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Opinion: Dear “Lost Boys’ Wives”, stop competing among yourselves when your husbands do not sleep abroad!

Dear “Lost Boys’ Wives”, stop competing among yourselves on clothes, rental houses and on giving money to artists when your husbands do not sleep abroad because of working double shifts
Grace Andrew Biar, author(Photo credit: courtesy image)
Grace Akon Andrew Biar, author(Photo credit: courtesy image)

March 26, 2021(Nyamilepedia)Most of these women are renting some of the most expensive houses, dress in expensive clothes, making expensive baby showers and birthdays without future plans. 

A great number of the lost boys’ wives, when given $100 USD to use, they usually start asking questions like, “what will I do with this money?” and would be quick to say “I can’t take it”,  “it won’t help” yet they know that their husbands are working, at least, eight hours to get that $100 USD. Again, most of the lost boys’ incomes go directly to the system [tax] and the rest of it is spent on expenses. At the end of the day, many lost boys would be lucky to save $20 dollars.

The worst part of it is that the money they (lost boys’ wives) demand so badly are not used appropriately. Most of their money is wasted on competition over clothes, make-ups and silver wears. Every Sunday, and on most occasions they wear new clothes, shoes and wigs; otherwise, they would be spending the rest of their money on supporting local artists and on renting places they would never own.

While the lost boys’ wives are here competing on renting people’s houses, decorating them, they would eventually leave them behind in the future. Unnecessary spending on clothes and local artists when they own no plot of land in the rural areas, leave alone in the city, is a waste!

These housewives should know that visionary women in South Sudan and other parts of the world are competing on businesses, government nominations, construction of their own houses or on helping their husbands in making great decisions and planning for their future. What if you help your man by saving some of the money you are wasting? What if you do a decent budget and save some money so that your husbands do not have to work two or three jobs until they collapse or retire in factories?

You should know that the main reason for staying in East Africa is for you to get better education, health care and security. Being in “a good house” does not mean that it must be a more expensive but secure, safe and comfortable place to live in.

Living in foreign countries will one day end and that is why you should learn to plan and budget. If you are given that little money, use it wisely; otherwise, if he gives you excess money, don’t buy clothes, use your common sense and save it for emergencies or use it on important things.

Grace Akon Andrew is a concerned citizen. This article was shared by people the author has inspired and recommended it published on her behalf for public consumption. You can reach Grace through social media for more.

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