Opinion: Michael Makuei needs urgent psychiatric assessment

By Nicholas Osobi,

South Sudan Information Minister and government spokesman Michael Makuei Lueth (Photo: file)
South Sudan Information Minister and government spokesman Michael Makuei Lueth (Photo: file)

July 15th 2019 (Nyamilepedia) – Michael Makuei’s claim that South Sudan is the happiest country in the world is not only an odoriferous lie but rather a mockery to the plight of South Sudanese in entirety. Contrary to his claim, early this year, South Sudan was ranked to be the least happy nation in Africa and the world while Mauritius took the lead of the happiest on the continent, and 57th overall in the world.

It is known fact that the half-baked lawyer (Makuei), by all known standard has not met basic requirement to serve at ministerial level. Academically, he was a struggling law student while at Khartoum University. Some sources allege that he graduated with poor cumulative grade point after retaking several units, and other sources claim he exited the university without graduating. Whether this is true or not, Makuei’s head contains “nothing.” It is void of facts to be exact.

As a cowboy, Makuei could be usingkraal standard to asses happiness of the nation instead of the economics of wellbeing. While it is true, his appointment to ministerial post was through backdoor deal, it is still utterly wrong and disgraceful for him to use kraal standard while giving report of national importance in this 21st century. The entire world is aware of the situation in South Sudan even if how hard he tries to refurbish the image.

Makuei is also a renowned binge alcoholic. By report he often starts his morning with a sip of vodka (whisky) before heading off to work. Even when he was in Ethiopia for the revitalized peace agreement, he (Makuei) was unable to tame his appetite for the distilled beverage, forcing Mama Rebecca to rebuke him over his unbecoming behaviour.

One last most possible explanation for Makuei’s dismal and unfounded rhetoric lies in the state of his mental health. Previously we reported that Makuei had suffered from sleeping sickness (trypanosomiasis), a sickness which is caused by tsetse fly bites. It is therefore possible that his comment was as a result of mental disorder. He might have visualize the happiness of the nation in his mind but the reality is totally different.

I am not objecting to people with mental illness including Makuei himself, serving the nation at various capacities but it becomes a colossal concern if their ability to serve effectively is being compromised by mental illness. In the case of Makuei’ it is obvious that he was not in his right state of mind while dishing out those bogus lies about his country. He might have made the utterance after hallucinating or whilst under the influence of alcohol, and/ or simply using kraal standard to weigh the state of happiness instead of universally accepted “economics of wellbeing.”

Whilst there are high chances of all the answers to the above question being “yes,” the mental health evaluation of Makuei should be treated as a matter of urgency as his serving at ministerial level poses national crisis.

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