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Opinion: “The bad thing is for one person to know the truth in the crowd” ~ Prophet Ngundeng Bong

By Junior William Deng

Nov 18, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — In the ancient days in Jieng and Nuer lands around 1800s, Prophet Ngundeng Buong summoned all the peoples of Jieng and Naath to his shrine in Lou Nuer, and without hesitation all peoples from far West, East, North and South came in bundles who mammothly filled the village square.

A potrait depicted to be that of Ngundeng Bong(Photo credit: courtesy image/Nyamilepedia)
A potrait depicted to be that of Ngundeng Bong(Photo credit: courtesy image/Nyamilepedia)

The population sat down at the foot of his wooden raised podium, it was a timid day because people didn’t know why such a respected high prophet could summon peoples in such an urgent and hurrying manner.

His podium was built in such a manner that he stood ten metres high in order for the peoples to have his clear view to watch and to listen. The podium also shows his religiosity, his prophetic dynasty and purity, it shows his greatness and uniqueness, all these instilled fear and anxiety in the peoples.

Hundred of thousands sat down without infidelity, no noise, no murmuring or whispering, the day was more than the doomsday. Prophet Ngundeng took his time smoking in his metre long tobacco pot. He could not be told that the heavens had opened up and the sun had melted on the peoples. It’s was a tragedy or posterity!

Finally, a lanky handsome godly man climbed the podium amid tense and ferocious moments but the famous guy broke his silence by hoisting up his spear and said “Male”, and the crowd roared to his greetings. After Male interlude, the situation went back into previous silence. In the meantime the prophet of Deng looked into the sky and then turned his back to the multitude of peoples and then turned and looked straight into the crowd. People remained in internal maim!

Then he asked “what is a bad thing?” Now people got relieved but they went into a period of murmuring. A man in the front part of the crowd raised his hand, and the prophet pointed at him, and asked, “what is a bad thing?”, the man answered, “the bad thing is to kill another man”, Ngundeng shoke his braided head in rejection, and said, “No, you got to pay 50 cows, next?”

A man from the middle of the crowd put up his hand and said, ” a bad thing is to commit adultery,” Prophet laughed at him, and said, that one is solvable, you got to pay 5 cows, so it’s not the one”. Thence, a man from the annals of the crowd put up his hand, and said “a bad thing is to steal”, Ngundeng said, “no, that one ,you got to be fined and repay the victim”.

All went in circles but none got the answer. As the sun was about to kiss the Sudd, everybody was challenged and squarely defeated. A brave man from Ngok Jieng stood up and said bany, now that we all failed the question, it is high time that you forgive us and pray for us and give us the answer. Conciliatory situation, imagine!

When Prophet Ngundeng heard from the man, he opened up and said, “the bad thing is for one person to know the truth in the crowd.” The peoples gave him thunderous applause in recognition of his wisdom and prophecy. The crowd was also in despair for failing to know that simple fact. Many people where heard clicking and in shock for their stupidity.

Moral lesson

It’s still a tragedy in South Sudan that an individual with the truth could be one in the crowd but because of his minority, he is mobbed by the stupidity of the crowd and then people perish!

Junior William Deng is a student at the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He can be reached through social media.

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