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Response to SSAF/FDP Statement on the African Press

By Dhoal Larjin,

Dhoal Largin, the author ...
Dhoal Largin, the author …

Dec 31, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- My defection should not surprise any of my generals because we have discussed it on a table and the outcomes was disagreement. Those who want peace with GRSS should go Juba and those who reject it have formed SPLM-IO Two to negotiate with SPLM-IO. The issue is not about military ranks as they state it. Let any generals not confuse you from the real matter. They should not divert the issue if they are genuine. The dispute is no near about military ranks, but it is the reason of my defection from SSAF/FDP. I disagree with them because some of the generals are signing a deal with GRSS to go to Juba. I stated my position that I am not going to Juab through Tut Kew Gatluak. I say it would be better to negotiate with SPLM-IO. The generals cannot question my military background if they are SPLA. They manage to gain their ranks through switching sides. I joined SPLA Red Army in 1986 when I was nine years. I don’t know what military credibility they would know than I do. They are the same warlords who forced me to fight for them at the young age. We are aware of their behavior of using intellectuals.

They use scholars for their benefits, and they always promote themselves and give ranks to their relatives. They would use you and when they achieve their goals they will throw you and bring in their families. I have worked with most of them. I know most people who are fighting the civil war from both sides are non-relatives of the generals and the leader of the warring parties.

They want you to fight for them and die. They want their sons and relatives to enjoy your blood. That is why there is a continuation of civil war and corruption in our country. They don’t know the right of a person because they think they are the generals. They think gun power is everything. They feel the pain because they cannot find any spokesperson like me. Their business is over since many of the South Sudanese are now literate. Yes, Gen. Gathoth and Gen. Tang attempt to demote me from the top to deputy of someone who cannot perform his duties.

They think I should be writing for their spokespersons. Gen Gathoth suggests that I should be the spokesperson for the party while other general say I will be a deputy. I refuse to be used anyone anymore. They are same generals who commission me to work for them as their official Spokesperson. How come they did not dismiss me when I have not defected? Why did they not question my military rank before my defection? They should say they denied me because I defect. I defect from SSAF/FDP because they betray our vision by signing a deal with GRSS.

Sign: Gen. Dhoal Larjin is now the official Provisional leader of SPLM-IO Two and can be reached by Email: dtuolual@gmail.com

Thank you and for more information contact SPLM-IO Two official spokesperson

Lt Col. Kim lony Gatluak through his email Kimlonygatluak1@gmail.com

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Dean Keak Tegn Wahr December 30, 2015 at 11:01 pm

I would like to say to everyone in your new formed party; SPLM-IO II that you have decided a good plan to negotiate any difference with SPLM-IO peacefully. I like any Nuer politician to form his own party because Dr.Riek wins the battle our country will be multiple party system and not just like Salva Kiir’s governance system. But, I suggest that do not attempt to challenge our very heart movement called SPLM-IO lead by Dr.Machar. Be effective and visionary politicians in your party. Be strong! Be vigilant! I disagree with those who want to go to Juba. I support your movement! My village is Torkech boma southeast of NASIR COUNTY, but I currently living in Ethiopia.

Nikalongo sanduksanduk December 31, 2015 at 6:25 am

Who is not signing agreement with the government? There is no difference between the SPLM/As. They are devilish. Defectors and counter defectors are a hungry lot of junkies all looking for crumbs to pick. You are coming back to the SPLM/A that has not moved an inch away from the reasons that constituted your first defection. What next pal?


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