By Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut,


Government trucks destoyed at Jameza, on Bor-Juba road in January(Photo: file)
Government trucks destoyed at Jameza, on Bor-Juba road in January(Photo: file)

July 2014(Nyamilepedia) — It is not in the people’s interest to be fed with political rhetoric at the expense of the basics that make them survive. Food on the table should be taken to mean what it symbolized- Food; healthcare, education, jobs and good service delivery, among other things.

It is disheartening to hear president Kiir engage in political rhetoric; blasting imagined enemies as if he is still in campaign mode. Campaigning is over and reality cannot be wished away.

People expect the new government to deliver, to make their lives worthwhile. After the SPLM in opposition succeed in removing the ego from his bloody throne, and fully out of the country. Salva will never set back his foots to the soil of south Sudan again but should be publicly known by all south Sudanese citizens as a killer and mere murderer who massacre his people for his chronic greed of wealth.

This entails that president salva kiir mayardit will no longer be in charge of the army or lead this country again. He will be like any other ordinary person who obtained south Sudan nationality by registration. From that juncture the people, properties and south Sudan itself as a country will relief from all atrocities that were impose unto them by Salva Kiir Mayardit. Therefore, whatever we lost will be regained back within a short period of time with the help of the new leadership that will take care and value the lives of its people.

And the standard test that he kept not passing, like any head of government in the world do, is the competency of his government in bringing food to the people’s table.

President Salva should be psyching up those in his party to quickly think of parking their belongings and leave the country to the opposition. Because it is clear like the blue sky that they have fail the country seriously. Instead of thinking to import more weapons from China to wipe out the Nuer out of south sudan which will not succeed till his death.

The enemy is not Dr. Riek Machar `Teny who formed the resistance movement or the white army who oppose the continues random cleansing of their ethnics, the enemy is not Sirir Gabriel Yiei and other Authors and all socials media houses who are expressing their expression right by revealing the truth to the public, the enemy is not Equatorians who are demanding federalism as a new way of good governance;

The enemy is a chronic love for leadership with no vision and mission, hunger, unemployment, corruption, tribalism, dry taps, poor roads lack of healthcare units, school and injustice, dictatorship and insecurity, Nepotism among others.
These are issues that inevitably turn people against their leaders.

Even the most stupid (if such exist) will be awakened to wisdom by phenomena such as hunger, dry taps and injustice, among others.

Political rhetoric work temporarily, but hunger and it concomitant ills work effectively to make people measure the seriousness of their government in addressing issues that affect them.

It is not political rhetoric that will fill the belly of a hungry child, but a morsel of food. It is not a “gift” of 1000 ssp to an unemployed youth to buy beer that will ease his unemployment problems. But a thriving economy with a vibrant industries. It is not the scrapping of bills that will make water gush out of taps, but pumped water from relevant waterworks. And the burden to facilitate the provision of these lies squarely on the shoulders of failure government. Hence it is important for president salva kiir and his corrupt cabinets to peacefully step down and give new government without them a chance which will bring food to the tables, a task that calls for them to look at things as they are, not as what they imagine them to be.

Reality does not lie in political people, reality is right there among the people.
Hopefully one day we will enjoy peace.

The author is a student of political science living in Cairo-Egypt , He can be easily reach through his Email: sirirgabrielyiei3@gmail.com or Tel: +201115133229

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