Opinion: Simon Hoth Duol Underprivileged Leadership Skills Ultimately Ruins SPLM-IO’s Political Success in Greater Lou-Nuer Area.

Part I

By Mak Banguot Gok (Makjohnson),
SPLM/A-IO former Bieh State Governor Brig. gen. Simon Hoth Duol (Photo credit: supplied)
SPLM/A-IO former Bieh State Governor Brig. gen. Simon Hoth Duol (Photo credit: supplied)

June 22, 2021 — To begin with the exact deliberation of these series, I would like to only replicate on what is the obtainable political phenomenon in the greater Lou-Nuer area. My concern is all about  SPLM-IO political leadership dissatisfaction in this designated location. And, my intent is an eagerness for salvage of the movement from unnecessary slipping down to a colossal reversion. Hence! I’m indebted to take time on inscribing an opinion on this particular regard so that a solution is jointly worked out. 

However, my point of view does not entirely give an emphasis on the SPLM-IO’s administrative malpractices. And, for the sake of enlightening some of my comrades who might have a negatives busing into the reception of my view, I would repeatedly like to irritate my position that, what stirred me to shade lights on the movement’s given political arena is not an objective judgmental of the SPLM-IO’s entire revolutionary stance. As a concerned member of the revolution, the very few points to mention here are examples of the continuing exercises of controlling political decisions-making by SPM-IO Chairman- Dr. Machar in most of the cases. A unilateral political administrative action usually taken without grassroots consultations is best suited as the undisputed cause of the leadership chaos in many places. If you are a concerned member of the SPLM-IO movement, you would have thought of staring at these problems associated with political communication at the SPLM-IO’s higher controllers to be the first recurrent cause of the political blunders. As many of the disquieted SPLM-IO movement’s followers who have been in vain emitted their reasonable doubts about the SPLM-IO Chairman’s taking no notice of the people ‘participation in a decision-making, I can uses this chance to adds my voice on others who have concertedly calls on the Chairman to self-controlling from usually taking of a unilaterally an ostracized rendezvous.  And, in addition to the calls by the others action-oriented groups and, the scores of the SPLM-IO ‘occupied territories (including the greater Bieh) for a political self-discipline from within the SPLM-IO leadership, we (the SPLM-IO members) need more to do in stab of pursuing the movement’s center for decision makings to always at the outset confer with the movement’s concerns ‘followers by looking into their grievances.

For stressing these essential issues vis-à-vis the movement’s leadership qualms, I have a raison d’être to lie emphasis on the point that, leadership bedlam of the SPLM-IO ‘movement has a relevance of its own shortcomings in the organization and political functioning of SPLM-IO’s revolutionary ‘opening out in the greater Lou-Nuer area. Meanwhile, for the sake of political temperance, we have a reason to urges the SPLM-IO movement’s supreme leadership Council to consider first the local consent I.e. to agree first with the movement’s followers whence the like of greater Lou-Nuer ‘concerns SPLM-IO members raised against Simon Hoth’s reinstatement back to the same position which he tries and miserably failed for couples of years.

The SPLM-IO movement’s political support in the greater Bieh area is in a state of leadership ‘breakdown. And, with all that are to follow in the cause of explanation, the only viable swap of the SPLM-IO movement’s weakened political existence in the greater Lou-Nuer area is by dissolving the present political leadership and reinstituting a functioning one. We need a man or woman with political ability to repairs the broken relationship between the SPLM-IO and the bulk of its political supporters in the greater Bieh; to increase the SPLM-IO political performances, and to enhance an efficiency of the SPLM-IO team in the greater Lou-Nuer area. In the best political interest of the SPLM-IO movement, there is an urgent need for the reconsideration of a position occupied by the current SPLM-IO’s Chairman in the area. This is because of how the great region (Bieh) is being politically messed up by such individuals, who have disheartened most of the concerned SPLM-IO ‘members in the area. Many potential members of the SPLM-IO movement who have seen the lack of a sound political leadership in the greater Lou-Nuer area are thrust to an objective seek for a substitute (an able-man or a woman with political savoir-faire to takeover. The greater Lou-Nuer area which used to be the backbone of the SPLM-IO – led revolution is unnecessary to politically be vacated by the SPLM-IO movement. I am concerned about the SPLM-IO ‘political mess – up because of my political muse as a dutiful member of the SPLMIO movement; a movement’s enthusiastic follower; and, who originated from within this particular area of greater Lou-Nuer territory.

