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Is South Sudan a Blessed Nation in the Bible?

By David Lony Majak,

Map of South Sudan
Map of South Sudan

August 6th, 2014 (Nyamilepedia) -The question of brainstorming here is that; is South Sudan a blessed nation in the bible? According to the book of Genesis chapter (10) the table of Nations has clearly satisfied readers of religion scepters. In the book of Genesis (10) is a prophecy that establishes the origins, and reveals the traits that have determined the future history. However, the fixed ultimate destiny of each branch of the human race in their journey from their Genesis through to their reward or loss as been described in the Books of Ezekiel and Daniel.

South Sudan have extremely been destroyed and given a great punishment by God because of how its people create hatred amongst themselves.
I believed my past ancestor’s historical rumors in the bible explains how South Sudan is been described in the bible. Those of prophet Ngundeng Bong was also known as a great son of God in some scepters’ because he revealed some miracle events to the people in the late centuries and now some have come true and others are still coming to reveal.

When one look back into bible and Ngundeng Bong’s history, now some could believe his predictions prophecies have already become true due to the current and past ongoing events in South Sudan. Some elders recalled that Ngundeng’s prophecy in his lifetime generation was foolish (duaar) where he was too-talkative. But in bible; they said in genesis that Trees represent people and like the two trees in the Garden of Eden, Shem and Canaan were initially side by side in the midst.

In general terms, we may say that the north was assigned to Japheth, the South to Ham, and the middle territory to Shem, whereas Canaan was beaten asunder or “scattered abroad” throughout the earth and this can be apply to the hostilities behaviors where South Sudanese are been driven by the evils like Shem and Canaan who have committed sins in the garden of Eden when God told them not.

Therefore, it is easily Sees in 6000 Years of Biblical and World History together in the Old Testament that, Cush usually refers to the countries in the South where the children of Cush, Ham’s son lived by Sudan on the west, Somalia and Djibouti on the east, Kenya on the South, and Eritrea on the north.

Genesis 10:6, and the 1 Chronicles 1:8.These two books has educated all believers about these quotations in the Old Testament among these countries, South Sudan fall herein.

What destroyed South Sudan as a nation and what kills its citizens are believes and dreams on certain expectations regarding life aspects. The descendants of Noah in genesis ten and in the bible truth always prevails themselves after a couples of time as wrong doers does pretended for a while. The people of these great cities were major enemies of Israel throughout history. South Sudan is a blessed nation in the hand of God and it is upon South Sudanese people that small man of Nuer,Dinka and some other tribes men must sign that Peace talk into an agreement in Addis Ababa for the sake of restoring peace in the country.

The gateway is that God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them but South Sudanese failed to copy up within the scopes of bible as they continues creating haters amongst themselves and forgetting that they are all children of God and were created in the image of almighty God.

Also in the book of Act, Miraculous Creation of Nation and Covenant with Abraham were the creations of Nations, Languages (Gospel will go to all nations; all languages will hear; people from every tribe and tongue will be saved in the book of Acts 2; Rev 5 & 7).

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