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For how long will the UPDF of Ugandan, Sudanese rebels groups and M23 rebels of Congo stay in South Sudan?

By: Tut John Nyuon,


Equipments captured by the oppositions from the Sudanese rebels, who are allied with the South Sudan regime forces
Equipments captured by the oppositions from the Sudanese rebels, who are allied with the South Sudan regime forces(photo: file)

May 27, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan, the newest nation of the world is composed of more than 63 tribes which includes the two majority tribes that are Naath or Nuer and Dinka.

Here is the simple and very difficult to and answer. The question is ‘for how long will the UPDF of Uganda, Justice Equality Movement (JEM) rebels of Darfur, western Sudan and M23 rebels of Congo will stay in South Sudan to fight on the side of Kiir government to kill South Sudanese civilians for affair which is not theirs? ’ Let me take you back to 1955-2004 before CPA in 2005 deal which end the long war between South Sudan and former enemy N.Sudan. Did the Ugandan troops help us in person rather than politically when we fought the war of our independence with Arab North Sudan? My answer is no, than why the father (Kiir) of nation invited the external force to fight on his side again Nuer tribe which is not also a full tribe but half of Nuer tribe? While, some of Nuer are supporting  Kiir who have killed more than 600 Nuer civilians from door to door from 15-18, Dec last year Kiir also and still calling for external help to fight Nuer. I have never and will never dream of South Sudan is for some tribes which exclude Naath or Nuer.

Who will leave S.Sdan between Nuer and Kiir’s external force? Nuer are real South Sudanese citizen who could not and will not leave this nation even if the war will take decades for them to leave this nation to other 63 tribes for South Sudan is belong to all of us. All these external forces fighting Naath days and night will go back to where they came from and Nuer will not go anywhere. Than if it will happen like that for external forces of Kiir to leave South Sudan, will Dinka go with them or left in South Sudan? President created long war for us.

This war is planned war which Nuer are not aware of it. Why? Because, how comes for president could call for external forces to fight on his side against half-of tribe or Nuer? We fought many wars with Arab even recently in oil fields like Tharjiath or higglig; did he (Kiir) call for help? And did he (Kiir) dressed in a military uniform; while, we are fighting with another nation?  Now when it comes to fight Nuer; Kiir, the president of the nation called for help outside to fight Nuer his country tribe. So the war is planed war even Nuer or others South Sudanese who didn’t understand it will understand what this war is about but matter of time, and Kiir will realize that he shorted his legs, right and head not only part of his body but also I think his future for South Sudan if he had future left for this nation.
The killing of more than 600 civilians Nuer which some of them were government officials; three quarter of them were Kiir’s supporters in the politic and all of them were the people who voted for independence of this nation as well as for Kiir to be president of this South Sudan today, have taken us back to dark days. I personally, I doubt what kind of president is that who is giggling of killing of his civilians because they are tribe of his rival in politic. I think without Nuer, there would be no South Sudan and the reverse is true for Dinka and others tribes in South Sudan. If that was the coup planned by the former vice-president Dr.Riek Machar and his group, like those who were released and those who are under detainees; why does the government targeted only one tribe that’s Nuer tribe while all politicians who supported the father of self-determination, the former vice-president of South Sudan Dr.Riek Machar are all not from Naath (Nuer)? Can civilian children, school boys and girls, old men and women can planned to make a coup? That was not a coup. Coup is always make by soldiers, he who have no force can not make a coup but what killed more than 600 Nuer in Juba was political pressure.

Those who were killed in the mid-Dec last year in Juba even some of them didn’t have knowledge about word coup but Kiir government have done it as the ethnic cleansing. What the government of Kiir has done to Nuer (Naath) tribe last year and still doing it now is something which will not be forgotten by Nuer within South Sudan and outside it. For those who thought that was coups planned by Dr.Riek Machar are people who have hand on killing of Nuer. This war is war between Dinka and Naath that was planned by Kiir, that’s why he addressed the meeting on 14, the same Dec, last year that “You the interest of public of Juba, stay as something might happen and the 1991 will not repeat itself” in the meeting which he (Kiir) invited Church leaders and in the following day he slaughtered Nuer who brought him on power. What a shame is it for president to invite the external forces to fight with half of the one tribe that’s Naath tribe?

This war will not end very soon because of what Kiir have done to Naath or Nuer in juba is ethnic cleansing and inviting external forces to fight Naath. It  is better for SPLA forces to kill its own civilians if they did what is not expected from civilian of the country than UPDF of Uganda, JEM of Darfur and M23 revels of Congo to kill Nuer in South Sudan while, Nuer (Nuer) have done nothing to their government, the South Sudan government. Do you think this war is simple war? And for how long all these foreign troops will stay in South Sudan? Beginning is not an end. No matter how of many years it will take, if the Kiir will not realize what he and his foreign troops did to Naath or Nuer in South Sudan is the crime of grave and ethnic cleansing but who started the war and who you will win it (war)? You can win today and I can win tomorrow.
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David Line George May 28, 2014 at 11:00 am

starting of something is always pain full but revenges is more painful than start.am seeing my brothers dinkas are dancing on the street because the have achieved what the have planed for some years through uganda shield but when the revenges started ,even the diet dinka will cry in where she/he is.let kiir pray heard for this peace to work but when it failed ,i will be worries of what will happen to dinka of warrap state.


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