Hon.Mayiik Ayii Deng – Functionally illiterate And Most Corrupt Minister 

By Deng Mayen,


May 02, 2017 (Nyamilepedia) —— In dysfunctional countries, public office holders focus primarily on personal aggrandizement while the state fails to perform essential functions. It is important to examine the functioning of the Office of the President under the leadership of the functionally illiterate and incompetent Hon. Minister Mayiik Ayii Deng.He has turned the office into a center of corruption and political gambling. It is embarrassing to appoint a primary school dropout as Minister in the Office of the President. I am urging Mayiik Ayii Deng to resign from his ministerial portfolio and do intensive English Course to equip himself. The syndicate has established a Criminal network to intimidate and ransack the State resource particular in the Oil industry. One of the State governors admitted publicly that uneducated Hon. Minister is political cancer at the heart of the government. The consequence of hiring an uneducated and incompetent individual who called himself Mayiik Ayii is terribly disturbing news in the street of Juba. He is a fraud who performs witchcraft to maintain his Ministerial position.

It is very unfortunate that the Minister in Office of President is turning against `his colleagues in Transitional National Legislative Assembly. Members of Parliament started questioning his political capabilities and academic credential to lead this sensitive Office of the President. The honorable Members of Parliament were shocked to know that Mayiik Ayii doesn’t know how to write properly. Mayiik should produce a document that shows his competence in English language test to prove me wrong. South Sudan is a land of opportunities where illiterates can be Ministers. Someone was claiming that Mayiik is a graduate of Loras University College, where he did BA in Political Science and BA in Philosophy respectively. There are significant pieces of evidence that Mayiik Ayii didn’t step his feet in any University in the USA as he claimed. Ezekiel Lol admitted to me that Mayiik has no academic credential.SSBC/SSTV viewers are all my witnesses. It is an open secret that Mayiik is an uneducated thief.

The Criminal Syndicate is seriously targeting the huge contracts in the Oil Operating companies in the Country. Mayiik Ayii and the senior member of the Criminal network Ezekiel Lol have intimidated the Management of Nilepet to award a contract of Oil Drilling in Bentiu to their Chinese businessman after getting a kickback of Eleven Millions USD. The Management of Nilepet has refused and awarded a contract to a national company called Nile Drilling Services Co.Ltd. The Chinese businessman was disappointed after failing to secure the contract and is asking his money back. The Syndicate also influenced the Presidency to grant Block B3   to Nigerian tycoon called Prince Arthur with conditions of getting bribery of Twenty Millions USD. In addition, Prince Arthur was obliged to pay Fifteen Million USD to the government as a signature bonus after signing a contract with the Ministry of Petroleum. Prince has paid only Eight Million Two hundred thousand dollars, the rest were paid to the Syndicate. They also negotiated with oil operating companies without involving technical expertise. The Criminal networks are busy implementing their agenda of looting and corrupting the Oil industry

Upon his appointment as a chairman of Board of Directors of Nilepet, the uneducated Hon. Minister has initially seized the executive power of the Managing Director of Nilepet to dismiss the members of Padang Community in Dar Petroleum Operating Company. There are substantial evidences that there is a looming corruption in the Oil industry premeditated by Mayiik Ayii. The ill –equipped Minister didn’t call for any single meeting of the Board of Directors since his appointment. It is unfortunate that the member of the Syndicate Ezekiel Lol has requested the payment of Six Millions SSP from Nilepet, but the Managing Director has approved only Three Million Two Hundred thousand SSP from the mentioned amount and paid to his personal aide (Tiach Jiech). The Criminal Syndicate should allow the Managing Director to execute the policies and mandate of the Nilepet freely without any intimidation or harassment.

In conclusion, the Ministry of Presidential Affairs needs an SPLM cadre with realistic qualifications and moral obligations. It is embarrassing to the nation to have an uneducated person as a Minister in the Office of the President. President should think twice before this illiterate Minister drive the nation into the political chaos. Mayiik Ayii can’t write comments on the letters referred to his Office for a necessary action by the President. He should start to sit in his office to do the government business professionally even if he is unqualified. The Criminal Syndicate should stop their political conspiracy to replace the Minister of Culture, Youth, and Sport with another inexperienced Medical Officer who always behave like the attack dog.

Deng Mayen is a former SPLA Freedom Fighter and a friend to Mayiik Ayii Deng in Minnesota Community College

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IloveSouthSudan May 3, 2017 at 4:35 am

Loras College has confirmed that Minister Deng graduated in 1996 with a degree in Political Science.

Anyone in need of further confirmation can contact the Loras College alumni office at the address below.

Brieanna Pumilia (’15)
Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
1450 Alta Vista St
Dubuque, IA 52001
563.588.7776 | 800.245.6727


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