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Creation of 28 States Is a New Declaration of Jieng Council of Elders to Enslave Minority Tribes That Have No Weight in Political Drama in S. Sudan

By Philemon B. Daud,

Incumbent South Sudan's President Salva Kiir Mayardit(Photo: supplied)
Incumbent South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir Mayardit(Photo: supplied)

Oct 3, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — One of the best example of Kiir poor leadership seen at the eve of Friday when he appeared on the state SSTV with complication to read out the decree “order” to creates 28 states. The government of Juba completely lost political direction and need someone to risk them of misuse of power by using decrees as means of their leadership survival that destroyed credibility of the nation. The people of South Sudan tired of decrees and will not buy the order that has tribal and selfish individual interest.

Federalism is a popular system demanded by the people of South but not in the way Kiir and his crook politicians demanded. We believe the SPLM in opposition under humble and wise leader of Dr. Riak Machar proposed 21 states with clear definition, what it means to be a federal states and the people of South Sudan accept the proposal because it creates the spirit of nationhood building, development competition, intermixed tribes in some states and gives state more power to control their own budget and economic affairs without interference of central government.

The creation of 28 states is only popular to Jieng council of elders with the clear declaration of free Nuer and slave minority tribes that have no political will to oppose evil tribal government action against their people. There is no doubt the government of Juba create a confused leadership attitudes that subject citizens to unthinkable suffering, tribalism mentality, divided and conquer policies.

I can categorize the ill intention of the government of Juba to create 28 states into four conspiracy reasons, one is to weaken SPLM in opposition control over the greater Upper Nile states during the period of transitional unity government, second to separate Nuer from oil fields location that leave economic power under Dinka states dominate to dodge the reforms, third to silent Equatorians demand of federalism and convince them not to join the opposition, fourth it give government excuse to demolize implementation of the compromise peace agreement. All these are assumption that cannot help government to persuade her supporters and they will be known down in the history of South Sudan as people that stole the power from people and brutal them to protect the interest of one tribe out of 63.

Mabaan to remain under Dinka state is satanic ideological engineered by Jeing council of elders to control oil of Adar and Gelguk. Proved by radio Tamazuji news that “Kiir decree would leave Dinka intermixed with other ethnic groups in some state, example the Mabaan would be governed by majority Dinka in Eastern Upper Nile State”. As son of Mabaan, I urge my people to understand the same Dinka that deny Mabaan 2% of oil revenue for the last ten years again decree without their knowledge for Mabaan to remain under them in order to control the oil fields of Adar and Gelguk free of opposition. There is no enough word I can describe the behaviors of evil organization of Dinka council of elders, they are brutal, selfish and have no mercy on other tribes and they must know that their ideological doctrine will not last long because its theory rejected by majority of South Sudanese.

For the last 21 months some of us endure humiliations, hatred, denial by our own Mabaan tribe because we decided to follow wise leadership of the SPLM IO and they gave us so many nicknames followers of Nuer, Nuer brainwashed boys, and followers of Dr. Riek Machar lost vision etc.

Today I want to assure Mabaan people that I and some of my comrades are not followers of Nuer neither brainwashed by anybody but we are the followers of truth and clear visions and principles under able leadership of Dr. Riek Machar. We are so blessed as South Sudanese to follow Dr. Riek Machar vision for our country, he want South Sudan to be a democratic nation that respect freedom of expression, build institution that reflect the values of the people and give right to every citizen regardless who they are, what they believe and who they look like. Dr. Riek Machar is a humble and good listener leader who dream South Sudan to be a strong country and institute the best government that enables communities to nurture spirit of nationalism and utilize their resources and establish community base integration and viable unity.

The unpopular decree “order” creation of 28 states is a wishful thinking of enemies of the compromise peace agreement and they will not succeed their plan because the people of South Sudan never buy their tribal interest. The people of S. Sudan should be aware that “the more it (government) knows how to nurture and use the rich diversity of individual views and capabilities within it, the more wise and democratic society will be. It will resist small-minded leadership and even the dictatorship of the majority”. Juba government run out of ideas to feed the public and people should not buy their creation of tribal federalism but they must wait for the really federalism that will be accepted by all citizens constitutionally.

The author of the article can be reach by philemondaud84@gmail.com

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Lualdit October 4, 2015 at 12:56 am

Thank you Philemon,
The Dinka think they are wise with their tribal mentality and think they can manupilate logic to their advantage, but they fail miserable on this decree. The international community need to be assertive this time and deal with Kir. Otherwise, the compromise peace deal is out of the door. What is happening in South Sudan is complete madness. Is it Kir or dinka are just too bend to ruin the country for dinka dominant? It’s upto the other tribe to wake upto this demon. This people are stretching our think for their evil intentions.

