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FILE - A man from the Luo Nuer tribe carries his gun in Yuai Uror county, South Sudan (Photo: VOA)
FILE – A man from the Luo Nuer tribe carries his gun in Yuai Uror county, South Sudan (Photo: VOA)

July 1, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Conflict in a layman pertains to the opposing ideas and the actions of different entities, thus resulting in an antagonist state.Conflict is an inevitably part of life, each one of us possesses our own opinions, ideas and sets of beliefs.We have our own way of looking at things and do what we think is proper.Hence,we often find ourselves in conflict in different scenarios.

Why conflict is good? A case of Mabor Bol (famously known by his new name that earned him the post of commissioner, Mabior Abol)

There is a school of thoughts, The Human Relation View that argues, conflict is a natural occurrence and was inevitable. This human relation school of thought advocates for the acceptance of conflict.Its proponents rationalized its existence and argue that it cannot be eliminated because there are even times when conflict benefits a group.

Mabior Abol as he is best known was previously before his appointment as commissioner an MP representing a constituency in Uror county level.This man right from the year (2010) he was elected as an MP has been fighting so hard to become the commissioner of Uror county, a behavior that has always made me to wondered why he even contested to be an MP if he really likes being a commissioner as such.

As the proponents of human relation school of thought put it, Mabor became a benefactor of the conflict that struck south Sudan.Of all the sons and daughters of Uror that were enticed by Kiir to use as replacement for Simon Hoth ( the legitimate commissioner) on ground that he wasn’t part of his (Kiir) political camp anymore, Mabor because of his greed for money and power and also the ambition of becoming a commissioner that was almost vanishing, agreed and grabbed the offer without a second thought.

In the west and other democratic countries in Africa (if there exist any) people who contest for legislative position do it because they want to represent their fellow citizen in the affairs of the nation.They do it because they want do deliver some lacking services to the citizens.The case is different in south Sudan and more specially with this short and half-pint Mabior who claimed to be the commissioner of Uror

immediately a few weeks after his appointment.
He held a rally and declared that, with the help of SPLA and their mercenaries, he would enter Uror and free its citizens from the hands of the rebels.This is in contraction to the wish of every leader that vies for legislative position.Mabior escaped from the belief of providing services to his people and got hemmed -in by the desire to fulfill his “to-be-rich” aspiration by accepting to killed his people as away of pleasing ‘Banydit’ Salva Kiir Mayardit as he is known in Dinka.

Mabor as is known by many in Uror county is an acquisitive man that always want to win the best out of any possible opportunity that knocks even when the community decides that it should go to Mr. X. This character was best revealed in his quest to contest for commissionership in 2011 against Simon Hoth Duol who was unanimously proposed by the community of D3, yet he was already the area MP. such a person is a curse to the community and doesn’t deserve any respect whatsoever.

In the face of all the weak characteristics that attributes to him,Mabior is also an illiterate who could hardly writes any of the renowned official languages of operation in south Sudan, a case that keeps puzzling me as on what qualification did Salva Kiir and John Kong Nyoun (Governor of Jonglei State) used to appoint him.

Of course, according to the proponents of human relation conflict school of thought, it is one thing to argue that conflict can be of valuable for a group (as portrayed in Mabior’s case) and as one of the philosopher once said; “you can’t change your status without making a few waves”

Why conflict is bad?

Meanwhile the human relations approach accepted conflict,the interactions approach viewed conflict as dysfunctional outcome that results from poor communications, lack of openness and trust between people and failure of managers to be responsive to the needs and aspiration of their subjects as depicted in case of Salva Kiir and his cronies mismanaging the resources of the nation.

Ever since the start of this senseless war that began as a debate for reform within the SPLM party by some politicians led by Dr.Machar who thought the affairs of the party (SPLM) and that of the country had been and still being managed in Ayen’s kitchen by her husband Salva Kiir and his cronies, many citizens especially the Nuer have become victims of both political and economic tumult that is currently affecting the country. A good number of Nuer children that were studying in East Africa countries have become school drops-out because their fathers and mothers left their jobs and went into hiding for fear of being targeted as supporters of Dr. Riek Machar.

Thousands that failed to get a safe place to hide were brutally murdered by the regime in Juba that is opposed to the reforms.

More importantly, another point that also gives reason why conflict is bad is the effects it impact on the economy. Reports coming from south Sudan indicate that the economy is failing terribly due to that cut in the flow of oil which makes up 98% of the country’s revenue. The currency is almost failing short of supply because some people that were displaced by the war ran away with some currency and others that have remained in the country have resorted to “home banking” (keeping of money in safes within their homes). This is considered a crime by economist because it prevents the circulation of currency.”

With all this “good and bad”sides of the conflict it’s important that both the process of arbitration and the peace process that is currently stalled in Adis Ababa is implemented as agreed upon by the warring parties.Although sometimes the disputing parties may take long in conflict resolution.We hope this time both government and rebels mediating teams will embrace on peaceful solution that will be favorable.A report show that our country rank to the top fragile state in the world, this is the outcome of bad governance impose to the nation by Salva Kirr Mayardit.

President Salva Kiir and his cabinet ministers will face justice and be accountable for the destruction of the country and the massacring of Nuer tribe men, women and children during the crisis.

I called upon all tribes in south Sudan to cling on the demand of federalism and to denounce this dictator.

Lets we dwelt in Unity,Peace and prosperity in our country south Sudan.

The author is an economist and a political analyst living in Kampala-Uganda he can be reach through dhuordebull31@yahoo.com

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