By Kuoth Deng Bayak,

Nuer Youth Union In Ethiopia support 21 states in federal democracy(Photo: customized by Nyamilepedia editors)
Nuer Youth Union In Ethiopia support 21 states in federal democracy(Photo: customized by Nyamilepedia editors)

Sept 14, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Some people in South Sudan and around the world are caught in shock of confusion and they are beating around the bushes and since there were a political arena in the state of South Sudan for getting thing within the right direction to put away those obstacles of nepotism, corruption, unconstitutional rights, tribalism, regionalism, bribery, and insecurity of any citizen being targeted by their government without a cause no matter who you are being a child, woman, and unarmed men

Nepotism: is the only cancer that needs to be cure by the society of south Sudanese and so whenever it comes to common sense of working toward development in South Sudan system we need to quit that type sickness to heal the nation due to the fact that there were so many decrees issues by President of the country the outcome were mostly are people in the Federal government ministers were from the Warrap state and so on with unfair treatment to others in the country and that too is the redline by itself instead of president addressed the parliament saying the transitional government without him is a redline.

Corruption: is the one kind of sickness that make the country crumbled and let nobody do anything in the name of development for the goodness of all and in progress through development of the nation which let few run away with all wealth of the country and need to be stop in order to distribute the country wealth equally. Look at what happened within 2010-2011 $4 billions were embezzled by few individuals including the president Kiir and as well he wrote a letter to 75 people to bring those money and even he the president open an account for money return and no response till now and it seem like there was nothing went wrong and again in the presidential office about six millions were also stolen and why is happened? It is due mismanagement or misusing the Federal funds for few people for sake of greediness and Mr. President you also said during parliamentary addressing in your speech that anyone who will lead the transitional government without you is a redline what about $4 billion and six million that was corrupted and Mr. President you never redlined it and for me it is a redline and when it come correction indeed is a redline

Constitutional rights: constitutional rights are for every citizen of the country whereas everyone is freely chose for their daily activities with exception of rules and regulations of the country system set by constitution and follow by everyone in the country whereas no one is above the law including president and but when the constitution was written the president was given too much power and use it swiftly to destroy the country goodness in anyway and most people within the leading party SPLM favored that and few individual try to correct it, and that was also a redline even though president did not speak about it during the event, the constitution is nobody document but the land rules and regulations to give us a chance of how to rule our country according to constitutions not the president for that reason that is why people lost lives in the country either by war,hunger,and the like, so that I considered this as a redline due to the fact that any country without rules and regulations is already in chaos like now as president imposed his own ideas to lead us ghetto and for me it is real redline for president Salva Kiir.

Tribalism: tribalism push us backward so it demarcating any tribe borderline deeper and longer than it can be imagine whereas we should leave it for the old generations and bury it along with them since they made an open wounds that can be heal easily and also this jamming traffic where nobody go nowhere anytime, anywhere, anyhow and I mean this carry many mess of tribe phobia in the country and the governing. our country is composed of many tribes and they are 64 in number yet one tribe tried hard to make every one tribe by imposing their ideas, that is itching at everyone hears around the country so we need to scratched to heal the tribalism that was why President of the country Salva Kiir went on purposed and trained his own tribes men as presidential guards to go ahead and killed other tribes for sake of political issues which should be solve in the way it happened politically.Mr.President when people you started a coup to yourself and instead to be eleven politicians you ordered to disarmed few Nuer presidential guards within the guards to assassinated one person who tried to make our country betterment for all South Sudanese is not tribalism and that was Dr.Riek Machar who made that move with few others. During that time the order was literally targeted one tribe the Nuer civilians,being a child,woman and unarmed men without a cause just being a Nuer .Within those politicians of whom you imprisoned some and others ran away for their lives were not Nuer lead that tribe to die and out of those politicians four are the Nuer while the rest are from different tribes and the question is what killed the Nuer? The unarmed Nuer SPLAtrainees in the military training barracks in Mapel city of Western Bhar El Ghazal state were killed about 190 of them. For those who think Dinka tribe is the only one to fit anywhere in South Sudan and so neglecting other is the redline to me and need to be solve first. Look at the government now who are the most head of ministerial posts? That is tribal.

