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Opinion: My sisters from Dinka Bor, think twice!!

By Duom Peter,
June 27, 2021 — Our sisters are out of school due to several factors such as lack of sanitary pads, shoes, school uniforms, fees, and negative attitude towards girl child education. When it comes to community events, you see them contributing money to buy uniforms to wear during community functions or ceremonies & cars for Artists.
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You raised money to buy a car for an artist who praised girls in the Payam? Honestly, how does this impact your life? Can’t you use that money to educate yourself?  My sisters, please go for Vocational Education & Training ((VET). Learn hairdressing, food service, computer & IT support,  accounting & bookkeeping, brick laying, catering & hotel management etc. 

When you get married, you go with those valuable skills. You can start your business while waiting for someone to marry you. Some artists (not all) you see here are buying plots of lands, cows, goats, building houses, and even feeding their families with money you gave them. If they need second wives, they use part of that money (your contribution) to pay your dowry. They are taking advantage of your illiteracy. 

“Let them eat from their pockets before they become educated”, an ancient Dinka proverb. What will you  bring to your future husband? Light skins, songs, uniforms to put on during community events or what? 

Honestly, tell me. To our sisters in diaspora, we thought you would  come back as scientists, engineers, medical doctors, accountants but it’s very unfortunate that most of you (not all) are engaged in nonproductive activities such as dancing and singing. 

Most of you will come back home as dancers, singers and DJs. Why are we corrupting the minds of our young girls and women through social events? Why can’t we change their way of thinking and the way we used to do things in the past? 

I am not saying culture is bad but we have to give directions to our young girls and women so that they contribute towards the development of this country. Look at countries like Rwanda, 60% of women have taken up jobs in the country. They are developing Rwanda and making it beautiful like them. 

Youth leaders, please think over this? Never encourage mediocrity. If you (our girls) are unable to join formal education, then go for alternative or life skill courses. What will those songs and dancing bring to you? E.g, nyiir nyich piir ” or “girls who know life”. Which life when you can’t build yourself? Think outside the box! 

Some of your fans or youth leaders (not all) who are spearheading these events have their incentives informed of Fame. Look at our sisters in neighbouring countries. Instead of investing in productive things such as business, education etc, they are busy buying uniforms for community ceremonies, organizing baby shower parties and launching songs, and celebrating valentine day. 

Thanks to those girls and women who have invested in education, business, and life skill courses. Keep it up!  Men are proud of you.

If education is expensive, then try  ignorance. 

The author is a concerned South Sudanese who can be reached at duomchol@yahoo.com

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