Hoth ‘SPLM-IO Chairmanship of the Greater Lou-Nuer Was Illicit

Initially, the fact that SPLM-IO is all the time adhering to R-ARCSS ‘terms and provisions. And, the movement under the pretext of the R-TGoNU was forced to pack up almost all its political presence in the territories where it established a political and civilians’ administration prior to the R-ARCSS. It was that time when the movement partly dismantled its political structures plus civil administration that were established in name of the 21 federal States. In the intervened time, all the former SPLM-IO’s 21 ‘States administrative structures (i.e. military governors, the whole subordinates realms of its bureaucracies; counties commissioners; SPLM-IO’s civil administrators and their revolutionary administrative structures and vice versa were melted and liquefied in pretext of giving peace a chance.

Amongst the SPLM-IO political appointees who were lifted, the luckier ones amongst them was preserved and pending for further review in the framework of R-ARCSS ‘power sharing. Nevertheless, those of the former SPLM-IO ‘political representatives with high profile positions (including Simon Hoth Duol of the greater Bieh State) were transitioning to their positions.

 However, the retention of the former SPLM-IO political administrators with Simon Hoth Duol on the pinnacle were rejected by the concerns people although the purposes were to politically keeps them on supervising the SPLM-IO political programs in their previous constituencies, and to hold of those cadres so that, SPLM-IO avoided a needless conception of political vacuum that might have been follows. Unfortunately, the same array of retaining those former political administrators in their positions was reached without prior consultation with the masses’ concerns. If SPLM-IO miscalculated and give up on its political ‘administrative structures with no ones in lieu of the constituencies as transitional chairpersons, secretaries; and, in others capacities of the SPLM-IO’s political units, that will definitely justifies the end results to be of the complete relapse. And, because it just seemed to be a set of formalities, there were no major ponders and people decided to let that go without too much anxiety.

Meanwhile, an example of the Lou-Nuer ‘SPLM-IO cohorts were not consulted for the maintenance of Simon Hoth Duol’s continuation as the SPLM-IO’s Chairman greater Lou-Nuer Area after being appointed to the state government. A decision to keep him (Hoth) in the same position instead was pronounced without involving those whom the reappointment were much concerned about. If indeed a proper consultation were made, I believe Hoth Duol would have not made it through.

His retention was not legal of course because the reappointment was proposed only by the SPLM-IO Chairman earlier than Machar had come to make his mind up of the people ‘concerns. Always a decision to rely on the handpicked political opportunists is ruinous.  All his (Hoth) ‘schedules including the allotment of a ministry within the revitalized transitional government of Jonglei state were made in the course of the same sorts of political favoritism which, as typically without people’s say-so.  Although that verdict of his (Hoth) reappointment came as an edict from the Supreme Council of SPLM-IO movement, yet we the SPLM-IO ‘members of the greater Lou-Nuer area who were initially discontented with an authoritative reference of his (Hoth) ‘illegal ascending to the posts by the SPLM-IO Chairman- Dr. Machar, continues being distrustful of such  exceptional political situation. Nonetheless, a similar decision which is being reached through an ostracized top-down approach is best being portrayed as what led to political worries in many parts of the SPLM-IO ‘movement’s occupied geo-administration. 

Not only SPLM-IO of the greater Lou-Nuer area, however, so many  decisions which are made without first carried out an objective consultation with the SPLM-IO’s local ‘political leadership and structures always that fallout as a lethal for the SPLM-IO movement’s political ambition in many others areas. This is because, without always attentively looking upon the people ‘legitimate complaints against their representatives, a decision on behalf of a group without regard to the group’s political inputs continues to be the source of lowering many of the people ‘supports for the SPLM-IO movement’s revolutionary objective. Hence! It is a separate schema that could be embarking upon in its own way

Simon Hoth Fail SPLM-IO Chairmanship of Bieh!

He (Hoth) has been shifted from his previous political terrain where he used to be the military governor under defunct 21 states. Without first consulted with the people concerns, he was made to serves at the level of a merged State of Jonglei as  Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement. Whilst at the same time as cited above, he (Hoth) remain a Chairman of the SPLM-IO’s greater Lou-Nuer area pretending to be running the SPLM-IO political activities. These concurred assignments are politically heavy, and exceeding Hoth Duol’s limited political leadership’s skill. 