Regionalism: where this is the sticking point where as nobody move to anywhere without mentioning I am from Bahr El Ghazal,Equartoria,Upper Nile and so on and there is also a limitation to anybody move because there is exclusiveness base on the regionalism ,for example training for the military graduate in any duty are mostly from Bhar El Ghazal you president thought it was good and that is marginalization of others whereas the country became one region, so where do you think others regions will go and so this ideas made it difficult for many regions to seize the opportunity of the country.

Bribery: starting with the Nuer and other southern Sudanese and this is a descending melting pot that corruption was followed by bribing, you went ahead to bribed all the Nuer generals so that they humiliate their fellow Nuer who will say anything against you in a democratically way and many thanks to General Peter Gatdet Yak who were risked his life for his tribe “The Nuer “you already gave out millions to Uganda president Yower,JEM of Darfur,SPLA-N of Blue Nile and Kordufan,Pesdesta group law firm in Washingtom DC to lobby for you and denying the fact that you did not Massacred theNuer.The war itself is a big mess such as you are ruling a divided country, under development, refugee again, no food, clean water,killing is not a question of when but where? Borrowed $200 million three times to fight one tribe and begged the super powers nations to contribute militarily while buying military equipments to finish this nation of the Nuer as if you are fighting another nation than fighting tribe and if you Mr.president believe in tribal war why not make it short cut to just Dinka and Nuer tribes even we the bushes we are ready anyway. We can let go other South Sudanese tribe stay away and see who will win this war don’t just beat around bushes and I think you noticed that by bringing other nations to fight the Nuer as a redline to you Mr. President and those who support you and I take my marker to make a red line if not let go other nations in the country.

Insecurity: Since at referendum time the interim period of South Sudan right before the independent in the year 2011 the country more insecure than bushes time at the time of DR.John Garang and there were so many incidents in the capital Juba that Garang boys were keen enough eager to take over the presidency and it was on and of thing, while Jonglei never rest hustling each other, Unity state was unstable in the county of Mayom and it is like a permanent frontline in Upper Nile shilluk and Dinka and general Tang and the government as well as general George Athor and amnesty was a way out keep the government running and till now nothing make different and it is the same page we are on and so to turn the page it is better to cut off that one and keep using with others pages in the same book and I am speaking to South Sudanese, East Africa,AfricaUnion,Europeans Union, and USA,to the new nation a rest and if Salva Kiir is still a president of South Sudan there are going to be more insecurity continuously and still a redline to every South Sudan.

Massacre of Nuer: The killing of Nuer tribe will make unfinished line even your redline in the parliament speech will turn green line as far as you will make another move of speech at the parliament I think you say the opposite color for good. The move you did for the Nuer killing is going to make them bravest than you think and while you retreating step by step back till you fall into abyss you dug for yourself. politicians where were your colleagues in the same party and government were all free even at your country court for the allegedly the failed coup to yourself but Nuer were being targeted as if they were involved ,feeding some with their kins flesh, cutting out the unborn child and follow to kill, burning others, the number you deducted from the Nuer tribe is unforgettable and it is better for other nation to do this to us and so you may be think you are right with mostly power nations on earth but God’s the powerful than any others and you are going to snatched away anytime soon and I wonder why the world is in comma in getting rid of you since you did the genocide like others world nations who were eliminated for the same issues and to me it is beating around the bushes by those who stand with you and keeping you as president who taking bath of blood of his people.

I would like to say to readers that our country is at war due to nepotism,corruption,unconstitutional rights,tribalism,lies and bribery make the country toward chaos and will continue so it going to unfinished line till we fine the cure and the cure is to get rid of those I mentioned above and should world be not going to be around bushes to tell IGADS members countries to come up with durable solution to not sew the new and old clothes and that means transitional government and now Kiir government are in the books or pages so close the other one and start with the new one to avoid more redlines in the country and if not everyone has got a marker and we are going to draw many red ones than Salva Kiir drew and get to the points to help many suffering off South Sudanese.

Former chairman and president of NCDS USA. And can be reached at bkuothdeng@yahoo.com

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