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I wish Kenyans Peaceful Election

By Dak Buoth,


Over 1 million Kenyans turned out during NASA campaign today, August 5th, at the Uhuru Park, Nairobi(Photo: file)
Over 1 million Kenyans turned out during NASA campaign today, August 5th, at the Uhuru Park, Nairobi(Photo: file)

4th, August, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– In 2013, a few weeks to the last general election, my former Lecturer Robert Miruka asked me a question in class at one of the local university here. He said and I quote ‘‘Dak which presidential candidates do you support in the forthcoming poll?’’ I was then with Lawyer Frasiah Njeri, Davies Iwanabe, Murine Ojwang, Ann Mumbi, and Stanley Kimanzi just to mentioned but a few.

I remember I came late to class that day. I knocked the door. Luckily he welcomes me in. Immediately I took my seat, he posed the aforesaid question. First, I paused and tried to grapple swiftly whether to remain Mum or respond. I had those two options in mind and opted for the latter. I said if I keep quiet it will amount to disrespect to the Teacher or maybe the class will think I was just afraid to express my view on the same, which I can’t.

In that instance, when I turned my head around before I reacted, I saw all eyes were on me. By then there was already simmering tension as days draw nearer. More often Elections in Kenya are deem so sensitive and emotive issue which Kenyans themselves avoid discussing in public let alone none locals. Many do feel shy talking about politics for fear of victimization, and non-locals are strongly advised not to interfere. As happened elsewhere, foreigners should just sit, watch and coped with whoever is elected by the electorates, which is absolutely correct.

Hence I felt a bid aghast on hearing Mwalimu asking me the candidate i backs on an election that he knew I wasn’t permitted by law to talk and interfere on. At that time, I also knew my classmates supported various political divides. Thus, when I resolved to answer his question, I too became mindful not to anger some of them on matter that I was not going to participate in.


I simply answered and told the Teacher as follows: I knew whom I support. ‘‘Who is that, tell us’’. He insisted? I told him that I was supporting the one who has the interest of Kenyans at heart? He said again ‘‘what is his name? I said I knew his name but I can’t mention him right now?  After that they all got shrunk and withdrew their eyes on me. Even though my answer seems incomplete and unsatisfactory, but at least I uttered a word. Obviously, there can be no unanimity in answering such question; any answer is the right answer. One just needs to say something close to it. I believe they had a taste of my agility and political awareness.

If I was political greenhorn, maybe I could have just named any of the popular candidates which could earn me envy and irritating sentiments that can hurt me.


Unlike 2013 plebiscite, I now have many colleagues, former class and school mates who are vying for various seats across the republic of Kenya. I will follow this poll keenly and with a passion. Other than hoping and praying for my colleagues to emerge victorious, it is also my humble prayer to see into it that the election must be peaceful during and after the exercise.

We, who hail from war torn countries and have sought shelters here, have moral and superstitious duty to pray for peace to prevail at this critical time.


I believe no Kenyan expects a lecture on election from any South Sudanese like me. I think Kenyans are far much ahead of us. And we wish you to remain ahead. We are fully behind you and we won’t pull you down because we are not complaining. We are learning from your democratic trails and footsteps. We hope to reach where you’re and move with you shoulder- by-shoulder. And as you accept to be ahead of us, you ought to remember that those who are behind and ahead do complement each other in better way. Moreover, to be ahead also comes with expectations. Morally, you owe us a duty of care; you must keep functioning, performing and prospering.


At this juncture, on 8th August 2017, you should recall your obligation to do the right thing throughout this period, and that right things are to: maintain, peace, during, and after the election. Once you do that you’re good to go. I know that dissatisfaction and disagreements are inevitable in any political tussle, but you must remain true to the noble call to maintain peace and dialogue in Kenya. In unlikely event that poll outcome and results does not favors or reflect your expectations, one can draft and craft over hundred options except resorting to violence.

You have to keep and promote nothing else but peace because Kenya is the better home for you.

Remember Kenya is the only peaceful island in the ocean of chaos. There is nowhere to run and hide. Uganda,TZ and Ethiopia are density populated, and South Sudan and Somalia are no go zones.

In the same vein, I have learned that some Kenyans hold uninformed opinion that foreigners and refugees live good life in Kenya, which is untrue. Folks, you can ask yourself simple question, how can people who ran away empty handed from political violence live good life when none of them can’t afford work permit let alone toiling to gets Job here. I know many Refugees came to Kenya to seek refuge only. In fact, they’re living in hiding here and they have nothing to smile about. Thus, you can’t afford to try that regrettable route in your life time. We have to be frank and honest with you. They say Africans have been too nice to each other for long, and we have to tell ourselves the truth as it is.


In spite of the fact that we knew you know a lot and hold you up on pedestal for that, I hope you will listen to some of our compliments that we offers with a view to help you move forward in speed at the right direction. They say the strength of a man is measured by how quick he rises up when he fall. You stumbled and fall in 2007 via an error, and we all wailed together for you.

You have now gain momentum and we don’t expect you to shake up the momentum you build over the years. I know you’re sane sent to this earth for unity of purpose. It is my utmost desire to see you not repeating the 2007 political blunders in 2017.


The other day, I was chatting with my colleague Mr. Gatmai Buom, we made and shared an observations that most Kenyans especially the Dons like comparing Kenya with tigers states such as the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, which is a very good thing. Human beings or state countries must choose to emulate certain nations that they look up to as their role models. However, the contrast we drew was that, Kenyan still suffers from our indictment as Africans; and that tribalism, nepotism, clanism and other vices still lingers in your minds which those countries do not have. And we said if our friends Kenyans could abandon those African leadership cancers that they would tread steadily into the path of unity, progress and civility forever and ever.


On 8th August 2017, I hope Kenyans will go for nothing but history making and straight recording setting. You did it before and nothing will bare you this time round. You have our confidence and yours combined and together we’re gonna be number one.

I must register that Kenyans have great leaders some of whom are vying for presidential and others seats, thus, the only challenge is how to choose those leaders now. In my view some of your leaders are alike in term of values and the love they have for Kenya.

In other words, some of them are very qualified and suitable to lead in many capacities.

Notwithstanding, you can select a few, leave the rest not in the cold but to warm on the bench so that you substitute them in where deem fit.

I reiterate that you must wake up on date 8th of August for good fight, a fight for Kenya and the world generally considering that our successes are interlinked and connected.

If Kenya win South Sudan won, and it is a win for Africa.

As I told my lecturer, I support your candidates and leaders who have the interest of Kenyans at heart, and i support you all. Three days to go. Asante Sana.

The Writer can be reached for comments via eligodakb@yahoo.com

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1 comment

londieki August 6, 2017 at 5:49 am

Dear Dak,
In your article i see real love for people, peace and prosperity. Your English is good and your thoughts very coherent. I hope you stay around for longer, Kenya needs thinkers like you.
About the elections, I believe Uhuru and Raila both deeply love their country, they wont like to see it go to the dogs. I love Kenya. I love South Sudan and wish her peace and prosperity. We are one people, let us not, like the biblical analogy of the stupid woman, destroy our house with our own hands.


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