For the meantime, still whatsoever may be politically questionable, and a propos to the SPLM-IO’s greater Lou-Nuer status, the very response to what is stalemated still vested up on him. That means, for the bad and good of SPLM-IO political performance in the greater Bieh area, he (Hoth) is equally the right person to elucidate to us what is really worsening his leadership. That depends on the nature of the individual’s inquiries of the actual political situation in the greater Lou-Nuer area in connection with the SPLM-IO movement’s. 

It is likewise the same as that, SPLM-IO’s concerns members of the greater Lou-Nuer have all the best reasons being quizzical of his (Hoth) political feat because, it’s required more than others times to reconsider whether we can revive our support for factual political leaderships that existing in the greater Bieh, or, else we continues with the same inactive leader. 

And, in fact, political skills are a necessity that, when used appropriately, a leader can make use of his/her political savvy to create positive outcomes for oneself and the followers. To be somehow sincere, a politically skilled individual is someone who displays high levels of integrity, authenticity, sincerity, and genuineness. Meanwhile, a skillful leader is–or appears to be an honest person, an open-minded person, a forthright, inspiring trust, and with risk-taking confidence. That depends on individuals ‘into whether the current SPLM-IO Chairman in the greater Bieh has possessed any of the aforementioned qualities or not. 

And now that, there is obviously a failure of the task by SPLM-IO ‘political leader of the greater Lou-Nuer area, it is equally the same to many with reasons that there are concerns to approach these uncertainties  which are not satisfactorily going on in the area. How to approach these concerns is upon individual’s own understanding whether we need this time from SPLM-IO a political leader in the Lou-Nuer area with a political leadership’s skills or not; whether we need a leader who can use his/her political dexterity to successfully manage to meet the SPLM-IO movement’s organizational leadership challenges in the Lou-Nuer area or not; whether we need a man or woman with political ability to improve the performance and efficiency of SPLM-IO teams in greater Bieh area contrasting the present one whose lacks of political leadership flexibility and recklessness in the service of political expediency has become a pattern for his cynical calculations and the deaths he caused will define his legacy, or not. As to me, the SPLM-IO’s supporters in Lou-Nuer area  are drained of a self-serves aspiring leader who only take care of where  own breads are buttering; a leader; a leader of ‘’his-way-or-the-highway mindset’’; a leaders who only rationalizing poor or unethical political conduct; a leaders who has a meager communication skills and etc.  Lack of institutional means of communication is generally obliging most of the SPLM-IO ”supporters or a group of the movement’s followers (example of the greater Lou-Nuer area) reducing their enthusiasm toward the mission of SPLM-IO movement. And, for the SPLM-IO ‘greater Lou-Nuer area, if there is indeed, a leader who claims to be as if you are hearing the likes of this example above, the SPLM-IO ‘supporters would have been kept updated of the movement’s political development. Lack of an objective political awareness rising amongst the greater Lou-Nuer is partly because; the SPLM-IO’s political leader detached himself from the people. If indeed, Hoth had to be an effective leader, I hope he would have ensured that a clear instruction, expectations, communication and structure of the SPLM-IO movement in the area are in place. That is also upon your own understanding whether you’re seeing these lack of objective communication between the SPLM-IO’s grassroots followers and the movement’s political leadership in the greater Bieh area

Meanwhile, since the signing of R-ARCSS nearly two years ago and all the way through successive reinstitutionalization processes of R-TGoNU, it remained undisputed that most of the SPLM-IO ‘occupied territories were left out. Many people (SPLM-IO supporters) remained in an indeterminate state (what has been best described as ‘political dilemma”.) And, with a special look upon the greater Lou-Nuer area, the situation is completely different: Lack of political communication from the SPLM-IO’s Acting Chairperson of the greater Lou-Nuer area is deadly obvious. Absence of political contacts with the masses (Counties, Payams and Bumas) is not there and, that continues to be depriving a movement’s supporters from acquiring objective information about SPLM-IO’s political development. Nonexistence of the sociopolitical awareness (lack of political awareness) led to the populace standing apart in receipt of the news about what is really obtainable with the R-ARCSS ‘implementation processes in Juba. Due to the deficiency of political mobility of the acting SPLM-IO chairman (Hoth), an objective communication with the SPLM-IO ‘grassroots followers hardly existed.