AGUMUT October 4, 2015 at 2:59 am

There is nothing wrong with 28 States. 28 states can be change into 28 provinces and one future Capital City. There are many countries in Western Europe who have only one capital and provinces and have no federal systems either,but well develops.

Nuer Amook October 8, 2015 at 11:52 pm

Thanks your ass idiots! I know what pain Dinka tribe has hammered into other tribes minds. It is very severe poison that will never leave mind; mentally and physiologically fearful of Dinka and its ruling. I know, some tribes are internally blaming for not fighting along side Dinka over two decades of civil war. We can’t Baby- sit you anymore.You fight to rule but not to wait with a spoon in your mouth and claims ownership of it.

GatNor October 4, 2015 at 5:35 pm

A small measurable and temporal solution is to wage all types of wars against them where everything they hold dear is not left to chance. Clear out all their soft targets and force them to cry out in need of peace, and then dialogue. You will see how quick they wish the JCE had chosen the path of peaceful co – existent with other tribes. This could also turn their citizens to cry against the specific members of the JCE groups for destructive going against other tribes. The question again is why do you beg Jaang to coexist with you when it is clear that they only want the land and not you beings.

Gatgach Gatluak October 4, 2015 at 10:03 pm

This crook call Philimon Daud has mental problem.
you have recently come from Khartoum and directly to Refugee camp and then to Canada; and claimed today that you know the differences between wise and unwise leader.
When do you have knowledge about South Sudan while you have been in Khartoum in your entire life.

You go back first to Mabana county ( your couunty ) and try to get a county position before you make noisy.
We are still here in Sherkole Refugee, where you left us, and I hope we will meet you in South Sudan.
Good luck with your hypocrisy.
I can’t believe, does going to Canada change human nature ? ,I know this guy in person when he left in Sherkole Refugee for Canada. Even , I believe somebody wrote this article for him.He is a man without education except grade 5 certificate in Arabic. I have also talked to the people who live with him in the same province whether or not he is in school; and they told me that he busy eating pork meat ( Pig) BBW .

Lode October 5, 2015 at 1:03 am

First and foremost, your name is not matching with tone of your Voice.and second of your claim of knowing Philemon personally is also wrong too. You either agree with what he wrote or disagree it simple. Education is personal determination so you think that from time. You have known Philemon and now that he is in Canada he is not. Move up this high ehh…. There are. Great stories about the people who surprise people to run into questions or self destructive critic like to slow through his education achievement, but doesn’t do any good to you either apart from being overdose with tribalism.. Pig is common delicious dish world wide unless your Muslim who don’t eat pork meat for religious reasons.. Otherwise associating with Philemon pig is fail and failure and defeat in your side to bring a counter- argument to what he have mentioned. In his article. Folks like you will be shocked with surprise again and again about how Mabaan community has changed from what use know them. Philemon has. Grade 5. Level yes it is true keep dreaming in that way my friend,but we shouldn’t waste our time and well founded arguments to on debating future of. South Sudan with tribal-minded from stupid majority. Dinka as tribe. has no problem at all,but folks like you with self destructive behavior always ruining the name of this South Sudan larger tribe.

Lode October 5, 2015 at 1:48 am

AGumut. Your right about what you said that nothing is wrong with the 28 states,however we have to work hard to heal the wounds that is being created by this. War first,and very importantly to embark. On the implementation of the compromised peace agreement package,then the federal government in South Sudan will be left to people to decide in a referendum basis. It shouldn’t be done through unknown decree. But this perhaps one of the dumpest idea that made President kir really look like he is not managing his office very well or mainly he don’t listen to his advisors at all rather than Jieng self -claim council of elders.south Sudanese are really tired of nonsense tribal conflict that make us here in diaspora shame when we are asked by our friends in workplace or schools that is you people. Separated from Khartoum dominant Arab then whhy you fighting for. It is painful for someone to answer that simple question,but inside south Sudan is pride to preach about your tribe might,but here. Western world is collective insult to all South Sudanese.

AGUMUT October 5, 2015 at 3:58 am

Please tell your friends or colleagues who ever asked you about fighting that if they ever heard about Hacking. Riek Machar was nearly to overthrow the government and Wipe our people out,i will not mention GENOCIDE because reality and truth must be tell. What will you do if somebody wanted to eliminate you through Coup? Riek had Hacked his own government and later he was removed from his post and later he had changed it to Dinka and Nuer matter and his Nuer tribe supported his wrong idea because they were majority in the ARMY.

iiiiiiiiii October 5, 2015 at 4:47 am

in my thinking i look like, it,s a very big dinka who drank. but Dr John Garang said the country created by man, what he doing now is the logic, please as a citizen of this country with thinks it is not the really way, the council of ministry should talk bout that.
thanks by M.B


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