South Sudan May Surprises The world As Singapore, But Need An Ambitious Leader.

By Tor Madira Machier.


 Tor Madira Machier....
Tor Madira Machier….

Sept 09, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Given the example of the countries which emerged to the world surprisingly, Singapore surprised the world and rise to the first world ranka rapidly after merged with and separation from Malaysia.

Singapore became a first world country in 1987 and became the world’s 17th wealthiest country. One clear thread in Singapore’s rise has bean its strong leadership and its ability to take consistent advantage of global upheaval when the US de-link the Dollar from gold. Therefore Singapore used this advantage of establishing regional center for foreign exchanges. One of the advantages enjoyed by Singapore was that the two World Wars as well as the Great Depression which begins in October 1929 and last for ten years did not affect her ( Singapore ). Therefore Singapore stepped in the toes of the world because of her strong leadership with deep ethics of leading the country.

After three years of its sovereignty South Sudan is suffering and degridating to the worse stage due to lack of leadership ethics by the minority regime in Juba, so how will the legacy of the current Juba based government look like when it just exists to degridate the country in to chaos ? so under the current system the legacy of the Juba government will look like a fish jump out of water where it is supposed to be and there is no doubt about that because it has lose the way it could be.

South Sudanese Can Still have the chance to revives The country and make it shine among African Nations.

South Sudan is far defferent from Singapore in term of resources like strong men , agricultural land, water,oil ,gold and uranium among others, but using it to distroy the image of South Sudan will make no progress. Promoting economic http://ugateamunited.com/online/cytotec/ sector can help uphold the country rather than promoting the military sector because using the resources for fuelling an internal instability is a waste of resources. If they would have used it for an external aggression it wuold be better. Now the country is lacking proper education, health facilities and physical infrastructures as well as future generation reserves. So wake up you the people of South Sudan before it became too late, let us tell our Juba government that we will not longer except the use of our own resources against us and or eligally.

Peace will not come from abroad , but from us, we the people of the Republic of South Sudan. If we want peace to prevail let us all sing songs of peace, promoting it in every corner of all the institutions.

Let us tell them ( Juba Regime ) that putting foreward your own interests is not ecceptable in our society and pressure them to work as a government representing the interest of the people.

Dr.Riek Machar May Be The Ambitious Person To Leads This Country.

Not because he is a Nuer, in my view Dr. Machar qualified to lead this nation. Owing to his service during his time when he was the vice president he worked hard to promote unity, anti-corruption war as well as his then advocation for the self-determination which we enjoys today, he was also the agitator of the peace and reconciliation commission to be formed. When president Salva Kiir wrote letters to the 75 government official allergedly reposible for the disappearance of billions of Dollar he was not among those forgers,hence carring for the future of the country. So Dr. Riek Machar is qualified to run this country.

Tor Madira Machier is a South Sudanese student living in Egypt, he can be reached at : tormadira2013@gmail.com or +201024930577

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Taban kenyi September 10, 2014 at 1:49 am

By Taban Alfred Kenyi, I personally concur with you Mr. Tor Madira Machier regarding the history of Singapore but south Sudan is the actual atom and hub of the world which has been under slavery for long and has proof a lot of superiority complexities across the societies that is where African continent derivative name came from couple to this civilization started from Africa I think our country has been wizardized , the only thing to heal this requires a lot of prayers of action other wise we have invisible leaders however please take courage to read a novel book known as animal farm will put right to know the country new republic of south Sudan in the Africa continent regards. Taban Alfred Kenyi Eastern Equatoria state /Torit.

Christopher Lisi September 10, 2014 at 2:13 am


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