Here, the great concerns are more specifically about the frail political leadership that led to a significant decline of the SPLM-IO ‘political shore up in terms of its decisive political decision-making. There is no political communication between the grassroots supporters that make it very difficult for the retention of people ‘support. Moreover, it is like with every politics or political movement that, successful works is only realistic under the stewardship of a person who can enthuse, influence, inspire and control others persons in such a manner that he/she can guide or direct the thoughts, feelings and actions of the person she/she leads. As this remains the fact, it’s hardly so realistic with regard to Hon. Simon Hoth that he is holding any of these similar characteristics.

Simon Hoth’s Lack of Political Leadership Skill Caused Hell.

Obviously, the Chairman of the SPLM-IO’s greater Lou-Nuer area (Simon Hoth) is poorly equipped with political leadership skills.  With accuracy, those who have better knowledge of this defecto leader knew that he (Hoth) lacks the kind of realistic capacity for the execution of a complex political role. He is someone who can only let the authority that comes with the SPLM-IO position of leadership cloud his judgment. A Mixture of dictatorial tendencies and traditional political views have made it so easy for him (Hoth) to always oppress people (treating his subordinates like children or less than equal.) 

Furthermore, those who earned a better knowledge about Simon Hoth Duol knew that, he have no ideological affiliation, and he is instead primarily engaging in patronage, clientelism, and many times, in the advancement of his specific political entrepreneur (a kind of traditionalist with a blind spot when it comes to the political dealing with his comrades in the movement and coworkers). 

As a poor leader, Hoth does not have any regard for opinions from his comrades in the movement even if those opinions are coming from senior members of the movement with extensive skills and experience in the matter being discussed. He doesn’t value inputs from whoever’s proactive within his comrades in the movement. This is nakedly shown during his agitation of the Uror Community to endorse his own wife for the appointment to the Revitalize Transitional National Legislative Assembly which he (Hoth) forcefully robbed the public consent for his wife ‘appointment. 

And, with only this slight example, many of the concerned SPLM-IO members (from greater Lou-Nuer) may have well-read that, Simon Hoth Duol is providing much evidence of being somewhat lacking technical indispensability of a political leadership. He lacks empathy which is the key indicator of a poor leader. He is too bossy; too wishy-washy; very poor in judgment of character, and above all, a dictator.

As a bad leader, he (Hoth) also typically fails to pass on information to the SPLM-IO’s supporters (for example, in the Lou-Nuer area) about the SPLM-IO movement’s policies and procedures that the movement’s enthusiasts must follow. He has the kind of political naivety that wouldn’t help surrounding with the kinds of people who will help him rise because the lack of humility makes him act as though he can do everything – and he is the only one who can do it right.

Apart from slipping into silence after he (Hoth) secured his lion share within the constituted Jonglei State’s revitalized government as minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement; Hoth has altogether abandoned the very SPLM-IO political programs that make it a real revolutionary political movement. Hoth fails to remember that, the revolutionary position that he is holding differed and, not like the same community-based political post which he used to hold. But, it is a collection of communities, a union of local political units and branches; a caucuses of political representatives and union of local associations. Etc. 

All these political apparatuses are linked by a coordinate institution. And, if he (Hoth) pretends to be the acting political leader, and, without political activities going on in this regard, there is good reason to insist that SPLM-IO in the greater Lou-Nuer area is politically dying. Thus! The SPLM-IO leadership in the greater Lou-Nuer area have failed to carry out the job of political mobilization of the people ‘support; the movement botched to activated the Lou Nuer population (using a means of rallies, uniforms, flags, others displays of unity to emphasis the identification of the individual with the SPLM-IO ‘political movement, secularization, political recruitments, framing of political issues for the people and etc)

The Probability of SPLM-IO ‘Political Relapse in Bieh Area

Likewise, bad leadership by the SPLM-IO’s chairman of the greater Lou-Nuer led to a poor supporters ‘retention and demotivates the remaining ones. The lack of effective political directive has made it easier said than done, and it is causing the bulk of the Lou-Nuer youth and elderly to be much less participants and productive than they would otherwise be toward the revolution. 

He ( Hoth) is not only a bad leader as many would agree in the causes of justifications, but also, and above all, he lacks all sorts of classical political judgments, motivation and initiatives. Therefore, with him as the SPLM-IO acting leader in these crucial times, it means that, with an eminent probability, SPLM-IO’s greater Lou-Nuer ‘political prop up is in a verge of relapse due to Hoth’s political immovability. There are significant supportive reasons expounding the rightfulness of pointing finger at the SPLM-IO movement’s defecto political representative.

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