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Salva Kiir Is Unfaithful, Untrustworthy, And Not Unreliable Partner For Development And Long Term Stability For People Of South Sudan.

By Bol Koang Luak,

Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta, persuading president Salva Kiir to sign a peace agreement...
Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta, persuading president Salva Kiir to sign a peace agreement…

Oct 3, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The recent move by the government of President Salva kiir declaring to create 28 state has came as a surprised. In fact many citizens of south Sudan received the news with shock and still shaking their head by the unilateral decision taken by the President of Salva Kiir. Even though the decision taken by Salva Kiir lack enough evidence to justify his real intentions behind creations of more state, I guess there is room for speculations.

Here is my take, some note and what more likely is happening over salva Kiir decision to create more states.


The creation of 28 states is just another political maneuver aim at derailing the

Implementation of compromised peace agreement signed by both warring parties to conflict on the 17 and 26 of August of respectively.   The sudden and unexpected introductions of federalism is contradictions to a logic behind recently signed peace agreement, which was specifically designed, drafted to end the hostilities, and therefore pave the way for political and security reform during period of transitional government.

The motive behind creations 28 states can not be simply stated as President Salva Kiir want to score some political point, as it’s unnecessary to do so while the country in desperate need for peace and stability. The real motive behind creation of 28 state goes straight back to the issue of government reluctance and refusal to negotiated in full faith during the 20 month civil war peace talk.

Its has been widely known and accepted by the world and international community that, the government of south Sudan never accepted the concept of peace and responsibility to end the war through peaceful mean. Salva Kiir and his government created the current war through fabricated coup, as mean to consolidate power on his hand, and they are determine to keep the blood spilling for as long as they can.

Despite regional and international pressure with threat of sanction which ultimately led to signing of peace agreement in August, President Salva Kiir signed the peace agreement and attached a string which dragged along lists of reservation in show of refusal intention to signed agreement document, which was the first the violation of Compromised peace agreement on the day it was signed by president salva Kiir.

The creation of 28 states, while implementation of peace agreement still in premature stage, will introduce more chaos. It will hinder the progress already been made by IGAD on the implementation of peace agreement to prepare the ground for beginning phase of transitional government expected early January 2016.


Creation of 28 states is just another dilemma, a situation where a difficult choices has to be made between two or more alternatives if the recent proposal is going to be accepted by the IGAD. Considering efforts and resource put in by regional and international community to convene peace talk and push for peace agreement, the recent creation 28 state to come into effect in 30 days can be considered a betrayal of regional and international community effort. For some one in the status of head of state, it absolutely defy the logic to have such a divergent view from norm, given the human capital resources under president Salva Kiir disposal to utilize for some advised.

Continent influential countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, South Africa, has put in a lot of effort by pushing both parties to quickly to restore peace by signing peace agreement.   They are also helped reconcile the ruling party through SPLM reunification led by Tanzania government in Arusha, to unit their ranks and highly encouraged the ruling parties to put people interest first.

Last year in September 2014 President Yoweri Museveni helped east African countries and Salva Kiir Government escape the take over of peace talk by African Union (AU), to give you an Idea of how powerful and influential President Museveni is in African politic, Some of you might recalled the visit of south Africa President Jacob Zuma to Uganda in December 2014, his visit came about after Salva Kiir travelled to South Africa few weeks earlier. The visit of President Slava Kiir to South Africa was work of Museveni to continue sabotaging and slowing peace talk progress while perusing his own personal ambitions interest.

In September 2014, most of African heads of state and diplomats within Africa Union has shown their frustration toward IGAD led peace talk over IGAD failure to provide win-win solution to both party of conflict. This reaction from African leaders has proven a problem for Museveni continue manipulation of peace talk outcome. Museveni himself became aware of possible take over of peace negotiation by big umbrella power house “Africa Union” if IGAD continue to fail to bring an end to the conflicts, he (Museveni) quickly got to work and encouraged President Salva Kiir to travel to south African and talk to south Africa authority to promised dubious statement about his government willingness to accept peace agreement. Uganda President Museveni soon after Salva Kiir visit, invited South Africa Leader to visit Uganda to consolidates their plan and buys more times.

