Dr. Riek Machar is sanctified of not Signing Ostentatious Proposal in Expense of over 20,000 Nuer Acquitted Lives Lost in Juba.

By. Mak Banguot Gok,


Former Vice president, Dr Riek Machar in Jonglei State, after fleeing Juba, 2014(Photo: file)
Former Vice president, Dr Riek Machar in Jonglei State, after fleeing Juba, 2014(Photo: file)

August 30, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — First and foremost, I would like to give a round of applause  to His right dignitary, the Chairman of the Federalists  Revolutionaries Movement; the Sudan People ‘Liberation Movement in Opposition, Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon for not bountiful in to a cut-rate formulary forged as a resolution to the nine-months old conflict in South Sudan that cost lives of thousands innocent Nuer women and children in the hands of Salva Kiir’s private Dinka army in Juba during the 15th, December episode,  when he ( Salva) with stimulus from Ugandan tyranny, Yoweri Museveni . Our Movement will never be like a Lord Resistance Army movement of Uganda that ended up in a bush. Salva Kiir has committed the crimes against humanity and now UN is under investigation to take Salva Kiir to ICC. Therefore, we Southerner need to collaborate to get rid of him and his supporters. His regime has failed us. His regime has killed too many lives. And, Salva Kiir will never be removed through peaceful mean. We need to remove him through bullet. Salva Kiir must step down.

The so-called IGAD has been toiling for eight months and, endeavored to umpire peace between the Dinka-led government in one hand and, the Nuer-lead revolution. The so-called IGAD heads of the States have done nothing if they thought Dr. Riek Machar is foul like Salva Kiir to accept any of the cut-rate suppositions to the conflict. It is too bad that IGAD has failed to intercede and only resorted to underhanded by giving blank papers to sign without the documents being seen; nobody knowing what is inside the document to be agreed upon. Only criminal can be forced to do so by the interrogators

Sorry, only blind leaders like Salva Kiir will sign such fraudulent pamphlets deprived of knowing what is inside it. Machar reject and the whole country agreed him because, Salva Kiir who is the principle of the genocide that killed over 20,000 Nuer civilians in Juba cannot be consider to lead this country. His continues manifestation in the interim administration would undermine expressive democratic      modification and compromise that people of South Sudan badly daring for this time. Whatsoever the end of the project by IGAD is, it should not be familiar with a president who slew over twenty thousand innocent civilians of his country on ethnic bases in a short time of a political mix-up

The so-called IGAD head of the States with insignificant interests in the conflict in South Sudan have for all these times come to blows as the wrong coercion by illicit presidents of Eastern African countries like Yoweri Museveni of Uganda and Kenyatta of Kenya whose, the duplicity slithered this nation to a very mystified fraction.  Some IGAD leaders are dictators who cannot condemn another dictator. Others are invidious about South Sudan and, because they want keep exploiting its resources, they would want to see a useless, visionless leader like Salva Kiir to lead it so that it doesn’t have peace or develop. All are western puppets who can never find a solution for this crisis. Look they rushed to adjourn the talks for 20 days while giving 45 days deadline. The so-called Head of the IGAD States who imposed these valueless sorts of resolution to the conflict in South Sudan are as follows;  the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, president of Uganda and Kenya, president of Djibouti and the Somalia  Prime Minister and, the First Vice-president of Sudan and, witnesses from IGAD Executive .

You imagine if any of the people amongst those who push for Salva Kiir to continue leading after killing over 20,000 Nuer civilian in December can be a right person to resolves a situation which involves grave human Rights violation and crime against humanity. They are all fails in their own countries as taking Somalia, Kenya and the Uganda presidents who influenced this poor conclusion to the conflict in South Sudan today. The IGAD might be a live in name but, the current heads of the IGAD countries are imperfect of human rights abuses in their countries. Some even extend their criminal aggressions onto the neighboring nations. They know, if law are functioning in the world, the two, Kenyatta and Museveni would have been alienated as others formers genocidal presidents before Salva Kiir. You remove a particle in your eye first and then try to do it for others.

