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Fifteen Ways That Show The “Government” in Juba is Not a National Government or a Government For The People

By Gatluak Luk C,


President Salva Kiir calls for an earlier election in the country(Photo: file)
President Salva Kiir calls for an earlier election in the country(Photo: file)

April 13, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —–First, it is an apparent truth that the crooks in Juba ran to Uganda to hire better men who could face the “Nuer- school children” as they used to say. Two years later, even though they have trained hundreds of thousands of militias, Ugandan troops are still loitering on South Sudan soil to protect the Jieng Council of Elders’ government. Unfortunately, the Naath nation that they wanted to cleanse like Tutsi of Rwanda are still standing tall and strong though they fought with light weapons and no gunships or resources.

Second,  the JCE government hired JEM Rebels of Darfur to fight freedom fighters under the able leadership of C-in –C and his deputy Alfred Lado Gore, who arrived safe and sound in juba today, in preparation of the arrival of the chairman, Dr Machar.

Despite the participation of Sudan’s five rebels groups, Congolese rebels, Rwandans and Ugandan army in the war, they have not finished the Naath Nation. Unlike the Syrians war, nobody really care from the international community to held these thugs accountable for war crimes committed in South Sudan which give them a green light to quench their tribal hatred against Nuer. They castrated children, raped infants and burned their mothers alive to prove that they are tribal racoons but the Nuer nation remains strong and victorious.

Third,  they cried all over the world that there was a coup attempt made by Dr Machar on their leadership; the facts finding, including Africa union commission of enquiry, has confirmed that there was no coup made against JCE government but a pretex to maintain power and cleans Nuer populations. A national government of people, by the people and for the people cannot be thirty of power and killing of civilians.

Four, they deserts so many frontlines even in presence of their JEM rebels and Uganda troops, whom they hired to clear every Nuer , because they fear freedom fighters. Without the brave men of Nuer, Dinka cannot even liberate a kitchen. This is why they were defeated so badly in 1990s and pushed to the borders of Kenya and Uganda after the Nuer withdrewn at the battle for Juba in 1991. Even in the last 2 years, it was only the Nuer-wew fighting for the JCE cowards in Upper Nile. Without the Nuer, there will be no South Sudan

Five, they killed unarmed Nuer under protection of civilians around the country. Nobody asked them why real men could resort to killing of unarmed elderly, women and children. This killing was sponsored by Bor politicians like Makuei Lueth and Kuol Manyang who are keys members of the Jieng Government.

Six, they are now calling for Dr Machar to return to juba  very soon in order to free them from the house arrest imposed on them by Gen- US Dollar. Because they have no center of command in the SPLM/SPLA-IO General Malong is still barking that Dr Machar will not be a President in his presence, does Juba regime really understand themselves and the word agreement? They are sick.

Seven, they accused international community of supporting Dr Riek Machar, whom they branded as rebels, prophet of dooms and all sort of bad name and fabrication. If they are of sound mind, why would the international community supports a prophet of doom and refuse to recognize a “democractically elected government” of “one people one nation”? Because the world has known their white lies. The politicains in juba working under the leadership of president Kiir are either supporting Jiengism or they are weak hearted cowards who are after blood money.

Eight, their tribal militias called SPLA or South Sudan are paid through raping women and killing of civilians. This was discovered by none other than the United Nations. Therefore the JCE government will be known in history as a government that paid soldiers through war crimes and crimes against humanity. They committed heinous crimes just for the hate of one man Riek Machar and his tribe, the Naath People, yet they are claiming that their government is a legitimate governments when they are worst then thieves. True national army or government under a democratic leadership value humanity and sovereignty.

Nine, they murder over 600 prisoners of war and politicians in Juba, whom they arrested in difference locations. Nobody has even dared to ask them why a government can kill its own citizens when the rebels are keeping prisoners of war. Only Dr. Machar will bring them to book one day.

Ten, they create unconstitutional 28 states and allocated 14 states to their own tribe. This is pure greed. They thought that it will help their political standard in the country-wide to be recommended by the civil populations. But people of south Sudan are intelligent they cannot give chance to JCE regime by recommending Kiir’s land grabbing decree No to pass.

His presidential degree was rejected by SPLM IO leadership and everywhere in the country, asking the government to revoke the order because that order may grow conflict among the citizens in the country. All political parties and civil society organizations in the country have also did the same urging president kiir to reverse the order because it is tribal and divisive.

Eleven, Juba regime also committed looting of humanitarians food assistance and even school back for little children, which were distributed to our poor people because we do not have a practical government that cares for the people. The soldiers of Kiir displaced people to swarms in Bentiu and Pangak. To make it worse, the soldiers followed IDPs and robbed their food, which was their only mean of survival since the government in juba does not care on what the soldiers in frontlines can eat.

Twelve,  the tribal soldiers of Salva Kiir raided cows from Nuer and Equatorians and take them to their villages, how would the south Sudanese call such groups? Even real militia do not raid cattle? Such are bandits, who deserve 10 years in Jail but under Salva Kiir they are called “constitutional national army”. May God forgive them for they know not what they are doing.

Thirteen,  they killed journalist and arrested politicians for no reasonable grounds except tribal mentallity to silence freedom of speech. They did this to their supporters and repeated it again today to SPLM IO media personals, who were in preparation for the arrival of the deputy chairman of SPLM IO, Alfred Lado Gore.  Juba is against free media around the country because they want only their interest posted as news; my question is can you still such group a true government ??

Fourteen, They have stolen billions of dollars in juba and because they know themselves and majority of big thieves are all from Bahr El Ghazal they cannot hold themselves accountable. They are related thieves. In addition, part of the stolen money is taken to foreign countries and their intention is very clear; to buy wealth and weapons of distruction. Instead of investing in their own country, they destroy the country and invest outside. Is that really a government or just buny of thugs?

Fiveteen,  They prevent Humanitarians/ NGos to reach IO controlled areas where there are civilians in need of food assistance and other basic needs because they want to starve those whom they fail to kill in their hunt cleansing. Is that really government for the people? Yet they are not ashamed to go on television lying “one people, one nation”!

That is your “government for one people, one nation”. May God forgive South Sudan and touch the hearts of my people.

The author of this article is a concern South Sudanese. He can be reached at gatluakluk@gmail.com

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Bol Gatjang April 14, 2016 at 4:10 am

Of course, Mr.Gatluak Luk

I’m very sure the so called international community and their allies should take drastic measures against those animals. It has never happen in the world that the country might be govern by those who have Monkeys mentality. Kiir and his counterpart Malong not thinking well like human beings to stop squandering human lives. This is true about soldiers they using their blood to die while protecting them and they keep talking nonsense while they are killing other people’s children in BG, Bor, Nuer money lovers and so on. This country of South Sudan will never thrive under Dinka such as Kiir and Malong as leaders. It had been one particular tribe’s government not for all tribes. Eventually, the world should understand that South Sudan will never flourish if Jaang or Dinka thought it’s their because the blood of those who died in struggles will curse them.

Mary Pal April 14, 2016 at 8:59 pm

Don’t worry brother, the world is watching, they’re distorting their dignity but, they don’t relying it. During Itang they kept themselves busy for thieves while others South Sudanese are busy for struggle which is they’re claiming today, i still remembering what they have done in 7/19/1985 at 3:24 p.m. when they burned down the houses for thieves in Bethe down.


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