Nguen Monytuel, Magok Rundial and Taaker Riak lost their ways in and out of Bentiu for life.

By Gai James Kai,


Gai Jame Kai ...
Gai Jame Kai …

July 14, 20914(Nyamilepedia) — Before these three betrayals mentioned above took on their leadership roles, did they really ask themselves, “Why do I want to lead?” “Who do I want to lead and “What’s the purpose of my leadership?” These questions are simple to ask, but finding the real answers may take decades. If the honest answers are power, prestige, and money, then they are at risk of relying on external gratification for fulfillment. There is nothing wrong with desiring these outward symbols as long as they are combined with a deeper desire to serve something greater than oneself. Leaders whose goal is the quest for power over others, unlimited wealth, or the fame that comes with success tend to look to others to gain satisfaction, and often appear self-centered and egotistical. They start to believe their own press. As leaders of institutions, they eventually believe the institution cannot succeed without them.

While most people value fair compensation for their accomplishments, Nguen Monytuel, Taker Riak and the rest start out seeking only bloody money, power, prestige and went into leadership to cheat and do evils. Along the way, the rewards—bonus checks, newspaper articles, perks, and stock appreciation—fuel increased their desires for more. This creates a deep desire to keep it going, often driven by desires to overcome narcissistic wounds from their childhood. Many times, this desire is so strong that these three “leaders” breach the ethical standards that previously governed their conduct, which can be bizarre and even illegal.

For many of us the idea of being a successful leader from peak to peak, delivering the goods quarter by quarter—is an intoxicating one. It is a pattern of celebration leading to belief, leading to distortion. When you achieve good results… you are typically celebrated, and you begin to believe that the figure at the center of all that champagne-toasting is yourself. Unfortunately, this ideology is in the contrary to that of Nguen Monytuel and the most disgraced in-law; the doom self-proclaimed commissioner of Leer county who knows absolutely nothing in leadership skills.

When leaders like these two betrayals focus on external gratification instead of inner satisfaction, they lose their grounding. Often they reject the honest critic who speaks truth to power. Instead, they surround themselves with sycophants who tell them what they want to hear. Over time, they are unable to engage in honest dialogue and learn not to confront them with reality.

Nguen and the rest got to the top by imposing their wills on innocent citizens of Bentiu who know absolutely nothing about their extreme failures, even destroying people standing in their way. When they reached the top, they are paranoid that others are trying to knock them off their pedestal. Sometimes they develop an impostor complex, caused by deep insecurities that they aren’t good enough and may be unmasked, which is I think will face them sooner than later, should their reign of terror collapse.

To prove they aren’t impostors, they drive so hard for perfection that they are incapable of acknowledging their failures. When confronted by them, they convince themselves and others that these problems are neither their fault nor theirresponsibility. Or they look for scapegoats to blame for all these mess. Using their power, charisma, and communications skills, they forced people of Bentiu; especially the Judas of Nuer Bentiu (Nguen Monytuel) to accept these distortions, causing entire citizens to lost touch with reality.

At this stage Nguen and Taaker are vulnerable to making big mistakes, such as violating the law or putting their organizations’ existence at risk. Their distortions convince them they are doing nothing wrong, or they rationalize that their deviations are acceptable to achieve a greater good.

During the financial read earlier this year, Magok Rundial, the “right honorable” speaker of National Legislative Assembly-NLA and Nguen Monytuel refused to recognize that Unity State was undercapitalized. Their denial turned balance sheet misjudgments into catastrophe for the entire financial system. Nguen persistently rejected advice to seek added capital, deluding himself into thinking the central government would bail him. When the crisis hit, he had run out of options other than bankruptcy.

It’s lonely at the top, because Nguen Monytuel and Taaker Riak know they are ultimately responsible for the lives and fortunes of people of Unity Stay and Leer County respectively If they fail, many get deeply hurt. They often deny the burdens and loneliness. becoming incapable of facing reality. They shut down their inner voice, because it is too painful to confront or even acknowledge; it may, however, appear in their dreams as they try to resolve conflicts rustling around inside their heads.

Meanwhile, their work lives and personal lives get out of balance. They lose touch with those closest to them̬, their spouses, children, and best friends—or co-opt them with their points of view. Eventually, they lose their capacity to think
logically about important issues

Gai James Kai; is an independent writer and a Law student at Nkumba University-Kampala. He can be reached through; gaijames11@gmail.com or on +256779188786

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