However, it is not just how the Nuer-lead revolution which killed 20,000 innocent Nuer ethnic civilians with no reasons. Now, extenuating their (IGAD) head of the States’ long stood sedition in illogicality of the Nuer tribe, another forty-five days of tasting the balance of power between the mighty Nuer-lead rebel and Salva Kiir’s tribal Government have set to see if the military way out as the case to Museveni and Kiir’s dogmas toward deciphering the nine-months old conflict can work.  We are ready this time than ever the conflict on the go. Nuer have never take in to forecasting the issue of Ugandan Army that it is the only power behind the genocidal government of Salva Kiir. But, now we are ready for it and, it is not an obstacle to the revolution.

Many, if not all the people of South Sudan knew that, the so-called IGAD head of States has so far botched to bring peace to South Sudan whatsoever especially, the criminals presidents of Uganda and Kenya who are the power behind the proposal which recognized Salva Kiir as legitimate president after slaughtered over twenty thousand innocents Nuer civilians on ethnic-bases cleansing.

To the victims of Juba massacre and displaced persons of South Sudan, any modality which is designates to be in favor of Salva Kiir to continue leading this country after all these uncountable horrible stories which his tribal government implicated onto the young nation, fighting is the only right choice because there is no black and white death when Salva Kiir’s tribal army annihilated Nuer civilians in the eye of the so-called IGAD. TROIKA, European Union and UN Security Council mounts on IGAD as the South Sudanese warring parties’ principles failed to sign another agreement to implement a draft Transitional Government of National Unity. The answer to all that happened in this country is only that, the dictator must be removed and a new government with new system and new president is to install to catering for the future of this nation.

If you look back to some euphoria after freedom achieved, it is like,  when South Sudan became an independent state 9th, July, 2011, many people had hoped that the newly independent country would be built on principles of ethnic equality, democracy, rule of law and federalism. There was a reason for people to be optimistic about the future of South Sudan. Those who had hoped that South Sudan would become a paradise of equality justified their argument on the belief that the people of South Sudan had bitterly struggled for equality in the old Sudan for over fifty years.

Common-sense has it that people who struggled for ethnic equality for more than five decades would be able to manage ethnic diversity in a way other African countries failed to do. It is true that people who struggled against the imposition of Arabism and Islamism in the old Sudan could not end up having a government that would behave like successive Khartoum regimes that treated ethnic Africans in general as second-class citizens and the people of South Sudan in particular as third-class citizens.

When late Dr. John Garang told the people of South Sudan in 1994 that “an oppressor has no colour”, a lot of South Sudanese thought that he was referring to brown Sudanese who oppressed their own people but blamed the problem of Sudan on European colonialists. No South Sudanese ever thought that a South Sudanese could be regarded as an oppressor. Traditionally, the perception of the people of South Sudan is that an oppressor is a Northern Sudanese who is brown in colour.

But with the advent of independence, so many people have begun to analyse what John Garang was referring to and realized that anybody, whether a brother or a sister, could become an oppressor if s/he denies the citizens equality, democracy, rule of law and justice. Prior to independence, so many South Sudanese thought that an oppressor who denied people their rights was a Muslim man in Khartoum with a turban on his head. Little did the ordinary people know that a Dinka man with scarification on his forehead would become the new oppressor who may practise the worst kind of ethnic domination in the newly independent state.

During the reign of successive regimes of old Sudan, ethnic domination was practised on the basis of religion and political ideology. South Sudanese were marginalized as a unit because the Northern elites wanted to assimilate them into Arab and Islamic culture. Within the north, there was some sort of power-sharing among the tribes of Shaygia, Jaaliyeen, Danagalla, etc. Political participation in the government was not dictated by one tribal affiliation but by whether one was a member of a sectarian party or Muslim brotherhood.

One could argue that despite the existence of so many tribes in the North, participation in the power structure of the state in Khartoum was not dictated by tribal origin but by ideological affiliation. The UMMA, DUP and Muslim Brotherhood have memberships across many tribes in the North including African tribes of Western and Eastern Sudan. It is well known that the UMMA party’s stronghold was Darfur prior to 1989 coup.

Mak Banguot Gok can be reached via makjohnson2005@yahoo.com

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