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Opinion: Hon. Denay Chagor is a young competent politician: A response to Dr. Ran Kuoth Chak

By Mak Banguot Gok (Makjohnson),

June 09, 2021 – Dr. Ran Kuoth Chak’s cyberattacks on Jonglei State Governor Hon. Denay Jock Chagor has exceeded the normal stage of rational freedom of expression.

Hon. Denay Chagor is a renowned young politician: A Response to Dr. Ran Kuoth Chak
Jonglei State Governor, Hon. Denay Chagor (photo credit: supplied)

Therefore, in response to Dr. Kuoth’s recent rants against Hon. Chagor, I am hereby taking you all the way through the dustbins of his recent baseless article circulated on social media platforms titled “Exposing Political Deceit:  Denay Jock rise to power without education and military training”. This piece of writing is giving you an accurate version of who actually the Hon. Chagor is.

When I read through social media about some individuals’ political dissatisfaction, I felt so much discontent with all the baseless recitations by those cyber delinquents who either acted or are acting in total deviation from the facts about the young Governor.

Although there has never been an imperative point brought forth to be somewhat debatable, there are still some nonsensical speculations that many of us who know Hon. Chagor’s shiny political background can openly condemn in the strongest terms it deserves.

Precisely, I wouldn’t hesitate to make it clear that, all those with contentions against the governor’s rise to the political ladder are merely enemies of their own rights. Their fabricated narratives against the Hon. Governor, are unsubstantiated. We should not bother so much about someone who only acts in an expression of own concocted political views.

People in Jonglei State know and feel the difference brought forth by the young Governor in political contacts and conduct. Those who do not see the reasons to appreciate all which are being achieved through the young Governor are only the ones battling with the syndrome of political immaturity.

To set the ball rolling, this article is not only aimed at educating Dr. Kuoth but also at anyone who is ignorant about the personality of Hon. Chagor. This is because unsubstantiated utterances from political adversaries have been widespread and threatened to soil the image of the Governor. All sorts of allegations, from corruption to deceitfulness, have been falsely labeled against Hon. Chagor.

There are existing few individuals who continue claiming that the governor used some dark force to ascend to accelerate his rise to political fame. Of course, these are people who are simply unappreciative of a leader who goes the extra mile to work for the good of society.

Those who are on their mission of waging on a disloyalty campaign against the young Governor are the same ones accustomed to the beliefs in hearsays, for they lack realism and the capacity to pay a proper thought of a situation before depicting it out nonetheless. It is clear that all those involved in peddling falsehoods against the young Governor have no credible benchmarks to base their accusations.  None of them accurately brought forth a justification of their claim by pointing out specific areas where the governor misfired in the exercise of his duties.

If anyone asks them what is lacking in the young Governor, none will give you satisfactory answers. And, a lack of supportive evidence to their unconstructive arguments against the Governor, makes most, (if not all) of their allegations null and void.

Moreover, I doubt that the author (for example, of the recently online circulated article), indeed mentioned his real nature. Given the fact that the name Ran Kuoth Chak does not sound like any of a meaningful Nuer’s names, makes his understanding of our societal affairs questionable.

Based on the moral and legal value of social media engagement, omitting one’s exact distinctiveness (hiding identity) and raging on social media against a public figure or an individual personality, is somewhat best described as “criminology.”

Nonetheless, it is unfortunate for whoever holds on to those negative narratives against the Jonglei State Governor without a prior understanding of his personality and contributions to the state.

I mean, for those of you who hang on such magical assumptions that “Jonglei State governor is not educationally qualified; the governor has no politically-recorded work experience; the governor has never once served in conventional military services, and therefore, the Governor is unfit for the job”, you are only showing off the flaw of your intellectual analysis.

To be brutally honest, people of your caliber are described as political novices, it’s not your own making, it’s just natural. This is rightly so when your point of view is showing how politically naive you are to the point of not recognizing the potency of the current Jonglei State Governor.

Not by directly responding to them in a detailed context, I would like to only reassure these peddlers of falsehood that, the current governor of Jonglei State Hon Chagor is indeed a young budding political personality. This is due to the blend of his solid personal, moral character, and a politically-oriented attitude that, unlike the old political folks, he fully understands the liberal democratic ideology that a society should be governed by an elite group of individuals who have nationalistic views.

Hon. Chagor is by the verdict of scientific interpretation of politics, a “Political Dove”, a young politician who wants to use peaceful methods to solve all sorts of political problems rather than fighting.

And, above all, Hon. Chagor is a politically critical thinker; an effective public speaker; a steady decision-maker; an outstanding public influencer, and a statesman. Hon. Chagor deserves not negative judgment, but an objective recognition for achieving what none of the leaders among the current political leaders, and those who previously served as governors of Jonglei State have achieved.

And, if a good politician is one who proposes, supports, and creates laws or policies that govern the state and, by extension, its people, there is no doubt that, Hon. Chagor is an extraordinary young politician who can work on a local or national scale, and he has an extensive influence over various bureaucratic processes, and he is able to independently execute government plans on behalf of the people (for example, of Jonglei State).

Educationally, and in reference to Kuoth’s piece against the governor, Hon. Chagor is renowned for not only possessing quality formal education, but, and above all, his intellectual quality, political exposure, engagement in idea sharing, creative, unconventional, innovative, and above all, as a young man, he is specifically encouraged by a culture of risk-taking, democratic political orientation, and swift response. These extraordinary personal qualities of Hon Chagor can speak to the skeptics of his leadership.

The author, Mak Johnson, can be reached through email at johnsonmak61@gmail.com

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