President Kiir have 500 decrees in the country from 2005 and to up 2014, that is why there is too much problems throughout the time in the country.

By Ter Manyang Gatwech, a finalist student of Cavendish University Uganda and pursing a Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Public Administration and Management. A chairman of Gawaar Community in Uganda. You can reach him through email address; termanyanggatwech@yahoo.com or face book above name.

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