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My Advise To South Sudanese Patriots,

By Maley K Wawudit,

Revolutionary Greeting.

Thousands of South Sudanese celebrating the independent of the country in July 2011.(photo: David Azia)
Thousands of South Sudanese celebrating the independent of the country in July 2011.(photo: David Azia)

Nov 17, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — First and foremost, this article is proposed to discuss what a government is from contemporary perspectives.

Government, as defined, refers to a group of people who come from different parts within the same country to enact, control and administer public policies of that country or a political unit.. It consecutively starts from tribes and move down to clans and sub-clans of that given nation.

Let us take some examples from East Africa where there are more active tribes within the country. Ethiopia has approximately 70 tribes whereas South Sudan has 64 tribes. Those 70 and 64 tribes had nationally formed their respective countries and governments. Then an oppressive under representation versus inequitable distributions of services among same citizens in both hierarchical and local levels of governments had and has occurred in each country.

This triggered to the most deadly civil war in Ethiopia in the 20C and 2013 in South Sudan. This led to an overthrown of Ethiopian Dictator President Mengisto Hailemariam in the early 1990s. This gave Dr Riek Machar a military chance to redirect the Sudanese late Rebel Chairman and Commander-in-chief of SPLM/A Dr John Garang Mabior in 1991.

For the sake of the desperately needed South Sudanese reunification under the “Right for Self Determination” Machar re-joined the SPLM/A by signed peace with Dr Garang in 2002. This followed by 2005 CPA, 2010 Referendum on “Self Determination” for South Sudan and 2011 Independence which nationally and internationally renowned as a “New Born Nation” and the number 54 countries of African continent.

In December, 2013, Salva Kiir Mayar and his Nuerwew cohorts especially the Gaatmonytuil had instigated a coup against their own government and has allegedly made Dr Riek Machar a scapegoat on their making.

More than 20,000 Nuer civilians were tribally perished or massacred between 16 and 20 December, 2013 as the result of this self-plotted coup in Juba. The genocide that had never seen in old Sudan since the slavers period in 19C. As we all know that a country and its government is made up by tribes and move down to clans and sub-clans, how would you perceive this if someone love their tribe by keeping them in a safe condition but massacred your tribe and keep the rest of survivors in concentration camp?

The serial killer of your tribes or clan would come to you the next day by calling you the survivors as the good nationalists, paying you a blood money of your massacred tribe members, offering some of you jobs and asked you all to give up your tribe so that their tribe would only remain in the country to achieve their tribal policy of “One People One Nation”. Is it not a curse to condone this tribal policy of “J1 Palace” or “One People One Nation” which means only one tribe is good to run South Sudan affairs accordingly?

My media colleagues and I, have been tirelessly fighting in the mass media on behalf of our massacred tribe members and voiceless survivors who have trapped in the concentration camps pervasively in South Sudan while some very survivors have already forgot why they are called survivors and what hell brought them into those Concentration Camps around the country.

The IDPS should not easily forget their recent plights because they were survived. Please remember that what is now sitting in J1 in Juba is not a government for all. This tribal group who formed the J1 Palace does not want any other tribes to challenge their tribal government failure, especially you the mighty Naath. They keep the Nuewwew one their pocket for a while but kick them out after all because they only use them to fight their fellows in opposition.

South Sudan nation and its current murderous government was form by its 64 tribes where mostly the mighty Nuer and Dinka. We supposed not to die like fish after its successful Independence as nurtured by “Self Determination” that was pioneered by our own societal figure the Chairman and Commander-in-chief Dr Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon. However, we cannot give up our tribe for the sake of other tribal policy which created the “J1” and “One People One Nation” which means something else in our country. This can be compared with the SPLA vehicles plate number written as “13012” that was transported SPLA soldiers between Buma and Dimma in the late 20C. South Sudanese should seriously draw their analysis on the quoted tribal policies to find the gist.

I therefore advise some of Juba Massacre Survivors to remain active by minimizing their movement around “J1” while are residing in Juba UNMISS. The Nuerwew are not interested in our Nuer society anymore but for themselves. An anonymous source told me that the Nuerwew starting from tribes to clans and sub-clans have planned to assassinate any Juba Massacre Survivors who challenged their traitorous politic under Kiir’s J1 regime.

If you are IDPS who do not sing the traitorous songs of the Nuerwew lead by Gaatmonytuil etc, please mind your steps outdoor. Please never repeat to attend their traitorous celebrations of Nuer civilians blood positions offered to them by the common enemy around J1.

Those South Sudanese political opportunists versus Nuerwew who are desperately wishing Dr Machar Teny Dhurgon to death will die before him. We better commit on IGAD Compromise Peace Deal signed in August 2015.

The author of this article can be reached at wawum@yahoo.com.au

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