South Africa being the only African state with enormous power and influence to mobilize other African countries in the continent decided to cool down its frustrations over IGAD failure to bring peace agreement and instead continue to support IGAD after their leader travelled to Uganda.

These relentless efforts and support received from international community and regional friends of south Sudan, who work tirelessly in order for peace to prevail was put to shame by the proposed 28 states created by President Salva kiir in clear sign of violation of Compromised peace agreement. In broad perspective view, one can simply concluded that, the decision taken by President Salva kiir will indeed receive its fair share of reprisal for many reasons from regional and international community if the created of 28 state interfere and hinder implementation of the peace agreement.


President Salva Kiir government is currently under performing in all form of political activity, the lack of initiatives from his administrations has forced Salva Kiir administrations to play the game of circle, they don not how. Only left with option of pretending as if they are representative who cares about the people of the country.

One of the key shocking double standard aspect of president Salva Kiir ruling and policies that deserve reprisal from the region and international community, was his refusal to consider state power and governing structure as topic of debate during the peace talk arena, when regional block (IGAD) provided the opportunities to debates and deliberates on the issues of governing structure, security and economy.

However the Salva Kiir government refused the power structure and governing structure of both state and central government to be considered as topics of debates under the pretext that

1:The country is already a federal state because of 10 states.

Despite unconstitutional removal of elected governors, which opposed the concept of federal power structure, government officials never feel ashamed using cheap arguments to justify their refusal of state governing power structure as topic of debate.

2: People of south Sudan should go to referendum to decide on the introduction of federal system.

It is a claim, which was refuted by many spectators and the oppositions. It was not genuine but ploy by the government to hide behind the shadow of “People of south Sudan”. Even though government deferred federalism, and only to be consider during permanent constitutional making process, the recent decision by Salva kiir to created 28 states contradict their previous claim and stand.


It is easy and accurate assumption to say that, the government led by president Salva Kiir is dubious unreliable partner for development and long term stability in the country, the history BEHIND Salva Kiir will speak for it self.

More than 10 years under administration during the brightest periods of his political life, with more cash flow revenue from natural resources sector, huge international support for development with financial backing and strong trade and political corporations, President salva Kiir only manage to make head line for corruptions “dura saga”. Not the type of coverage’s for people president.

For many people that would like to give benefit of doubt over Salva Kiir decisions to introduce federal states in the early stage of compromised peace agreement implementation, the issues of the country financial stability in term of monetary and debt owe to the creditors in aftermath of civil war will put Salva Kiir real intention into questions. In May 2015, government officials refused to provided and or disclosed any figure of debt owe to international creditors after the opposition committee requested in order for two parties to design workable model to help pay off the national debt.

According to figure published by wall street journal on the 5 August 2014, South Sudan government owe $1.6 Billion US dollar to Chinese, Malaysian and Indian oil company operating in south Sudan. Even though $1.6 billion US dollar came about less than 1 year into civil war, those figures are staggering but they are only the finger tip compare to actual scale of whole debt the country find it self in after the war.

Instead of president Salva Kiir making unilateral decisions to as mean to forces citizen attentions away from real issues affecting the central government and the country, the issues of national debt, is something that deserves all our attentions to help mobilized public supports in policy making that affect south Sudan financial stability.

Opinion article written by Bol Koang Luak, The author can be reach on luak_bol@hotmail.com

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My statement on 9th July 2014.



AGUMUT October 3, 2015 at 11:50 pm

South Sudan was governance by one Region ,later became three regions of Upper Nile,Bhar El Ghazal and Equatoria and became Ten States and now absolute 28 States.

Tolio October 4, 2015 at 9:49 am

Lack of federalism was a problem when the government didn’t give it to many South Sudanese including the rebels who want it.

Now,the government has changed its mind and did the right thing by giving its people 28 federal states.

People should be happy because they got what they always wanted.


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