Opinion: Eng. Bol Ring Morwel’s 2027 plan for the Oil and Gas Sector in South Sudan is a national economic strategy.

By Marco Mayieb Wundit.

Marco Mayieb Wundit, author….

Jan 21, 2021(Nyamilepedia) — To this point, every plan that contributes to nation-building deserves support necessary to realize it. While oil is a strategic material for the South Sudan’s Economy, all plans to manage it are deemed crucial.

Few months ago, the administration of NilePet came out publicly with a reform plan envisioned by 2027 and that soon South Sudanese will be able to manage their own oil and gas sector by themselves.

This reform plan will contribute to the South Sudan economy in many ways and that it exterminates corruption and nepotism in the Oil and Gas Sector in South Sudan by sending those who will be charged as corrupted officials to courts and make them stand and feel the full force of law.

As South Sudan is one of the oil dependent economies in the world, management of its oil sector is paramount alongside the plenty of water flowing from the Nile.

Since the appointment of Eng.Bol Ring Morwell by H.E Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, the President of the Republic of South Sudan as the Managing Director of Nile Petroleum Corporation, a new hope is restored in state owned parastatal to heavily contribute to the growth of South Sudan economy by maximizing revenues.

The reform plan which  encompasses the issues of human resources development such as in the definition of employment and upgrading of employees skills are in the top priorities of Eng.Bol Ring Administration, a typical pattern is the incorporation  of those employees who were placed under special contracts for  more than three years and are now employed ,happily chanting  after their inclusion into full contracts. The administration plan to upgrade the employees skills by sending them for training on how they can use modern tools for oil and gas development is another step towards achieving the vision by 2027 when South Sudanese will be able to take full control over the management of oil and gas industry in South Sudan and will be more ready to expand it in the region and to the world. An internship phase in all its subsidiaries such as Nile Drilling and Services Company , SIPET Engineering and Consultancy Services Company and as well as in  Joint Operating Companies such in Dar Petroleum Operating Company, Greater Pioneer Operating  Company and many others, for fresh graduates who are interesting to advance their careers in oil and gas sector in the country will be used as another basis for working in such an environment so that, those with technical know-how are given opportunities to serve, in this case the high rate of unemployment will be reduced and therefore, making everyone to be productive and the government will eventually benefit from the taxes paid by these employees and which are then channeled as for services to citizens in the country.

The provision of oil and gas services across the country in the 2027 plan is in the public interest, many other NilePet depots and local refineries for the domestic consumption are expected to be soon operational.

This plan also focuses on physical infrastructural development as NilePet Headquarters Building is soon erecting into its last stage, so that the issues of renting to its subsidiaries are also ended and hence, increases the revenues.

The administration serves to see that all related environmental pollution cases such as emerging diseases in oil fields due to leakage of chemicals and other hazards are immediately addressed, this is a corporate social responsibility to all oil operating companies to ensure that the field workers, the host populations and their livestock are not endangered through exposure to risks associated with oil chemicals and pollutants. The safety of both communities and employees should be treated with full care and at a higher alert.

The reform plan by the end of 2027 which comprehensively addresses management of NilePet Assets and its shares in Joint Operating Companies is a huge economic strategy, the administration of NilePet as a radar works to inoculate more of its shares into these oil operating companies.

To maximize the revenues, NilePet will allow the flow of oil production to be higher; increase its shares in Joint Operating Companies; reduce its expenses and instruct proper collection of oil proceeds are only to be made under strict laws.

This giant and excellent plan of Eng.Bol Ring Morwell to reform the Oil and Gas sector in the country is an effective and efficient managerial sight towards economic development.

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