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The senior SPLM Leaders, Dr. Riek Machar Teny and Lt. Gen. Alfred Lado Gore (photo credit: Nyamilepedia)
The senior SPLM Leaders, Dr. Riek Machar Teny and Lt. Gen. Alfred Lado Gore (photo credit: Nyamilepedia)

June 29, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Mr Chairman of the SPLM/A and C-IN-C of the army forces Dr Riek Machar, SPLM/A Leadership, heads of the national committees, members of the media, comrades, ladies and gentlemen, allow me first to congratulate all the recent appointed chairmen and women of various national committees within the structure of our resistance movement.

We the undersigned body will like to congratulate you for winning the trust and confidence of our chairman Dr riek Machar and the entire leadership to lead those committees, we have no doubt that your dedication to a prosperous, democratic nation entrusted to a servant leadership is inevitable, your desire to liberate our nation from dictatorship and tyranny is unquestionable, we believe that South Sudan has potential leadership and a bright future but that can only be exploited if and when our political environment is conducive and accommodative.

Our struggle for a peaceful and democratic country will never stop unless if the proclaim government in Juba realized that Sudanese people are tired of their utterances and egos and are ready for change and ‘’that too is a redline’’, a change that accumulate the wishes and desires of Sudanese people, already the population had demanded for overhaul alteration of system of governance from its current state to federal system of governance to halfway fulfil the vision of our late Hero Dr John Garang ‘’ TAKE TOWN TO PEOPLE’’ that is to say devolve resources and powers from the manipulation at the national government to states and counties authorities and with such devolution accompanied by an oversight authorities and independent institutions would help to reduce the level of corruption and TOWNS will be taken to people at the counties level.

Comrades, ladies and gentlemen, our country is at turmoil and unless we rise above our ethnic linage and follow the path that will transform our country from her current status i.e Dictatorial country and (FRAGILE STATE) to a peaceful and democratic country we are making another Somalia in Africa and because a nation which reposes on the pillow of tribal confidence will sooner or later ends its political existence in a deadly lethargy. Comrades, it is just unfortunate that peace in ADDIS ABABA has be adjourned indefinitely when the population is starving, dying from outbreak diseases, lack of shelter and have no access to humanitarian assistance, it is just unfortunate!.

We are requesting IGAD to reconsider their stand on the nomination of stakeholders in the peace process, it make sense when the process was dubbed with impunity and therefore TRANSPARENCY is non-negotiable, there must be a free and transparent process of nomination that satisfied not only the warring parties but Sudanese people in general. As much as we anxiously need peace, it should not be taken as our weakness to accept even any unprofessionalism, malpractices process proposed by either IGAD, Kiir diehards or G10 ( Third block) because undignified peace is worse than a just war. We have no doubt in our mind that these men and women who were appointed will deliver services to the people of South Sudan and at this juncture wish them well in their new task and their future endeavours.

‘’A certain degree of preparation for war is not only indispensable to avert disasters in the onset, but affords also the best security for the continuance of peace’’James Madison


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