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July 27, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The executives and the entire members of Nuer community in Arab republic of Egypt have expressed their delight over the appointment of comrade Thomas Jal Thomas as new south Sudan Ambassador to Arab republic of Egypt by the leadership of SPLM in opposition.

We have no doubt over the ability of Ambassador Thomas Jal Thomas to effectively represent his country in the Arabs state.
And to justify the confidence repose to him by Dr.Riek Machar the leader of the Resistance movement, (SPLM/A in opposition).
We are also convened that the new Ambassador will do everything possible to rebuild south sudan image in Egypt, which has been damaged by the former Ambassadors. And that Ambassador Thomas Jal will bring proud to the south Sudanese citizens residing in the Arabs state Egypt.

We want to use the press release to publicly comment Ambassador Thomas Jal Thomas for the excellent position offer to him by the leaders in opposition. We thank you for the right person in the right place.

The Nuer community in Egypt are very proud as south Sudanese when they first heard that Thomas Jal Thomas the going to be representing them in Arab country of Egypt.

Considering the great importance of the excellent relations between our two countries and our institutions, we are convinced that by the time you will sign in for your new mandate, these will continue to deepen further.

Your career has been nothing short of inspirational. Your work ethics have been nothing short of motivational. Your demeanor at work has been nothing short of professional. We are sure that at your new job, your performance will be sensational.


These are the names of the executives.

  1. Micheal Medan Toang- Chairman.
  2. Elizabeth Nyakong- Vice Chaiman.
  3. William peter Pal- Secretary General.
  4. Gatkuoth Maloah- Finance
  5. Philip Wal Mark- In formation Secretary.

We wish you every success in your new duties and Please be aware that you have our full support with you.

Chairman of Nuer community in Arab Republic of Egypt-Cairo
Mr.Micheal Medan Toan

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