Dr. Machar Will Always Remain Our First Choice As Long As He Lives!

Dr. Machar will always remain our first choice as long as he is still willing to fight for Equality and ready to risk his life to restore lasting Democracy in South Sudan”

By Gatmai Machar, Uganda.


Dr. Riek Machar's SPLM-IO delegation, posting for a picture during consultation with Kenyan president in Nairobi Kenya(Photo: Nyamilepedia)
Dr. Riek Machar’s SPLM-IO delegation, posting for a picture during consultation with Kenyan president in Nairobi Kenya(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

Novemeber 26, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — You guys keep asking these questions, Is Riek the only bright Nuer whom can lead, why can’t Nuer chooses another visionable Nuer and neglect Riek Machar? Why is he illegally killing Nuer for his own interest and yet they still believe in him? And many other more senseless questions, Well you can ask any question you wanted to ask but the fact is that, With the exception of few individuals whom you might have bribed with the money of the resources you have illegally sold or those thugs who are working hard day and night to develop their mountains bellies in juba by betraying their fellow Nuer civillians to earn a better living under Salva Kiir, or those cowards who fear to walk in the bush and prefer to live as slaves under a tribal leader.

We the Nuer Community World wide believes and trust him ( Dr. Machar ) and we will never and never betray, replace or neglect him with any other chicken hearted and visionless Nuer down there who is with your corrupt regime developing his dirty belly with the  money he illegal earn by accepting Kiir his destructive policy on a section of his community.

Any thug that Kiir has endorsed with Authority to impliment his policies and interest is not our choice, any thug in high position of kiir his Government commencing from Ministerial positions upward has destroyed his political ambitions among us and will never hold any post or said any thing in Nuer community gathering after this dying regime, they should work with all their abilities to keep kiir in power and keep the visionable man away as they are doing now,  otherwise any change that comes with time or if the said power sharing succeded then they should forget of politics, that will mark the end of their dirty political career.

This time we will never forgive any traitor at the end of this war, who ever has contributed in the death of our innocent civillians in juba in any way will never be pardoned. Dr. Machar will always be the one up there as long as he is still alive and ready to risk his dear life to restore lasting peace that will later be enjoyed by our offsprings in South Sudan. he is always the one saying NO to injustices, tribal dominated leadership, corruption and everything that deny equality among South Sudanese, he love every South Sudanese like himself and wish us to be all treated equally with out tribal or religious affiliation, the only known Nelson Mandela of the Eastern and Central Africa is our future hope, the only one that is capable of setting the country to a bright future south sudan that every one will enjoyed.

He return to the bushes of South Sudan severals times and abandon his luxurious buildings to encounter mosquitoes bites and other hardships in the bush to see us being treated equally and enjoyed  freedom.

The answers you guys are always suggesting to us on the above questions will never be approved or implimented as you want them to be. This is the answer that will always stay. If you can stand by your murderer and incompetent son, why not us to rally our support behind our visionable son that always brings optimism to South Sudanese?

Stop asking these senseless questions that will never gives u the answer you wish.

This is an article by Gatmai Machar. Email. gatmaimachar@gmail.com, Uganda.

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