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It’s the right time we call Salva Kiir by his true names.

By Makneth Aciek,



Salva Kiir, a president of the war torn South Sudan that now ranks at the bottom of many lists due to poor governance and civil war(photo: file)
Salva Kiir, a president of the war torn South Sudan that now ranks at the bottom of many lists due to poor governance and civil war(photo: file)

Jan 25, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— The signs of time have come for south Sudanese to reflect and start condemning collectively the atrocities committed by president Kiir’s regime. It does not matter whether you are of Dinka ethnicity, Nuer, or otherwise; we all felt the bitter hands of collapsing economy.

We should stop our penchant for focusing on wrong course and begin to realize that Salva Kiir does not care for the future of this county. Under president Kiir, South Sudanese lived in the society constructed for the benefit of leaders. After the death of Dr.Garang, Salva Kiir has created a class of pampered megalomaniacs who behave insufferably and betray the course of developing the nation.

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President Kiir continues with his feudal thinking where selected fews are lords and the rest are serfs and this is demonstrated by lack of commitment to build institutions over the years.

Institutions of governance are ecosystems that keep many elements of tribes in harmony. Imbalance in share values system causes the entire setup to collapse. This is what President Kiir deliberately allowed to happened in this country.

We live in a world dominated by hate, intolerance, greed and self-absorption; a time where our so call president openly discourage competition and encourage patronage. These are not sign of progress, they are painful indictment of presidency failure, and soon they will be translated to societal failure.

The ARCISS is dead and what ever being carry on in the name of TGONU is a diversionary tactics to confuse the gullible citizen of South Sudan and international community. What ever we hear and see from Juba are cheap political stunts and vapid statement designed to silent the voices of those who call for change.

The creation of more States is a joke and this jok is wholly on us, expensively. Having half of population in POCs and millions as refugees in neighboring countries, for whom president Kiir is creating those state ? It may be justified in regime diseased minds as an achievement, but it is not; it is an embarrassment.

These new states will remain a source of shame. The new governors will try to (behave) become a mini-Salva Kiir. They will spread the regime agenda of using violent to silent the dissenting voices; and as a result innocent youth will be turned into instruments of tyranny.

Everywhere you look, you will see faux leaders, con men masquerading as statesmen. Those of Taban Deng and Ezekiel Lol claim to be implementing ARCISS, but they seem to have forgotten that it was negotiated to help and rescue the starving people of south Sudan not for them to feast with gluttons.

It’s not a natural state of being for one person, be it first Vice President or not to have ten rooms in five Star Hotel while majority of citizens go to bed empty stomach. These are not signs of peace implementation- they are the opposite, they are signs that something has gone wrong with the implementation process. It means ARCISS is dead and pretenders are engaging in a me- first struggle for survival.

We set up this country through our votes during referendum, we equally set up the government to do good for us, not to oppressed us. It can never work anymore to suffer in silent under Kiir’s regime, we must tell him enough is enough!

President Kiir has been using behavioral patterns of wild creatures as his model for leadership. Through his ignorance, he has established ‘a big fish eats small fish society’. South Sudan currently is a country with rapidly spiraling poverty, inequality and growing insecurity and fears of genocide.

The citizen of south Sudan must call Salva Kiir by his true and real name, and agitate against the inequalities he has created. Mr Kiir and his accomplices must be reminded that listening to dissenting voices and oppositions is the form of grow-up behavior that move nations forward.

The citizen of this country must not allow the regime to continue offering activists and opposition as a blood sacrifice to the baying crowd possessed by evil spirit of negative ethnicity. We must stop singing SPLM OYE of hypocrisy and start working for something bigger than Salva Kiir.

Makneth Aciek is a south Sudanese and can be reached via wenmakneth@yahoo.com

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Eastern January 26, 2017 at 12:55 am

Thank you brother Makneth Aciek for being bluntly honest in your assessment of Kiir and tribal cabal..


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