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Opinion: Unity state government is a failed leadership!

Who will still deny the inabilities of Dr. Joseph Nguen munytuil, the Governor of Unity, Bentiu?

By Simon Geah.

Sep 14, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — As per the allocations of the states, Joseph Nguen Munytuil, the former governor of Unity State, was reappointed the governor of Unity State in the new transitional government. However, this come with so much disapproval from the majority in state. People were criticizing Dr. Nguen of his inabilities to governs, with many claiming that Dr. Nguen is “partisan” who do not work in the interest of the people, but in fulfilling the interest of who appoints him into that position. 

South Sudan’s governor of Northern Liech Dr. Joseph Nguen Manytuil Wijang meeting IDPs representatives from Rubkona PoC (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

Many people believe that Dr. Nguen is “clannish” who only pays much attention to his clan, and care much less about the welfare of others. On the other hand, some may dispute these facts claiming that he was never given a chance to demonstrate his leadership and show his true color while governing the all Unity State. A defensive reality that play a major role in his reappointments. Nevertheless, these critics of Dr. Nguen seems to be rights“True” since his reappointments.

How does these become True?

Since the appointment of all states governors, South Sudan has been under devastating temptations from the ‘nature’ the “flood” that is overwhelming nearly the whole of Uppernile, in which Jonglei and Unity State are the most noticeable ones on the list. The devastations in both states is very much of national emergency which requires an attention of the states government as well as national government. 

In Jonglei, the State governor has tried his level best, by visiting the area affected by the flooding. He facilitated an assistance to the affected populations including providing relocation options to the displaced families, medical supplies, food supplies, as well as clothing aid to the affected community. He created an awareness that led the government to ask the well-wishers who whish to intervene in this crisis. As a result, the Egyptians government quickly and unconditionally intervened in helping the people of Jonglei in this unbearable situation. 

 In Unity State however, this is so different. The state government is completely silent while nearly half of its populations are dying as a result of flooding.  Two counties in southern Unity State are already under water control. These include, Panyinjiar and Mayiandit respectively. In Panyinjiar, 55% of populations are already displaced by water since the midst July. While in Mayiandit, 75% of the populations are currently battling the flooding with no supports from anyone. Also, some parts of Leer and Koch counties are seriously affected by the flooding, though not severely. But the state governor never alter a word to show any support, courage or statehood.

Is this what people are saying bout “inabilities” of Dr. Joseph Nguen to rules or it is what they are saying about his “clannishness”? 

People are completely in dilemma!

Why could the state governor not alter a word while his people are dying? Many cases of diseases are being reported by the local organizations operating in those areas. Cases of snake bites are becoming rampant. People are dying of hunger in huge number, but the state government is doing nothing about it. Does that means Dr. Nguen is not concern because those are not his clans members? I think either of the two must be true, because could leader of people keep quiet in that tragic situation while his people are suffering in that scale. It’s unbearable! If that is the case, I argues Dr. Nguen to at least adjust his leadership. A leader must suffer with his people. You can not claims to be the people’s leader while watching your people dying once you could do something to save them. 

Many thanks to the government of Egypt, the government of South Sudan, and the state governor of Jonglei for the helps they are collectively providing to the people of Jonglei. It’s exactly what citizens always expected from their government.

Many thanks to you all!

Simon Geah.

Simon is a concern citizen of South Sudan and an Independent Political Analyst. You can reach him on simon.geah@yahoo.com

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