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‪By Gatwal Augustine Gatkuoth,

A wounded child sits next to a relative after receiving treatment at the Malakal Hospital in the Upper Nile State of South Sudan on December 31, 2013 following heavy fighting in the the past few days. (SAMIR BOL/AFP/Getty)
A wounded child sits next to a relative after receiving treatment at the Malakal Hospital in the Upper Nile State of South Sudan on December 31, 2013 following heavy fighting in the the past few days. (SAMIR BOL/AFP/Getty)

May 1, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- As Kiir – Dr. Machar TGoNU’s 33 cabinet pledges to forge unity of purpose, I hope the innocent South Sudanese who were nipped at the buds by the war, war crime and crime against humanity in nearly three years period of instability get the compensation they well deserved.

It’s unfortunate noticing fellow right activists concerning themselves so much with the trivial components of the TGoNU a thing I believe is quite contrary to what they would have had advocated for. To me, this is a very serious negligence of ones’ social responsibilities altogether.

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It’s undeniably true that activists get blended utterly whenever they unprudently and unthinkably leapt and intermingled in social and civil affairs. The likely eventuality to this, is seeing them either drumming the drums of the scenarios in question/scrutiny or dancing to its tone shamelessly.

I thus far challenge South Sudanese right activists to always stay unstained, refrain from role confusion and stick to purposeful advocacy for the fundamental rights of the people in all fronts including the social media platforms and handles.

The image and effort of the TGoNU will tantamount to waste of time, energy and other valuable resources and inputs if war victims do not get the compensation they well deserved.

The compensation in my opinion should assume different phases and forms. The immediate and earlier phase should be in form of household resettlement kits to all the affected people and transport facilitations both for the internally displaced persons (IDPIs) and the people who were externally displaced (the refugees)

The second and latter phase of this compensation shall be in form of accountability for the war crimes. Those who inhumanely indulged in human rights violations through atrocities of all sorts are identified, thoroughly investigated and if proved guilty of acts committed, unselectively brought to book to pay and account for their callous acts against humanity.

Without these being given first hand considerations and due attention by the interim arrangement, the push for reconstructions, reconciliation and nation healing are impeded and hindered. Because the compensation and in its phases is the immediate dividend of the said peace to the people of South Sudan who suffered painfully.

It will also symbolise the leadership commitment to the roadmap of transformed, reformed and young democrat yet reborn South Sudan where everyone feels at home with ease. That will partly catalyse a speedy recovery from all forms of trauma and emotional wounds.

I have to also acknowledge that the ACRISS protocols has not expounded and detailed much in this provision but this weakness in the document should not be used as escapegoat for skipping what is morally right and just for the people. Evading the truth for falsity and lame excuse does not always distort the face of the truth whatsoever.

Failure by the interim to prioritise and rank first this demand among other national agenda will only create no much marked discreepancy of what was initially the government and what it is right now. The lack of discreepancy itself will likely translate to mistrust and insecurities of all sorts that will fill the minds of the people and consequently the interim arrangement takes the bad shape of “THE BUSINESS AS USUAL” in entirety.

Happy new month and happy International Labor day

The author, Gatwal Augustine Gatkuoth, is a concern South Sudanese and a correspondent of Nyamilepedia. For this opinion, I can be reached at gatwalyul@ymail.com 

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Beek May 1, 2016 at 11:11 pm

Riek Machar had been allow back not because he has won the war,but because for the sake of people,his people are dying at UN-MISS Camps across the country. Both have to accept peace. True Human Right Methinks,but it is also a walk of shame.

Tolio May 2, 2016 at 10:40 am

Justice should be served starting from 1991’s massacres up to now. If 1991’s killings are left out without charging the culprits and only try to solve the latest, then the cancer that first brought the latest crisis and mistrust between Dinkas and Nuers isn’t resolved from its root cause at all. Finding the justice for the latest means a prejudice to civilians who were killed in 1991 by their own compatriots whose enemy was one.

Financial compensation isn’t the goal but why harm the innocent people who had no advantage of guns or other weapons used to killed them when it fact they are no enemy and harmless to those who committed crimes on them? A person can die in a battlefield where he or she knows : rights for fighting, main enemy and the risks associated with excepting and participating in the task. people can die in other ways where those know or survive them can’t blame other human beings as agents responsible for deaths of those people.

A person has a right to kill in a self defense but has no other rights to kill the vulnerable people. Only laws can punish offenders without biased. In the case of both 1991’s killings and massacres of civilians between 2013 and 2016, it was no law court that decided the harming of victims but those with gun powers for none other than being unmindful of international human rights laws, greed, quest for powers in military,office, wealth and fame, using influences at the costs of savages and uncivilized fools who obeyed their orders along tribal kinships to achieve their objectives.


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