Just when we all thought the West has forgotten South Sudan issues.

By Panoum Kor Chagai,


South Sudan flag flying in New York...
South Sudan flag flying in New York…

July 11, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan the newest born country in the world not so much since it has turned three now so toddler might be the name for it,, a step sister from the northern part of Sudan whose fathered by a brutal, bloody, corrupted, cursed and troubled individuals but than, had a wonderful mother who was a loving peace, noble, equality for all and most importantly freedom for all. The history of South Sudan before its independent three years ago to be exact is like a cano an old cano that needs repairs, that need to be looked after or else it cannot give guarantee for safety of its users/owner and worst of all the likelihood of its to vanish in the ocean.

A little had been known so much about South Sudan since it gained independent years back except now you will hear people talking over a cup of coffee in some shops talking about how the country is lucky to have its independence from the North at the same time how they are not so lucky to be independent from the North this put everything into prospective as to whether did South Sudan really meant to be a country or another old Jelabiya a favourite peace of cloth item used by the Arab North brothers (Jelabiya a long white cloth use by mainly Muslim men found in Arab countries) and suddenly they decided to give it up and buy new one?

I have no doubt that the current situation in South Sudan not only had people mind struck rapidly for swift actions, but worst of all put those who can swiftly put an end peacefully into disbelief and in an unconfident situation just like when you have a vehicle that runs for few days but once again start to play around for another few days vice versa. I myself still have hopes and confidents in solving the South Sudan issues whether by military means or peaceful means. They say that a commander will always be a commander and a sailor will always remind a sailor but their share the same rules of engagement and their responsibilities are not different to one another. Sailing, and commanding has been one great journey for the people of South Sudan yet it is impose on them by their leaders because they have no choice except to sail alone with the others if left behind safety and chance of making alive is almost second to none.

South Sudan is also blessed because yes there are some countries that have given up hope for the new nation but yet some are determined to fight the unwarranted fight for peace and stability in the region and its surroundings. This play a very crucial role when you know yourself that you cannot give up a son/daughter that you brought into the world, helped, nurtured and become into something at the finishing line decided to give it up, a perfect example of the relentless tiredness work to save the people mostly the innocent people by the world body. The UN United Nations, American government, European Union, African Union, IGAD inter-government authority on development one of the african finest bloc who decided to nurture and oversee a peace returns to South Sudan has continued their vow since day one.

So much one can say however for what reason and at what cost? The current sanctions imposed by the body member of the Western ally, the bloc EU which was reported by Carl Odera dated Thursday July 10th 2014 (JUBA) showed how they the (world body) are a critical players in the this conflict that had displaced millions of South Sudanese and killed more than 20000 of them. These two countries consist of America and the EU waits like the viper snake to strike at those seem to be the problem to the peace and stability of South Sudan. May 6th 2014 by MICHAEL R. GORDON reported that the pentagon in its first ever economic sanction saw few individuals like from the government side Marial Chanuong, the commander of the government’s presidential guard force and from the rebels/ freedom fighters of SPLA in-opposition side Gen. Peter Gatdet Yaka being the target. This act rendered by the EU and American not only proved costly to those who the sanction directed to but their immediate families at large. Also an unconfirmed reports that the former General Chief of Staff who was this year dismiss by the government of Salva Kirr, Lt. Gen. James Hoth Mai was said to be banned from coming to Australia and after few weeks of visit to Melbourne in the month of May was sent back somewhere not confirm by the Australian authority. This is a crucial step to counter those fuelling the conflict putting more lives at risk everyday.

As we know, there is only much a goal keeper can do to help his/her team in a football match and that is what EU has done to the people of South Sudan. They are providing peaceful solution and waiting to save a goal kick by problematic individuals like those sanctioned recently. The West and their allies have done so much that would see South Sudan struggle to repay. We have seen the very First Lady rep of the UN to South Sudan Hilde Johnson living her post because her term has ended on the 9th of July 2014. She cried when kids cried, she called Norway when politicians where busy and she nurtured this young country however only so much a person, a group can do to help one’s problem and drama. I believe the solution to South Sudan lays deep inside individuals, everyone in South Sudan should stand up and show a force of unity to ouster the government that had failed them not once, not twice but many time. Popular uprising is imminent because sometime trusting a leader or president is like trusting the will d directing in which it can change the direction anytime. Let’s be bold on what we want as people, patriotic of this beautiful country and stand tall to fight injustice groomed by individuals and their leaders.

Viva South Sudan
Viva Change in South Sudan

The author is a concern citizen of South Sudan residing in Perth WA Australia. He can be reached via panoumkor@yahoo.com

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