In Remembrance of Juba Victims

By Rial Nyang Kuot,


Designed by Zee Machar..
Designed by Zee Machar..

December 17, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Today the 15th December 2014, marks the darkest day and the most painful moment in the history of South Sudan when the government of this country ruthlessly and mercilessly went on the rampage massacring the Nuer nationals in Juba on the grounds that they are supporters of Dr Riek Machar. It is the day when my own relatives,brothers and sisters untimely fell without knowing why they had to die in the hands of people who wants to rule them by force.

This inept government cries foul that there was a coup attempt to justify their reason for killing the Nuer from door to door. The whole world including the protector (M7) of Salva said there were no criteria and substantiated evidences to conclude that there was indeed a coup or its attempt. Salva himself admitted some days while addressing the parliament that there was no coup but Dr Riek had wanted to capitalize on the fighting within the presidential guards to take power by force.

He is boasting that he was elected by the people. There has never been any election held in the Republic of South Sudan for him to say that he was elected. Who does not know that the 2010 general election was rigged at gun point in favour of the SPLM? The Southerners forgave the SPLM because they were yearning for an independent state and so had to accept the results of the election so as not to allow the Northerners to take advantage of our differences and disrupt the referendum on the right of self-determination (brainchild of the Nasir Declaration in 1991).

Appearing in military fatique and guilt conscious in the SSTV, and surrounded by his dinka ministers including the caretaker governor of Unity State and the Ministers of health and Education (All Nuer who betrayed the souls of their people for wealth and self-aggrandizement), he said that they had foiled a coup, a contradiction in terms. The fact with in the presidential guards infighting was that the president himself ordered his dinka Generals to disarm the Nuer contingent so that he arrests Dr Riek and those who called for the reforms within the SPLM without resistance and or eliminated them(God forbade).

In fact the incident began when the SPLM was divided over how this country should be governed .The Chairman of the SPLM, himself the President, does not want this to happen so that he remains in power for as long as he lives. This was his intention of recruiting his tribesmen. It goes without saying that this was a calculation of M7 who has ruled and is ruling Uganda by iron fist since 1986.The author knows that the reason why the Dinka militias massacred the innocent Nuer is the settlement of old scores between the Nuer and the Dinka.

The plan to get rid of Dr Riek Machar has been long overdue and it has been being mentioned in the speeches and diatribes of the President Salva Kiir where he, more often than not, attacks the personality of Dr Riek Machar in many occasions including in informal get -together. The President went as far as attacking the renowned prophet Ngundeng for having prophesized that the ruler will come from the descendants of Teny Dhurgon,the grandfather of Dr Riek Machar.I have got to remind president Kiir that if the member of that descendant happens to be Dr Machar ,there is nothing wrong with it because that was a divine prophecy and those who don’t want it have two choices, either to accept it or hang themselves.

I was in tears when I picked up my pen to write in commemoration of the souls of my friends and relatives who died in the hands of the gelweng militias just because they are Nuer nationals specially my dear friend and brother Eng Chuur Bakual. May the killers of my beloved people live not to enjoy the fruits and flavor of life which they have deprived others of? The culture of this killing and revenge killing dates back to the early 80’s when the SPLA massacred the Gajaak in their thousands but the dinka hooligans were taught a proper lesson.

The Naath Nuer now know that their land is invaded by the dinka and would leave no stone unturned to make sure that their land is rid of the dinka militias and their mercenaries ,the Ugandan troops in the coming dry seasons. We will slug it out with you Dinkas,believe it or not. I was flabbergasted to see that President Salva killed without any sense of remorse the same people who voted him to power. He ignorantly calls for reconciliation and this begs the question that, how you can ask for reconciliation when you don’t admit that the people were indeed killed on my orders? The government must be held accountable for the December genocide unleashed on innocent Nuer who have no cause to die besides the fact that they are Nuer, an inalienable right by birth. I pray that the Almighty and the Omnipotent God rest their souls in eternal peace and comfort us. The Juba government must go.
The author is reachable at koutrailnyang@gmail.com

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